Intex 68307EP Explorer K2 Review: Lightweight and Compact Inflatable Kayak

Intex Explorer K2 Review

What We Like

  • Tough and durable materials
  • Fast and easy inflation/deflation
  • Convenient handle and grab line
  • Bright color for increased visibility
  • Comes with several accessories

What We Don’t Like

  • Removable Skeg is easy to lose in the water
  • Provided paddles are not adjustable
  • Max weight might not be enough for those that carry a lot of gear

Bottom Line

The lightweight and compact Intex 68307EP Explorer K2 is designed to make it easy to carry around, and despite the smaller size it can still accommodate 2 persons.


One of the most impressive attributes of the inflatable kayaks is that they are often easier to carry around for use in different locations, and this is more so if it is a lightweight one like the Intex 68307EP.

There is also more to this kayak as it is made from durable vinyl material and will have a more comfortable and spacious cockpit for the users. Better yet, this kayak will come with all the accessories you need to start using it immediately.

Intex Explorer K2 Review

Intex Explorer K2

Build Quality: Tough and Puncture-Resistant

Kayaks will have to encounter all kinds of hazards when on the water, and so to make sure that yours can withstand them for maximum durability and safety, it has to be well-built.

Luckily, the build quality of this model will not disappoint as it is made to be tough and highly resistant to puncturing. Intex makes it with a heavy-duty vinyl material that can take anything you throw at it without puncturing or tearing.

Besides being rugged, the vinyl material also comes in a bright yellow color that will make the kayak easier to spot in case of emergencies. Better yet, it will also have some sporty graphics that will help give the kayak a more pleasant overall appearance.

Maneuverability: Exceptional Directional Movement

Maneuvering your kayak will often depend on your skill level and also where you will be using it because even with the best model, it can still be a daunting task to maneuver in high rapids.

However, this model will include a removable Skeg that will provide directional stability and in turn make the kayak relatively easier to maneuver when in the water. Also, the fact that it is a more compact kayak means it will be easier to control.

There is also more than enough space on the cockpit that will make maneuvering the kayak easier for you whether you are rowing alone or with another person.

But, it is important to note that this kayak is not meant for ocean use or whitewater rapids. Hence, if you want to maintain the best control and maneuverability, it will be recommended that you use it in milder rivers and smaller water bodies like lakes.

Stability: Rigid and Stable with I-Beam Floor

The provided Skeg is very effective at maintaining directional stability, and it is one of the main things that will ensure that besides being easy to maneuver, this kayak will also be perfectly stable on the water.

Also, this Skeg is removable when packing up the kayak for storage and also when in situations where you might not need it such as when kayaking in very mild water.

Another element that will help make this a highly stable kayak is the inflatable I-beam floor. When inflated, this floor will help ensure maximum rigidity, and hence keeping the kayak more stable.

There are also 3 separate chambers on this kayak, which will make it more stable to some extent provided they are properly inflated. Also, the separate chambers will ensure the kayak will still float even if one was to get punctured.

Design: Lightweight and Compact

The lightweight and compact design is the highlight of this inflatable kayak, and perhaps what many potential users will appreciate most as it will make it more convenient.

This 2 person kayak weighs just 30.6 pounds, but it can hold up to 400 pounds, which is what allows it to accommodate two persons. 

Its dimensions are 10 feet 3inches by 3 feet by 1 foot 8 inches, which means that it is quite compact. But there is still more than enough room in there to accommodate two riders and their gear.

This kayak is also designed with user comfort in mind as it will include adjustable seats with a backrest to ensure the kayakers can seat comfortably. Better yet, the seats are also removable to ensure that you will have even more room when rowing alone.

Setup Process: Fast and Easy Inflation

The setup process for this kayak is as straightforward as it can get, and so you can be confident that it will be fully set up and ready to get into the water in just a few minutes even if you do not have a lot of experience.

Inflation is made super easy by the Boston valves, which will not only allow air to get in super-fast but will also make sure that the deflation process is equally easy so that you will also not have any difficulties folding it up after use.

And because the manufacturer will also provide a high-output pump, you will not need to buy one separately, and hence meaning that inflation will be even more effortless for you.

Transport: Easy Carry with Nice Handles

You will need to move your kayak now and then no matter where you might be using it from. Hence, whatever model you chose needs to be easy to transport for you.

Luckily, the Intex 68307EP Explorer K2 is fairly lightweight, and so you will not have any difficulties moving it around. But, what truly makes it easy to transport is that it will include some nice and comfortable carry handles on both ends.

The handles are spacious enough for the adult hand, and so to move this kayak, you will only need to grab one side and drag it or have your kayaking partner hold the other side and lift it off the ground.

Also, the kayak will include a grab line on both ends, which also comes in handy when it comes to moving it, and this is more so when you want to pull it in and out of the water. And when folded down, you can also easily transport it in the provided carry case.

Accessories: Comes Complete with Everything You Need

There is hardly anything else that you will need to buy before you can use this kayak as the manufacturer seems to take care of everything which makes it super convenient.

Besides the kayak, the package will also include the high-pressure pump that will help you inflate the kayak in just a few minutes, a repair patch in case you get punctures and tears, 2 paddles for rowing and spacious carry bag.

The provided paddles are 86 inches long and made from a lightweight and highly durable aluminum material for long service life. Better yet, they can be broken down into several sections to make them easy to carry and store when not in use.

Price: Good Value Given What You Get

Intex 68307EP Explorer K2 is by far not the cheapest kayak out there as there are some nice models in the market that will cost as little as half what you pay for it. However, given the quality of the kayak, it still offers a good value.

What's more, you will not need to buy the pump or paddles separately. This means that if you incorporate the cost of the provided accessories into its price tag, it will be clear that this is a good deal.


A lightweight and more compact 2-person kayak that will be more stable and easy to paddle in mild water and also has a pleasant overall appearance.

With a weight capacity of 400 pounds, this is an ideal kayak for sharing, and it only weighs 30.6 pounds to make it easy to move around. Also, it is made from rugged vinyl material and with a removable Skeg for directional stability. And to make this an even better buy, it will come with several accessories that you need including 2 paddles and a high-output pump.


  • Product Name: Intex 68307EP Explorer K2
  • Product Brand: Intex
  • Capacity: 2 persons
  • Air Chambers: 3
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
  • Kayak Weight: 30.60 pounds
  • Inflated Size: 10'3" x 3' x 1'8"
  • Accessories: Two 86-inch aluminum oars, carry bag and pump

Key Features

  • Puncture resistant heavy-duty vinyl material
  • Adjustable seat and backrest for maximum comfort
  • High output pump for fast and easy inflation
  • Comfortable and spacious cockpit
  • 400 pounds weight capacity to accommodate 2 persons
  • Grab handles on both ends for easy carry
  • Removable Skeg help provide directional stability
  • Yellow color is bright enough to ensure increased visibility in emergencies

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