5 Best Holographic Sights of 2020

Best Holographic Sight

Most people are familiar with the reflex sight. It is an affordable visor that allows you to shoot your weapon more accurately. However, there is an even better aiming accessory for your weapon called the holographic sight.

As its name suggests, the holographic sight is a reticle image that is sandwiched between two layers of clear glass and projected on a lens.

Since the reticle image between the glass layers does not move at all, the projected holographic image is extremely stable. This makes the holographic sight very accurate even during vibrations or shooting recoil.

If you’re looking for such a shooting accessory, then our review below covers some of the best holographic sights on the market. Let’s find out which sight you need to buy right now!

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5 Best Holographic Sights – Reviews


Product Name


Power Source


Current Price

EOTech 512.A65 Tactical Holographic Sight

1. EOTech 512.A65 Tactical Holographic Sight

68 Ring, 1 Dot

2 x AA Batteries


EOTech G33.STS.BLK Holographic Sight

2. EOTech G33.STS.BLK Holographic Sight

65 Ring

1 x CR123A Battery


EOTech XPS2-0 Holographic Sight

3. EOTech XPS2-0 Holographic Sight

68 Ring, 4 Dot

1 x CR123A Battery


EOTech HHS II Holographic Hybrid Sight

4. EOTech HHS II Holographic Hybrid Sight

68 Ring, 2 Dot

1 x CR123A Battery


EOTech EXPS3-2TAN Holographic Sight

5. EOTech EXPS3-2TAN Holographic Sight

68 Ring, 1 Dot

1 x CR123A Battery


1. EOTech 512.A65 – Has 20 Brightness Settings

EOTech 512.A65 Tactical Holographic Sight
  • MOA: 68 Ring and 1 Dot
  • Power source: 2 x AA Batteries
  • Dimensions : 127 mm x 45.7 mm x 55.9 mm
  • Weight: 309 g

Even if it remains quite expensive, as with all holographic sight on the market, the 512.A65 by EOTech is still the most affordable solution that you will find in this holographic sight review.

This unit is compatible with all rifles that have the Weaver rail, and it would also fit the MIL-STD 1913 rail as well.

The user has the possibility to adjust the brightness, and it has no less than 20 brightness settings.

This will allow it to show a clear reticle regardless of the time of the day. Best, it is fully water resistant, and you can submerge this holographic sight in water for up to 10 feet.

But what really makes this model a great purchase is definitely its long warranty of 10 years. This is an absolute deal!

If this is your first holographic sight, then you have nothing to lose with the 512.A65 by EOTech.


  • Relatively more affordable when compared to other models
  • Comes with no less than 20 brightness settings
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries. Very easy to get and replace
  • 68 ring sight with 1 dot provides you with a flexible aim


  • Reticle sometimes appears pixilated
  • Not the best battery life

2. EOTech G33.STS.BLK  3X Magnification and Anti-fog Plans

EOTech G33.STS.BLK Holographic Sight
  • MOA: 65 Ring
  • Power source: 1 x CR123A Battery
  • Dimensions 203 mm x 177.8 mm x 101.6 mm
  • Weight: 567 g

This is one of the most versatile holographic sight models by EOTech.

Indeed, the position of this holographic sight is fully adjustable, and you can use it either standing vertically or horizontally depending on your choice.

But one distinctive feature of this holographic sight is definitely its 3X optical magnification that will provide you with a clear image of your target even if it is at a distance.

Of course, you can switch anywhere from 1X to 3X magnification. Due to the powerful magnification alone, this model is one of the best holographic sights for the money.

Moreover, the lens is anti-glare which means that it will provide you with an optimal vision regardless of the brightness outside.

It has also been designed in such a way that it is fog-proof and does not require any maintenance.

For security and ease of use, the bottom of this holographic sight is equipped with a locking bottom that will allow you to quickly and easily lock it on top of your weapon.

When you want to detach it, simply use the quick detach lever and the unit will come off easily from your weapon.


  • 3X magnification allows you to zoom on your target quickly and easily
  • Very easy to attach and detach
  • The reticle is quite clear
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch lens


  • Expensive considering what you get

3. EOTech XPS2-0  Small and Compact Holographic Sight

EOTech XPS2-0 Holographic Sight
  • MOA: 68 Ring and 4 Dot
  • Power source: 1 x CR123A Battery
  • Dimensions : 96.5 mm x 53.3 mm x 63.5 mm
  • Weight: 226.8 g

 When it comes to size and maneuverability, the XPS2-0 is the best holographic sight that you can currently buy.

And since it is so small and compact, it also has a low weight of 226.8 g which makes it extremely maneuverable especially when mounted when a small weapon like a Glock.

You get a 68 ring MOA with this holographic sight which makes it very easy to aim regardless of distance. Moreover, you can easily switch to a red dot sight on-demand if you choose.

Installation is quite easy, and this unit should be compatible with most weapons that have the weaver or MIL-STD 1913 rail.

But best, it is quite versatile when it comes to brightness as it has no less than 20 brightness settings that will allow you to quickly and easily adapt to your lighting condition.

The build construction is also excellent as it is made from high-grade aluminum that is durable and long-lasting. It will also not corrode when it comes in contact with water, and this holographic sight is resistant to water as well.


  • Auto shut down in order to preserve battery life
  • Small and compact with a maximum length of 96.5 mm. Highly maneuverable
  • Lightweight at 226.8 g
  • Large and clear reticle with a flexible 20-brightness setting


  • The reticle may appear blurry

4. EOTech HHS II  An Excellent Companion to Your AR 15

EOTech HHS II Holographic Hybrid Sight
  • MOA: 68 Ring, 2 Dot
  • Power source: 1 x CR123A Battery
  • Dimensions : 241 mm x 58.4 mm x 83.8 mm
  • Weight: 653.2 g

If you own a AR 15 rifle, then you know how difficult it is to aim and use a red dot sight with it. This is because there is a lot of recoil with this weapon and the red dot sight has difficulty reacquiring a target.

This is not a problem with the HHS II by EOTech because it has been engineered in such a way that you can quickly and easily reacquire a target in a high-powered weapon like a AR 15.

Moreover, this holographic sight has no problem aiming at the target whether it is a low-range or high range. It is quite versatile this way.

Of course, you get the traditional G33 magnification which is a 3X optical magnification so that you can zoom clearly on your target.

It is very easy to zoom with this holographic sight, and you can do so within seconds. Moreover, every adjustment can be made to the side and with one finger which promotes ease-of-use.

As always, installation is fast and easy with any compatible rail, and the reticle is quite clear regardless of the lighting condition.

All in all, we rate the HHS II by EOTech as being the best holographic sight for AR 15 because it is accurate, fast to reacquire a target, and is very easy to interact with.


  • Very easy to use with all adjustments on the side
  • Rugged construction. Durable and long-lasting
  • Powerful 3X magnification provides you with a quick and easy zoom on your target


  • It is very expensive
  • The red dot is blurry without magnification

5. EOTech EXPS3-2TAN  Small, Compact, and Easy to Use

EOTech EXPS3-2TAN Holographic Sight
  • MOA: 68 Ring, 1 Dot
  • Power source: 1 x CR123A Battery
  • Dimensions: 96.5 mm x 58.4 mm x 73.7 mm
  • Weight: 317.5 g

This is another small and compact holographic sight that weighs only 317.5 g.

With such a weight, it is highly maneuverable and can easily be installed on a small weapon like a Glock without affecting its handling.

Moreover, it has a 3X magnification for zooming on your target, and one outstanding feature of this holographic sight is that it works with all Gen-1 to Gen-3 night vision devices.

As long as your night vision device or weapon has a weaver or MIL-STD 1913 mounting rail, you will be able to install it.

Furthermore, the MOA is 68 ring which means that it is very easy to aim with this holographic sight.

You can also easily change it from a reticle circle with the push of a button to a red dot depending on your choice.

As with most EOTech products, this holographic sight also comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty that provides you with peace of mind.

All things considered, this model by EOTech is an excellent choice for those who need a small and compact holographic side that still remains full-featured.


  • Small and compact. Measures only 96.5 mm in length
  • Lightweight at 317.5 g. Highly maneuverable
  • Can easily mount on any weapon or night vision device


  • Difficult to aim with 2 eyes open
  • This model contains many counterfeits

Holographic vs. Red Dot Sight

Holographic vs. Red Dot Sight

The holographic sight and the red dot sight are 2 of the most common sights that you will find online. But which one is superior and which one do you actually need?

Holographic Sight

As its name suggests, the holographic sight is simply a hologram that is projected on the lens of the holographic sight.

The reticle of the holographic sight is basically an image that is sandwiched between 2 clear layers of glass and then projected by means of light on the visor.

One of the biggest advantages of the holographic sight is its accuracy and big reticle size.

Indeed, the reticle of the holographic sight is usually a ring shape that is easier to aim than with the red dot sight.


  • Does not suffer from shooting recoil
  • Large reticle size. Very easy to aim
  • Clear reticle even during the day


  • Very expensive

Red Dot Sight

As its name suggests, the red dot sight is simply a red dot that appears on the reflex sight visor. The red dot is actually an image with a light behind and reflected on the lens.

The red dot sight is normally used in a reflex sight which is another more affordable alternative of the holographic sight.

But despite being more affordable than the holographic sight, the red dot sight still remains superior when compared to the traditional iron sight that most rifles come equipped with.

Additionally, most red dot sights have the ability to adjust the brightness so you will have no problem aiming it will it regardless of the time of the day.​​​


  • Highly affordable
  • Very easy to use by beginners. No need for complex adjustments
  • Usually offers you the ability to change the red dot into a different pattern


  • Not as accurate as the holographic sight
  • More difficult to aim because the dot is smaller

How to Buy the Best Holographic Sights

How to Buy the Best Holographic Sight​

1. Purpose

First and foremost, choose your holographic side based on your purpose and need.

For example, if you are a hunter and need a holographic sight for your hunting rifle, then you may want to go with a model that is lightweight and highly maneuverable.

Additionally, also ensure that it has the function to adjust the reticle size because most of the time your target will be moving and at a distance.

Another example is if you plan to hunt at night, then your holographic sight needs to be equipped with a night vision mode.

Not all holographic sight has this feature despite their high price.

2. Reticle size

The reticle is the circle or dot that allows you to aim at your target using the holographic sight.

Ensure that your model has the ability to adjust the reticle size to suit your target size as well as target distance.

In addition, the reticle must also be clearly visible, and optionally you may want the capability to change the reticle pattern as well.

3. Size

When compared to the reflex sight, the holographic sight is usually bigger and consume more space when mounted on your weapon.

Most top-rated holographic sights measure at least 100 mm in length so you need to ensure that your weapon has the adequate space to accommodate this accessory.

In general cases, the length of the holographic side does not really matter.

What matters the most is the width because a holographic sight that is too wide may affect your maneuverability and ability to aim fast and accurately.

4. Battery

The holographic sight needs power so as to project a holographic image on the lens. It gets its power from a battery which is usually a CR123A battery.

This type of battery is slim and small, so it does not consume a lot of space on your holographic sight. Moreover, it is readily available and very easy to change by anyone.

However, you may still find a few holographic sights that are powered by the traditional AA batteries.

Whatever the type of battery used in your holographic sight, always ensure that it is easy to change because sooner or later, you will have to replace your battery.

5. Brightness level

The brightness of the reticle is very important, and you need to be able to adjust it. This is because the reticle will be affected by the light outside.

For example, during a bright day, you need to have a high brightness so as to see your reticle in a clear manner.

Most reticles are usually highly visible in low light or dark conditions.

In addition to being able to adjust the brightness of your holographic sight, you may also want to change the pattern of the reticle to suit your preference.

And for best ease-of-use when it comes to brightness, it is perhaps best to go with a model that automatically adjust the brightness for you.

This way, you do not have to lose precious time to calibrate the brightness depending on the light conditions of your surroundings.

6. Mount

Most holographic sights will mount on your weapon by means of either a weaver or Picatinny rail. Those are universal mounts, and most weapons like hunting rifles should be able to accommodate them with ease.

In case your rifle does not have either a Picatinny rail or a weaver rail, then you can always use an adapter.

7. Price

If there is one big disadvantage to the holographic sight, then it is definitely its price. Indeed, prices can quickly get out of hands when it comes to the holographic sight.

Therefore, it is important to keep a budget and stick to it. Keep in mind that a quality holographic sight should cost you at least $300 as this is quite an expensive shooting accessory.


As we have seen, when it comes to accuracy, the holographic sight by EOTech is second to none.

Not only is this holographic sight accurate, but it also sports a rugged metal build construction that makes it durable and long-lasting.

If you are usually involved in a sports activity like hunting where you need to lift your weapon and aim at a moving target as fast as possible, then you cannot go wrong with a holographic sight by EOTech.

But above all, the holographic sight is very easy to install on almost any weapon that has either a weaver or Picatinny rail.

If you have read our holographic sight review above and still not chosen a holographic sight yet, then read the review again because you may have missed something.

Thanks for letting us know!
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