Barnett Outdoors 1072 Review: Easy to Use Introductory Compound Bow

Barnett Outdoors 1072 Review


What We Like

  • Quite an affordable compound bow
  • Feels and shoots just right for beginners
  • Set includes several accessories
  • Soft, comfortable and nonslip grip
  • It works for both right and left-hand archers
  • Eye-catching color choices

What We Don’t Like

  • Mostly made from plastic
  • Provided arrows look and feel cheap

Bottom Line

Barnett Outdoors 1072 is a more affordable and super easy-to-use compound bow that will be perfect for introducing young archers to the sport.


Anyone on the market for a well-built, easy to use and comfortable compound bow for introducing kids to archery will love the Barnett Outdoors 1072 as it offers all this and much more. Hence, it will ensure that kids will both learn and have some fun.

This bow has just the right draw length and weight, and both are adjustable to ensure that archers get to use it for a long time without outgrowing it. And to make this an even better buy, it will come as a complete set with all the basic accessories.

Barnett Outdoors 1072 Review

Barnett Outdoors 1072

Performance: Perfect Introductory Compound Bow

Barnett makes this compound bow for the junior archers that are just entering the sport. And they designed it to make it easier for them to learn how to shoot and also enjoy using the bow as it shoots well and takes little effort to draw.

This compound bow is designed for both boys and girls and will be recommended for kids over 9 years. And although it has an impressive overall performance, it will be more ideal for sports and fun shooting than for hunting.

Because this compound bow will include an ambidextrous riser, it will be ideal for use by both left and right-hand archers. Hence, it will not be restrictive when shopping as you will not need to pay a lot of attention to the hand orientation.

Flexibility: Works for All Junior Archers

Another element that will ensure the Barnett Outdoors 1072 will accommodate a wide variety of archers is that it has been designed to be more flexible when it comes to both the draw length and draw height.

For the draw length, you get 18 to 22 inches, which is just enough to make drawing the bow easy for kids. Also, this draw length range ensures that the draw will still be challenging enough to allow kids to improve their skills as they shoot more and more.

The draw weight is up to 18 pounds, which besides being ideal for any beginner junior archer can also still work for many intermediate ones. What this means is that your kids will not outgrow this compound bow for a long time to come.

Another element that makes this a highly flexible compound bow is that besides delivering a wide range draw length and weight, adjusting both is also quick and easy and even kids should be able to do it on their own with a hex wrench once they learn how to.

Design & Construction: Fairly Well-Built Plastic Bow

Although this compound bow is mostly made from plastic, the material is still heavy-gauge enough to make it tough, and hence highly durable for many years of great service.

With proper care, this compound bow is tough enough to ensure the only time you will need a new one is when your kid wants to move to something a little more challenging as their shooting skills improve.

The design also includes a redesigned soft-touch nonslip grip that will ensure archers get a comfortable and firm grip for more accurate shooting.

Also, the strings used have an industrial-strength, and no matter how often you use the bow or your typical shooting conditions, you will hardly ever need to replace them as they will last as long as the rest of the bow.

Because appearances always matter when it comes to buying anything for your kids, Barnett tries to cater to all kinds of tastes with this compound bow. Besides its impressive overall appearance, it is also available in three color choices, which are pink, black, and Realtree camouflage.

Noise & Vibrations: Quiet Enough for a Double Cam

This bow is still relatively quieter than most other double cam compound bows out there. With proper tuning, you can reduce the noise that it makes further given that most of the noise comes from the strings.

Also, this compound bow will accommodate limbsavers, and you will hence have even more options for dampening the noise by adding them. And the good news is that they do not cost much and you can find them in your local sports or hunting gear store.

Accessories: All the Basic Accessories Provided

For such an affordable compound bow, one would not expect it to come with any accessories. Most other models in its class will come as a bow only, and you will hence need to get the accessories separately, which means you might not be able to use it straight from the box.

Barnett has been making hunting gear for many years, and they know what defines the best ones. Quoting the manufacturer, "Barnett is an industry leader in crossbow design and manufacture and has sold well over one million crossbows to date. The company was established more than 50 years ago, with products designed by hunters, for hunters…”

From this description, it is clear they understand what every compound bow hunter or sports shooter wants in their bow. And in this one, they will provide the bow with other accessories like 2 arrows, and adjustable pun sight to help with aiming, finger rollers and a packaging that doubles up as carrying case.

Hence, with this compound bow, you will get all the accessories that you need to start shooting it straight away, which makes it highly convenient.

Price: More Budget-Friendly Bow

The Barnett Outdoors 1072 is almost unbeatable for the price as you would need to spend at least double its price to get a model with better or even just similar features and performance capabilities from Barnett and other top compound bow brands.

And despite being made with a plastic frame material, it is still a super tough bow that is designed to offer many years of great service. This and the fact that other components like the cam and strings are all highly durable will ensure you get excellent value for your bucks.

That said, this compound bow comes complete with all the accessories you need to start shooting, which ensure you get even better value as you will not need to buy them separately.


A budget-friendly introductory compound bow that will allow kids to learn fast and also enjoy shooting it.

Barnett Outdoors 1072 is built to ensure that beginner compound bow archers will have an easy time as it has the perfect draw length and weight for easy use. Also, it is a well-built and durable bow that does not cost much and will come with various accessories for immediate use.


  • Product Name: Barnett Outdoors 1072
  • Product Brand: Barnett Outdoors
  • Draw Weight: 18 pounds
  • Draw Length: 18 to 22 inches
  • Riser: Ambidextrous (for both left and right-hand users)
  • Accessories: Yes
  • Warranty: Limited 5-year warranty

Key Features

  • 18 pound draw weight makes it easy for kids to draw
  • 18 to 22 inches draw length for increased flexibility
  • Complete set with arrows, finger rollers, and other accessories
  • Ambidextrous riser for both left and right-hand use
  • 3 lovely finish color options (Realtree camouflage, black, and pink)
  • Soft-touch grip delivers a nonslip and comfortable handle
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