Genesis Bows Gen-12232 Review: Great Beginner Compound Bow

Genesis Bows Gen-12232 Review

What We Like

  • Super easy to use for beginners and intermediate archers
  • Kids will not outgrow it
  • Includes some sturdy composite limbs
  • Does not have any tuning issues
  • Shoots with relatively less noise

What We Don’t Like

  • Lack of let-off can be an issue for some users
  • Does not come with any accessories

Bottom Line

Overall, the Genesis Bows Gen-12232 is a great compound bow for the beginner archers like kids, and it will also give them a long service life as they will never outgrow it.


When starting out in archery and prefer the compound bow to be your bow of choice, you need to make sure that you get a model that will give you an easy time like the Genesis Bows Gen-12232. Besides being beginner-friendly, it also works for all ages and athletic abilities.

Apart from being super easy to draw and accommodating all users, this bow is also designed to ensure that using it will be hassle-free. It will not have any tuning issues and also shoots without making too much noise. Better yet, you will also get to choose from more than a dozen finish colors.

Genesis Bows Gen-12232 Review

Genesis Bows Gen-12232

Performance: Perfect Beginner Compound Bow for Sports Shooting

Genesis Bows makes their model Gen-12232 with beginners in mind as it has been designed to ensure they will have an easier time when shooting. Also, it has a simpler and more straightforward design that every archer can figure out when it comes to maintenance.

However, this compound bow can still work for intermediate archers. And because it does not have any specific draw length requirements and has zero let-off, kids will not only be able to use comfortably but they cannot outgrow it even when their skills and shooting abilities improve. All that will be required is a few minor adjustments to suit them.

And while this compound bow still has what it takes to be a successful and highly useful hunting bow, it seems more ideal for sports shooting and for teaching kids how to shoot. The fact that it is the official bow of NASP is enough evidence of this.

And quoting the manufacturer, “As the official bow of National Archery in Schools Program (NASP®), the Genesis Original bow is used in over 14 thousand schools and by over 18 million kids around the world.”

Flexibility: Flexible Enough for All Athletic Abilities

While the Genesis Bows Gen-12232 is a popular compound bow for teaching kids how to shoot, it is still highly flexible, and it will hence be ideal for archers of all body size and ages and also for all athletic abilities.

This compound bow has a light draw weight that will come in the standard 20-pound weight, which means that almost anyone can handle it with ease. But, to ensure more flexibility, this draw weight can be adjusted to as low as 10-pounds.

And all you will need for the adjustment is the 3/16-inch hex wrench, which you probably already have in your tool box, and if not is quite affordable and widely available.

The draw length also covers all kinds of archers out there as you can adjust it between 15 and 30 inches. Hence, you can easily fine-tune the draw to ensure that it suits your shooting abilities and style more precisely.

Design & Construction: Solid Construction but Still Light Enough

While this compound bow might be meant for the beginner and more inexperienced compound bow archers, it is still surprisingly well-built, and hence you can be confident that you will be shooting it for a long time to come.

The design will include a solid riser made from machined 6061-T6 aluminum, and the cam will also be made from aluminum. This choice of material ensures that besides being tough and durable, these compounds are still lightweight enough to ensure they do not add a lot of weight to the bow.

Also, the bow will be made with some sturdy composite limbs, and it uses some high strength bowstrings that you can be confident will not break any time soon. And the compound bow weighs in at just 0.45 pounds, which makes it lightweight enough and easy to carry around even for kids.

Still on the design, it will include a cable guard that will be very handy when shooting, and it also has a competition molded grip to ensure maximum comfort for the archer when drawing the bow.

Noise & Vibrations: Single-Cam Technology Helps Keep the Noise Down

There is hardly any compound bow out there that will be completely silent when shooting. Hence, the best you can hope for is to find something that will shoot with as little noise as possible, and this model seems to excel at that.

What makes it shoot with less noise is the use of the single-cam technology as it means there will be less vibration. Besides being less noisy than the dual cam bows, the single one will also ensure there are no tuning issues and minimal recoil when shooting.

Also, you can minimize noise and vibrations even further by adding limbsavers on the bow’s limbs. These are small rubber devices that are designed to dampen the noise and vibrations to ensure quieter shooting.

Price: A Good Bargain Even for a Beginner Bow

Given the simpler and more basic beginner-friendly design of the Genesis Bows Gen-12232, it should be obvious it will cost relatively less when compared to other more advanced compound bows.

But, even for a beginner bow, the price tag is surprisingly low, and hence an excellent bargain for anyone. For an under $200 compound bow, you can almost be certain that you will not get better quality than this. You would have to spend at least tens of dollars more for a better model.

The only drawback here is that this compound bow will not come with any accessories. Hence, if you need accessories like a bow sight, quiver, or even a hex wrench for adjustments, you will need to pay money. All in all, this compound bow is still an excellent bargain.


A perfect beginner and intermediate compound bow for all ages, body sizes, and athletic abilities.

If you are thinking of introducing your kid to compound bow archery and are looking for a bow that will give them an easy time, the Genesis Bows Gen-12232 is unbeatable. It has a flexible draw length and weight and zero let-off, which makes it super easy to use for anyone.


  • Product Name: Genesis Bows Gen-12232
  • Product Brand: Genesis Bows
  • Let-Off: 0%
  • Draw Weight: 10 to 20 pounds
  • Draw Length: 15 to 30 inches
  • Riser Material: Machined 6061-T6 aluminum

Key Features

  • Single-cam technology delivers more accurate shooting
  • Zero let-off design works for everyone
  • 20-pound draw weight that can be lowered to 10 pounds
  • Machined aluminum riser for increased durability
  • Comfortable molded competition grip
  • Drilled and tapped riser accommodates standard accessories

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