Bear Archery Crusader AYB6401 Review: Budget-Friendly Beginner Recurve Bow

Bear Archery Crusader AYB6401 Review

What We Like

  • Easy to shoot for kids
  • Well-built and highly durable
  • Nice Safetyglass arrows
  • Long enough for smooth and accurate shots
  • Easy to set up for youth archers
  • Lovely color options

What We Don’t Like

  • A little too basic
  • Quiver looks and feels cheap

Bottom Line

If you are shopping for an easy to use and highly affordable recurve bow for kids or beginner archers, this one will be unbeatable.


Bear Archery Crusader AYB6401 is a highly affordable recurve bow meant for beginner archers and will be ideal for kids 9 years and above. Hence, it is a safe and easy-to-use bow that kids will love shooting, and it will also help sharpen their skills fast.

Its wider draw length ensures that it can accommodate different athletic abilities, and it also has an ambidextrous rise to ensure that both right-hand left-handed kids can use it comfortably. And to make it an even better buy, it will include everything the kid needs to start shooting immediately.

Bear Archery Crusader AYB6401 Review

Bear Archery AYB6401

Performance: Great for Target Practice

For kids that are just getting into archery, Bear Archery Crusader AYB6401 will ensure they have an easier time as it is not only easy to shoot but also fun and challenging enough.

This recurve bow will be perfect for target practice as it will also come with a clearly marked paper target that will allow the kids to start practicing their shots immediately.

Although it is meant for kids 9 and up, this recurve bow can still work for even younger kids than this, and many older archers can still find it interesting enough to use.

The bow is 51 inches long, which means it will be long enough to ensure accurate shooting and is still manageable for the young archers.

And while this bow is mostly for fun, it is still a fully functional bow. And with enough practice, the kids can still generate enough arrow speeds to use it for other things like bowfishing once they master how to use it.

Flexibility: Flexible Enough

With the 10 to 20 pounds draw weight and 20 to 28 inches draw length, this Bear Archery will be flexible enough to cater to different kids with varying body sizes and also different athletic abilities.

Besides accommodating different draw weights and lengths, this recurve bow is also designed to work archer regardless of their dominant hand. And this is because it will include an ambidextrous riser that makes it non-directional.

Another element that makes this a highly flexible recurve bow is that it is designed to be super easy to set up as stringing or unstringing it takes only a few minutes. Hence, archers will have an easy time carrying and using it from different places.

Design & Construction: Solid Enough for Kids

The Bear Archery Crusader AYB6401 has a very simple design. While some archers might consider it a little too basic due to this, the simplicity is meant to ensure that the intended users will have the easiest time with it.

But, despite this being a simple recurve bow, it is still well-built and meant to offer a long service life. The bow will feature durable composite limbs, which besides being highly durable are also lightweight to ensure the overall weight of the bow remains low.

The bow is a little over 1 pound, which means it will be lightweight enough for kids to carry around. And the use of the composite limbs will also ensure that it will bend enough to allow for maximum flexibility but it will never break when in use.

The riser will also not disappoint as it is made from a heavy-duty but lightweight plastic material for maximum durability and to keep the weight down, Also, this riser is nicely contoured to ensure archers get a comfortable and nonslip material and as mentioned earlier on, it is ambidextrous for use by both left and right-handed archers.

Noise & Vibrations: Still not the Quietest

Given that this bow does not have any noise dampening mechanism on the limps or string, it will not be the quietest recurve bow you can shoot out there. But, although a little noisy, many kids will hardly even notice the sound it makes.

For target practice, noise is often not an issue as it does not affect the quality of the shot that archers make, ease of use, or even accuracy. But, if the young archers would also want to have fun using this bow for hunting and other applications, it will be necessary to silence if.

That said, the right move is always to first try it out for the intended use and judge whether the noise it makes affects its suitability for the intended application. You will be surprised that in many instances, a bow that some archers complain to be super noisy ends up being silent enough for you.

Accessories: Everything You Need Is Included

Despite this being a basic beginner recurve bow that comes in a small price tag, it will still come ready for use with everything that the junior archer will need to start shooting.

The accessories included will include a paper target that has been clearly outlined like the full-size target practice ones with all the numbers and colors. You can be sure that the young archer will love shooting at this target, and it will also be very useful for improving their skills.

Also, there is a finger tab that will allow the archers to draw the bow comfortably and an armguard for protecting their hand. 

There are also a couple of Safetyglass arrows that will come with a quiver to ensure archer will not have any problem storing and carrying them. And with the included sight pin, aiming will be made much easier for the beginner archers.

Price: A Highly Affordable Recurve Bow

Even for a basic beginner recurve bow, the Bear Archery Crusader AYB6401 is still highly affordable. And if you are shopping for a good recurve bow for your young budding archer, it will be hard to beat this one without spending way much more cash.

This highly affordable bow will cost much less than others that will come as bare bows without any accessories. But, the good news is that the smaller price tag does not make it less effective or less durable as it is still well-built from high-quality materials.

And if you are looking to save even more cash, you can go for the even more affordable, bow only option,that will not include the accessories.


Highly-affordable recurve bow for beginner archer made from high-quality material and will come ready to shoot with accessories.

For the price, the Bear Archery Crusader AYB6401 is unbeatable as it is hard to get anything better without spending at least double its price. Besides being affordable, it is also a sturdy bow with composite limbs, and with a wide draw length and height to accommodate most kids.


  • Product Name: Bear Archery Crusader AYB6401
  • Product Brand: Bear Archery
  • Draw Weight: 10 to 20 pounds
  • Draw Length: 20 to 28 inches
  • Overall Bow Length: 51 inches
  • Accessories: Yes
  • Dexterity: Ambidextrous (both left and right-hand users)
  • Recommended Age Range: 9 years and older

Key Features

  • Ambidextrous riser allows for both left and right-hand use
  • Composite limbs ensure long bow life
  • 10 to 20-pound draw weight makes it easy for kids to draw
  • 51-inch long for more accurate shots
  • Finger tab ensure a more comfortable draw
  • Accessories included to make it ready to shoot

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