Abu Garcia REVO2SX10-P Revo SX Review: Smooth and Durable Spinning Reel

Abu Garcia REVO2SX10-P Revo SX Review

What We Like

  • Smooth and durable performance
  • Accommodates braided lines with no slippage
  • Reliable drag system
  • Lightweight carbon body
  • Allows better control for all line types
  • Comfortable EVA knob
  • Corrosion-resistant components

What We Don’t Like

  • Anti-reverse mechanism is not very good
  • A little costly

Bottom Line

The Abu Garcia REVO2SX10-P is all about giving you exceptionally smooth and durable performance, and it will make you always look forward to your fishing trips.


A good reel is always defined by how smooth it will be when reeling, and with the precision-machined gears on this Abu Garcia model, you are guaranteed to have one of the smoothest retrieves.

This spinning reel is also made to be super lightweight and still highly durable, and it will also have a highly efficient gear system and a hybrid drag system for unbeatable drag performance. What all this means is that it is a great all-round performer that deserves a try.

Abu Garcia REVO2SX10-P Revo SX Review

Abu Garcia Revo SX

Usage: For Every Budding Angler

If you are a budding angler looking for a reel that almost guarantees you to land some fish every time you go out, this Abu Garcia reel will be a good buy for you.

This reel offers an interchangeable retrieve, which means that you can change it to accommodate both left and right-hand retrieves. And what this means is that it will be the perfect fit for you regardless of your dominant hand.

The manufacturer also seems to make it to be a more of an all-round fishing reel that will not be restrictive to ensure you can use it for different situations. Hence, whether you are fishing on your freshwater lake or river or are out deep in the ocean, this reel will come in handy as it can also handle saltwater well.

And to make this an even more versatile and multipurpose fishing reel, it seems to accommodate most spinning rod types out there and can also work with a wide variety of other rod types.

Performance: Smooth and Reliable Operation

There is hardly any fishing reel out there that will give you a completely flawless performance no matter how much it costs. And while the performance of this one might not be perfect, it is as smooth and reliable as you can expect to get from any spinning reel.

It uses an Amgearing system that has precision machined gears that are designed to ensure you will always get a smooth reeling performance. Also, these gears are made to offer a long service life. And to make the performance even better, the gears will have a computer-optimized design to ensure maximum efficiency.

The performance of the spool will also not disappoint as this reel will use a machined aluminum spool that is ready to take braid lines, and you can add these lines without any slippage. Also, the spool has a rocket lip design that will ensure you get better control of the line coming out.

Another element of the performance that also makes this an amazing fishing reel is the rocket line management that will ensure you get superior line control no matter what line type you will be using.

You can also be sure that line retrieves will be quick, easy, and smooth for you as this reel makes use of the highly efficient K-Clutch anti-reverse.

Construction: Built to Last

Like all other Revo SX fishing reels that came before it, the model REVO2SX10-P is also built to ensure you will not need a new reel for many years to come as Abu Garcia makes it with the finest quality materials out there.

The body is one of the most durable parts of this fishing reel. It is made from insert-molded C6 carbon, which besides being tough is also quite lightweight. This C6 carbon body combined with the x-craft gearbox design makes this a highly durable product.

The bearings construction is also meant to ensure a long service life as this reel will include 8 stainless steel HPCR bearings and 1 roller bearing, which will also be very effective at providing corrosion protection.

This reel will also include a tough and lightweight graphite rotor. And the main shaft and other components are made from stainless steel, which not only makes them more durable but will ensure increased corrosion resistance even when using this reel for saltwater fishing.

Drag System: Super Smooth Drag Performance

As you pick up a fishing reel the drag system is one of those key things that you should never overlook as it will have a huge effect on your overall fishing experience and success.

But, with this Abu Garcia fishing reel, the drag system is one of its strengths and what many anglers will love most about it. The reel uses a high-performing Carbon Matrix hybrid drag system that will ensure you will always get a smooth and highly reliable drag performance.

This drag system also features some highly durable components for long service life and will also be very useful at minimizing line break-offs due to friction during line retrieve.

Also, the system delivers a drag power of 10 pounds, which might be lower when compared to other models within the same price range but for most anglers is still good enough.

Ease of Use: Nothing Much to Figure Out

There is hardly anything significant that you will need to figure out or do when it comes to setting up and using this fishing reel. Hence, you can be confident that it will give you an easy time. What's more, it comes almost completely assembled to ensure you can use it immediately.

This fishing reel is fully loaded to meet the needs of every angler out there. And better yet, you get to retrieve in your preferred hand comfortably as the handle is designed to be interchangeable.

Besides being interchangeable, the handle will also include a flat EVA knob that is the perfect size for the adult hand, and it will be well-cushioned to ensure maximum user comfort when reeling.

Weight & Balance: Just Okay

At 7.2 ounces, the Abu Garcia REVO2SX10-P is by far not the lightest as you can get many other spinning reels out there that weigh as little as half its weight. But by all standards, 7.2 ounces is still manageable and will ensure you can use his reel for extended periods with no hand fatigue.

The choice of materials and design for this fishing reel are also well thought out, and they help make it more balanced and streamlined by ensuring that it will not be back or front heavy. This makes it easy to balance when fishing. and hence even more comfortable to use when fishing.

But, with all that said, this reel could be even better balanced if the manufacturer would shave off at least a couple of ounces from its overall weight.

Price: Could Be a Little More Affordable

The price is probably the only turn off for many anglers thinking of giving this amazing fishing reel a try. And this is because you can get a good enough spinning reel that has almost the same features like this one for as little as a third its price.

But, every seasoned angler will tell you that the price of a reel is one of the best reflections of is quality. Hence, by paying a few more bucks to land this reel, you will also be ensuring you get a more feature-rich model designed for superior performance and longer service life.

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Abu Garcia REVO2SX10-P Revo SX is a highly durable spinning reel that delivers smooth performance and increased casting accuracy. 

With a C6 carbon body this Revo SX fishing feels is built to be both durable and lightweight. Also, it has a braided line ready machined aluminum spool, carbon matrix drag system, slow oscillation, and is made with a stainless steel shaft and components.


  • Product Name: Abu Garcia REVO2SX10-P Revo SX
  • Product Brand: Abu Garcia
  • Maximum Drag Power: 10 pounds
  • Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
  • Ball Bearings: 8+1
  • Body Material: C6 Carbon
  • Retrieve: Interchangeable
  • Mono Line Capacity (Lbs/Yds): 110/6
  • Braid Line Capacity (Lbs/Yds): 150/6
  • IPT (inch per turn): 30 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces

Key Features

  • 8+1 ball bearing for increased corrosion protection
  • Precision machined gear for increased smoothness and durability
  • Computer gear optimization makes the gears more efficient
  • Smooth and reliable carbon matrix hybrid drag system
  • Slow oscillation ensures even line lay
  • Rocket spool lip design helps make casting more accurate
  • Braid ready machined aluminum spool

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