7 Best Night Vision Monoculars of 2021

A night vision monocular is a practical tool that allows you to view your surroundings in complete darkness. It can be used for a wide range of activities, from hunting, camping, sightseeing, and anything in between.

But what really makes the night vision monocular unique is that it can easily be operated with one hand, leaving your other hand free. Moreover, most top-rated night vision monoculars have a rugged build construction, so the risk of damage is minimal even under heavy-duty use.

And even better, you can easily mount it on a rifle for activities like hunting because most models have a rail system at the base.

Without any further ado, let’s find you a decent night vision monocular for the money!

7 Best Night Vision Monoculars – Review


Product Name


View Range

Current Price

1. Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular

Gen 1

500 ft to 984 ft

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2. Bestguarder 6x50 HD Digital Night Vision Monocular


1,150 ft

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3. Night Owl Lightweight Night Vision Monocular

Gen 1

200 ft

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4. Solomark Night Vision Monocular

Gen 1

984 ft

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5. Firefield 5x50 Nightfall 2 Night Vision Monocular

Gen 1

654 ft

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6. Barska NVX100 3x Night Vision Monocular


328 ft

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7. Armasight Spark Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular

Gen 1


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1. Bushnell Equinox Z 260130-P Flexible Monocular that Comes in 3 different sizes

Photo: Bushnell

  • Generation: Gen 1
  • View range: 500 feet to 984 feet
  • Weight: 15 oz to 27 oz

The Bushnell Equinox is a versatile night vision monocular that comes in 3 different sizes so as to suit your need. You can get the smaller 3 x 30mm model which is more compact and still deliver excellent image quality.

But for the best viewing experience at night, the 6 x 50mm is unbeatable because it is bigger and allows more light to be processed by the CMOS sensor.

One of the best things about this model is that it has a Picatinny rail mount at the bottom so you will have no difficulty mounting it on top of a hunting rifle. Moreover, the view range of 500 feet for the base model and 984 feet for the high-end model is extremely respectable which makes it an excellent long-range night vision monocular.

All in all, taking into account its long-range, rail mount system and flexibility in size, we rate the Bushnell Equinox as one of the best night vision monocular under $500 that you can buy.


  • Flexible. Available in different sizes
  • Fairly long view range of 500 feet to 984 feet depending on the model
  • Multicoated glass produces very good image quality at night
  • Picatinny rail for mounting on a rifle


  • Uses 4 AA batteries which are not included
  • The magnification is digital and not the best
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2. Bestguarder WG-50 One of the Best View Range Monoculars

Photo: Bestguarder

  • View range: 1,150 feet
  • Weight: 24.6 oz

If there is one department where the Bestguarder is a true winner, then it is in the view range. Indeed, this night vision monocular has an impressive view range of 1,150 feet. If used as a hunting monocular, you will have no difficulty to spot your prey at long distances.

Moreover, what we like about this night vision monocular is that you can record everything in 720p using an external SD card. The SD card is not included in this purchase, and it can accommodate a maximum of 32 GB. In addition, this monocular has a powerful zoom of 6X which is one of the best we have seen.

You can manipulate the various settings of this monocular using the 1.5-inch TFT screen. It is small, but very functional and clearly visible, especially at night.

If you need a device that will record a long-distance video in superb quality, then the Bestguarder is one of the best digital night vision monoculars that you can buy.


  • Excellent view range of 1,150 feet
  • Can record both image and video in 720p
  • Powerful 6X magnification


  • Does not come with an SD card
  • The price could have been a little bit more competitive
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3. Night Owl NONM3X-G Lightweight Night Vision Monocular

Photo: Night Owl

  • Generation: Gen 1
  • Resolution: 35 lp/mm
  • View range: 200 feet
  • Angular FOV: 19 degrees
  • Weight: 6.2 oz

The main problem with most night vision binoculars is that despite being small, they tend to be quite heavy. This is a problem that the Night Owl is here to solve. Indeed, this monocular weigh only 6.2 oz, so it is extremely lightweight. When fitted on top of a rifle you will definitely not feeling it.

Another area where the Night Owl really shines is in its angular FOV of 19 degrees. With such a wide view, you will be able to spot more details in your image. The view range of 200 feet is definitely not the best we have seen in this night vision monocular review, but still more than adequate for most activities, including hunting.

This model is equipped with a powerful infrared illuminator which will allow you to see in absolute darkness. But best of all, the build construction is very durable and long-lasting.


  • Very lightweight at only 6.2 oz
  • Durable and long-lasting. Quality build construction
  • Large angular FOV of 19 degrees


  • No mounting system at the base
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4. Solomark Night Vision Monocular Competitive Pricing and Long View Range

Photo: Solomark

  • Generation: Gen 1
  • View range: 984 feet
  • Angular FOV: 14 degrees
  • Weight: 12 oz

The Solomark is a night vision monocular that is used by many night enthusiasts. Indeed, this model is not only value for money but also allows you to view clearly in total darkness with its integrated, and three-level IR LED illuminator.

There is also an LED display at the back to easily view your images, and this monocular has an impressive view range of 984 feet. In case you don’t want to hold this monocular in your hand, it is equipped with a tripod base for more ease-of-use.

The outer shell is coated with a rubbery material which makes it anti-slip and waterproof. Therefore, you can use this monocular outside without the risk of damaging it. Moreover, the angular FOV of 14 degrees is not the best but still adequate especially considering its competitive pricing.

Therefore, taking into account its price, ease-of-use, build construction and angular FOV, the Solomark is definitely one of the best night vision monocular for the money. It is an ideal model for those on a low budget but still needs a monocular that can deliver a clear image in total darkness.


  • Competitively priced
  • Decent view range of 984 feet
  • Equipped with a 3-level IR LED illuminator so as to see in total darkness
  • Can easily be fitted on a tripod


  • The image is not as good when compared to other models
  • Has difficulty staying focused on a distant object
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5. Firefield FF24066 Small and Compact Night Vision Monocular

Photo: Firefield

  • Generation: Gen 1
  • View range: 654 feet
  • Angular FOV: 15 degrees

Relative to its size, the Firefield has a large aperture so as to allow more light on its CMOS sensor. In turn, this night vision monocular is able to produce a clear image in total darkness for a distance of up to 654 feet.

In addition, its angular FOV of 15 degrees is more than acceptable especially considering its relatively long view range. Best, there is also a 3X magnification that you can easily adjust using the knob on top of the monocular.

One of the best features of this night vision monocular remains the fact that it is powered by only 2 AA batteries which are easily available almost everywhere. It also does not consume a lot of energy so your battery will have a long autonomy. On the downside, it is a little bit expensive.


  • Large aperture and clear image in absolute darkness
  • Small and compact. Also has an ergonomic design
  • Powered by only 2 AA batteries
  • 3X magnification. Easy to adjust


  • The price
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6. Barska NVX100 3x Affordable and Slim Monocular that can Record Videos

Photo: Barska

  • View range: 328 feet
  • Angular FOV: 14 degrees
  • Weight: 16 oz

The Barska is a slim night vision monocular that is equipped with a 4G micro SD card so that you can save images or videos at night. It does not have the greatest view range we have seen since it is limited to only 328 feet.

This model is definitely not the best night vision monocular we have seen in this review, but it is still more than adequate for most people.

However, it is more than enough for anyone who needs a budget monocular for casual night viewing. You can easily connect this monocular to your TV using the AV cable provided.

Moreover, the manufacturer also ships this product with a soft carry case, and neck strap as well as a mini USB cable to recharge the monocular.


  • Slim and compact
  • Relatively affordable. Value for money
  • You can save it videos on a 4G micro SD card
  • Comes with many accessories


  • Not very durable. Cannot be used as a heavy-duty monocular
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7. Armasight Spark Multi-Purpose Compact and Low Energy Monocular

Photo: Armasight

  • Generation: Gen 1
  • Resolution: 60 – 70 lp/mm
  • Angular FOV: 35 degrees
  • Weight: 12.8 oz

If you need a compact and lightweight night vision monocular for almost any type of activity, then the Armasight Spark is an excellent choice.

Indeed, this monocular is a multipurpose monocular that can be used for almost everything, ranging from hunting, camping to sightseeing. The base is retrofitted with a standard rail that will allow you to quickly and easily mount it on any weapon for hunting.

But what makes this top-rated night vision monocular truly unique is its low energy consumption. Indeed, the Armasight Spark uses only 1 CR123 battery as a power source, so it is very convenient to the user. It is also equipped with an inbuilt IR illuminator that without you to see in absolute darkness.

And if you need magnification, no problem because this unit is equipped with a powerful 3X optical magnification system.

But best of all is its impressive angular FOV of 35 degrees which is the best you will find in this review. If you need a larger vision night monocular that is compact, relatively lightweight and low energy, then the Armasight Spark is made just for you!


  • Wide angular FOV of 35 degrees
  • Energy efficient. Uses only 1 CR123 battery
  • Easy to mount on any weapon due to its rail system


  • Build construction could have been better
  • Requires an external IR illuminator to view in total darkness
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How to Buy the Best Night Vision Monoculars

1. Purpose

The purpose for the night vision monocular is the first factor to consider. If you will be using your monocular at night in humid and tough conditions as in a hunting party, then it needs to be rugged, waterproof and heavy-duty.

Moreover, for hunting, you may also want to go with a model that has a rail system at the base to attach it to your rifle.

On the other hand, for sightseeing or camping, you may want a night vision monocular that is lighter and with a bigger aperture.

2. Generation

Night vision devices are graded from Gen 1 all the way up to Gen 4. The higher you go in a generation, the better the image quality will be.

However, a higher generation also means that the night vision monocular will cost more. Most of the time, you can expect to pay a few hundred bucks for a Gen 1 monocular. With a Gen 3, this number can quickly rise to a few thousand bucks.

Gen 1: This is the most common type of generation you will find for the night vision monocular. One of the main advantages of Gen 1 is its affordable price. A top-rated monocular from this generation can cost anywhere from 100 bucks to 250 bucks.

Gen 2: You can expect to spend over $1000 for a Gen 2 night vision monocular. It has a superior range than the Gen 1 as well as provides a better image quality. This generation is built for professional use and those who need a long view range with good image clarity.

Gen 3: Due to the superior image quality of Gen 3, it is a popular night vision monocular used by the military and other paramilitary services. It provides you with great image details and a long-range which includes both manual and digital zoom. The only caveat is that you can expect to spend around $2,500 on average for a quality Gen 3 monocular.

Gen 4: This is definitely the best night vision monocular in almost every aspect. All the best and latest technology is usually included in a Gen 4 monocular. However, the price range for Gen 4 monocular is usually around $4,000 which is well above the budget of most people.

3. IR Illuminator

An IR illuminator is an external IR flashlight that is used to provide better clarity to your night vision. It is especially important for those who want to get a good image quality out of a budget monocular.

By default, most night vision monocular is compatible with IR light. However, in case you will be using an IR illuminator, you need to make sure that it is compatible with your night vision monocular.

Moreover, check if your monocular has an attachment for an external IR illuminator.

Additionally, a few models have an inbuilt IR illuminator that makes it more versatile.

4. Power source

Most night vision binoculars are usually powered by AA batteries or CR123A batteries. Those batteries are readily available almost everywhere.

Also, you need to make sure that the power source is adequate for your purpose.

If you are planning to use your night vision monocular for an extended period of time, then it is always useful to carry a spare power source with you.

5. Weight and size

Both the weight and size will dictate how portable and maneuverable the night vision monocular is.

The size and weight are especially important if you are planning to retrofit your monocular on top of a rifle for hunting purposes.

In any case, most night vision monoculars usually weigh less than 25 oz which is still considered lightweight for casual use.

For extended use and better maneuverability, we recommend you go with a model that weighs below 15 oz.

6. Ease of use

You don’t want your night vision monocular to be difficult to use. Keep an eye out for mentions by the manufacturer on how easy it is to use.

It is always a good idea to buy a monocular that comes with a detailed manual, especially if you have never owned one before.

7. Accessories

To make your purchase more value for money, go with a monocular that comes with various accessories.

An accessory like a carry pouch is indispensable especially if you are planning to carry your monocular in your pocket.

It makes your monocular more accessible when carrying around and also protects it, thus helping to extend its lifespan.

8. Budget

Despite the night vision monocular being one of the most affordable night vision devices on the market, it still remains relatively expensive for most people.

Therefore, so as to prevent prices from quickly getting out of hand, we recommend that you set a specific budget when purchasing a monocular online and stick to it.

In most cases, you should be able to get a quality Gen 1 monocular for less than $250.


Indeed, the night vision monocular is a highly practical tool that will allow you to see clearly in the dark. Whether you are out on a hunting party at night or you simply want some tactical advantage in the dark, the night vision monocular is your best friend. It is lightweight and highly portable.

Moreover, when compared to other night vision gadgets, the night vision monocular is also more affordable, especially if you choose to go with a Gen 1 model.

And on a final note, our night vision monocular review above covers a few quality and affordable models. Go through it one more time if you haven’t made your pick yet.

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