Intex 68309EP Excursion Pro Review: Beginner-Friendly Fishing Kayak

Intex 68309EP Excursion Pro Review

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What We Like

  • Easy to paddle for beginners
  • Material is tough and more resistant to punctures
  • Comfortable cabin with nice seat and footrest
  • Inflates and deflates fast
  • Comes complete with paddles and pump
  • Multiple chamber design ensures it remains afloat

What We Don’t Like

  • Inward pointing rod holder can be inconvenient
  • No shock cord for securing gear

Bottom Line

An easy to use fishing kayak even for a beginner that is also made from heavy-duty materials like Intex 68309EP is just what you need to make your fishing outings more successful.


Inflatable kayaks like the Intex 68309EP Excursion Pro will always be more favorable for beginners as they will give you an easy time as they take little effort to handle. Also, this fishing kayak is made from heavy-duty material for maximum puncture resistance and durability.

Kayakers will also love that this 2-person kayak will include a spacious cockpit with a comfortable seat to ensure the riders will be as cozy as possible. Better yet, this is also a more stable and rigid kayak that will take little effort to maneuver.

Intex 68309EP Excursion Pro Review

Intex 68309EP Excursion Pro

Photo: Intex

Build Quality: Super Tough and Damage Resistant

One of the most outstanding elements of the Intex 68309EP Excursion Pro is its build quality, and this is the kind of fishing kayak that you can expect to give you exceptional service no matter where you will be using it.

This kayak is made from a tough PVC laminate and with an equally tough and durable polyester core. These materials combine to make this one of the toughest inflatable kayaks you can get out there.

Also, the material choice will ensure that the kayak is not only more resistant to puncturing and tearing but also lightweight for easy handling.

Many kayakers will also appreciate that the material used to make this kayak is designed to be highly resistant to sunlight to ensure it will not fade easily. And you can be sure this material will withstand any impact on the water.

Besides being tough, the 3-play material used to make this kayak will also not be affected by things like gasoline or oil, which means you can transport it on your vehicle with no worries. Also, the material seems to work well enough even on saltwater and hence allowing you to use the kayak anywhere you want.

Maneuverability: Easy Control Even for Beginners

Inflatable kayaks like this one are always easy to maneuver on the water thanks to the lightweight design that makes them more sensitive to every paddle you make.

This model weighs just 39.01 pounds, which is lightweight enough by all standards, and it will ensure that even beginners will have an easy time controlling it in the water. With the easy maneuverability, it will take less time for the newbies to master how to handle it correctly.

The kayak will also include 2 skegs that are meant to make it easy to maneuver in any kind of water. These skegs include a directional skeg for deep waters that will ensure you have an easy time tracking the vessel in deep waters and a directional skeg that ensures kayakers can paddle easily in shallow waters.

At a little over 12 feet long, the length of this kayak is also more manageable even for inexperienced users and will ensure less effort is required to control the kayak.

Stability: Rigid Enough with Extra Stability

Despite this being a PVC inflatable kayak, it is still highly rigid, which is what makes it even more stable on the water. Provided you inflate it properly, you can be confident that it will be super stable on the water.

And to ensure even more stability, the manufacturer also gives the kayak an inflatable I-beam floor that is highly rigid when inflated to give the kayak some extra stability.

Also, this kayak seems better-rounded with some smooth edges and has the weight perfectly distributed throughout the boat, which are traits that will also help enhance the overall stability of the kayak.

Design: Spacious and Comfortable

For the design of the Intex 68309EP Excursion Pro, you will get a more spacious and super comfortable kayak that has been purposely built to ensure that the kayaker will have enough room to enjoy the rides.

This 2-person kayak has an open cockpit design like most other inflatable kayaks, which is meant to ensure that the anglers can get in and out with ease. Also, this cockpit has more than enough legroom for the two riders.

To make sure the cockpit will be even more comfortable, Intex gives it a couple of removable and adjustable seats that also has a backrest. Also, you will get a removable seat booster to make it easy to give the seat a boost to enhance comfort.

The feet are also well catered for as this kayak will include adjustable footrests that can be moved back and forth to allow the rider to customize the space for a comfortable seating position based on their height.

When designing this kayak, the manufacturer also aims to make it as safe as possible. They do this by giving it 3 chambers that will help ensure that the kayak will still float even when one chamber is punctured, and hence allowing you to paddle back to safety.

One more thing that many kayakers will love about the design is that it will also include an integrated drain plug to help make it easy to remove water from the kayak. And kayakers will also love that this kayak will come with several extras that include a carry bag, paddles, pressure gauge, and repair patch.

Storage Compartment: Adequate Stern and Bow Storage Space

There is adequate storage space on the stern and bow on this kayak as they will always be plenty of space left there no matter where you place the seats when kayaking. And given that this kayak can hold up to 400 pounds, you should be able to carry all the fishing essentials you will need.

Also, there are several D-rings all around the kayak that will make it possible to attach additional equipment to the kayak if the stern and bow do not provide adequate space for your gear, which is quite convenient.

But although there is plenty of storage space on this kayak, many users will not like that it does not have shock cords to help hold down the dear. However, with the inclusion of the D rings, you can still rig your DIY shock cords.

Transport: Easy to Carry with Nice Carry Bag Provided

Because this is an inflatable kayak, you can be sure it will always take less effort to transport. All you will need to do is deflate and fold it into a more compact and easily manageable size. Better yet, Intex also provides a nice carry bag to help with the transport.

Besides giving you an easy time when it comes to packing and transporting it, this kayak is also fitted with some nice handles. There is one spacious handle at the front and another one at the back, which makes it easy for the two kayakers to lift and move it.

These handles will also come in handy when pulling the kayak into the water but there are also some nice grab lines at the front that you can also use for this.

Price: Quite Affordable

For an inflatable kayak made from high-quality materials, the Intex 68309EP Excursion Pro comes at a good price tag, and you can be confident that it will provide good value for your cash.

Also, the manufacturer provides some top-quality paddles, a repair patch, a carry bag, and a high-output pump which is also you will need to use this kayak. Hence, if you take into account the cost of these accessories, this under $500 kayak provides an even better value for your money.


Any beginner angler looking for an easy to use fishing kayak made from highly durable materials and with a more spacious and comfortable cockpit will love this one.

The Intex 68309EP Excursion Pro is the kind of kayak that anyone out there can control with ease as it is super easy to maneuver. This kayak is also made from durable PVC and polyester materials. And it will include some nice and comfortable seats, adjustable footrest, I-beam floor and it is also easy to inflate, which makes it a great all-round kayak.


  • Product Name: Intex 68309EP Excursion Pro
  • Product Brand: Intex
  • Material: 3-Ply PVC laminate with a polyester core
  • Capacity: 2-person
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
  • Weight: 39.01 pounds
  • Inflated Size:  12'7" x 3'1" x 1'6"

Key Features

  • Tough PVC laminate and polyester core for maximum durability
  • I-beam floor provides more rigidity to keep kayak stable in water
  • Spring-loaded valves make inflation/deflation easy
  • 3-chamber construction is safer and more convenient
  • Adjustable footrest and backrest for maximum comfort
  • Carry bag, repair patch and pump provided
  • Mounting brackets for accessories included
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