Siege SAS w/ 5-Spot Paper Target Review: Powerful Target Shooting Compound Bow

Siege SAS w/ 5-Spot Paper Target Review

What We Like

  • Relatively affordable bow
  • Easy to draw for most adults
  • Delivers some decent arrow speeds
  • Well-built with heavy-duty materials
  • Comes with a 5-spot paper target for practice
  • Easy draw weight adjustment

What We Don’t Like

  • It is for right-handed archers only
  • Does not include assembly instructions

Bottom Line

A powerful target-shooting compound bow that delivers high arrow speeds to make shooting fun and help sharpen your skills.


As an adult archer into target shooting for fun or as a competitive sport, you need a powerful and reliable compound bow that will deliver some good speeds. This model by Siege is just that as for its price, the arrow speeds that you get are unbeatable.

Also, this compound bow will come complete with a 5-spot paper target that comes in handy for your practice sessions and a highly accurate sight for easy aim. To make this an even better buy, it has an easily adjustable draw length, and you can be sure drawing will be more effortless as there is more let-off.

Siege SAS w/ 5-Spot Paper Target Review

Siege SAS w/ 5-Spot Paper Target

Performance: Unbeatable for Target Shooting

Siege SAS w/ 5-Spot Paper Target is made with target shooters in mind, and it is designed to ensure that you can easily and quickly sharpen your shooting skills.

This compound bow is meant for use by adults as it has a larger overall frame and a heavier draw that kids might not be able to handle. However, older kids with more experience with compound bows can still be able to hack it with a little practice.

But for those just getting into archery, this might be a little too complicated for them from the setup to the actual use as it does not seem very beginner-friendly.

Also, this compound bow is not non-directional as it is meant for right-handed archers only. For left-handed users, it will take a lot of DIY adjustments to be able to use it comfortably.

And although this compound bow is mostly meant for target shooting, it will deliver high arrow speeds of up to 206 feet per second (FPS), which means it can still work for different hunting situations.

Flexibility: Flexible Enough for Any Adult

With a draw length of up to 29 inches and a draw weight range of between 40 and 55 pounds, the Siege SAS w/ 5-Spot Paper Target will offer enough flexibility to accommodate any adult compound bow target shooter out there.

Also, another thing that makes it highly flexible is that the draw weight is straightforward to adjust. To decrease the draw weight by 5 pounds, you will only need to loosen the bolt with an Allen wrench or any other similar tool. When you tighten the bolt, you will be increasing the draw weight by 5 pounds.

Still on the draw weight, this compound bow has a 70% let-off. This means that even at maximum draw weight (55 pounds), the archer will only need to hold around 16.5 pounds, which makes this an easy-to-draw bow for any adult.

The axle-to-axle length is also meant to accommodate all kinds of users as it is larger enough to accommodate even taller adults and those with larger body frames. And every archer knows that the longer the axle-to-axle length the more accurate the bow, and hence the 41.5 inches length will be very effective at enhancing the overall accuracy.

Design & Construction: Feels Solid Enough

Being an adult compound bow, the Siege SAS w/ 5-Spot Paper Target needs to be tough enough to withstand the abuse that comes with regular use, which is typical of most bows meant for adults.

The design includes compressed ABS limbs that are tough and sturdy enough to withstand anything you throw at them. These sturdy limbs will provide the perfect balance of strength, weight, and balance for the lifespan of the compound bow.

Also, the limbs have a sturdy layered design which is what allows the bow to draw weights up to 55 pounds. And these limbs will be accommodated sturdy back pivoting pockets that create a strong connection to ensure more rigid tolerance, and hence resulting in increased accuracy.

The riser helps to give the bow a curb appeal and will also include several cut-outs that will create a waffle look. Overall, this bow also has a simple but surprisingly appealing finish that will work for any archer out there. And there are more than half a dozen colors to pick from.

Noise & Vibrations: Could be Quieter

The Siege SAS w/ 5-Spot Paper Target is quieter bow than many others in its class as the compressed ABS limbs are highly effective at absorbing most of the vibrations generated and hence dampening the noise.

However, this compound bow could still be quieter, and this is more so if you intend to use it for hunting. And the good news is that there are different methods that you can use to ensure that you get a quieter shooting when using this bow.

The first thing that you will need to do to dampen the noise and vibration generated when shooting is to tune it well. Tuning ensures that things like the string have just the right amount of tension, which in turn reduces the vibrations and noise.

If the compound bow is still loud even after tuning it properly, the other effective way to dampen the noise will be by investing in some good quality rubber limbsavers that you should get in most hunting gear stores.

Accessories: Few Included but They Should Be Enough

Siege SAS w/ 5-Spot Paper Target will also include a few accessories in the package besides the bow, which will be very handy when it comes to using the bow.

These accessories will include an accurate sight that will help make it easier to line up for a shot and also ensures maximum shooting accuracy. Also, this sight is easy to install on the bow, and you will not need any complicated tools to do it.

Also, there is a 5-spot paper target in the pack. For target shooting practice, this paper target will be very handy and will be very useful at improving your overall shooting accuracy.

The only notable drawback when it comes to the accessories is that there are no arrows in the pack. But, for the price of this compound bow, this should not be a deal-breaker. Furthermore, the manufacturer provides recommendations on the right arrows to buy, which are the 30-inch aluminum and carbon arrows.

Price: Excellent Value for Money

Being a more affordable compound bow, the Siege SAS w/ 5-Spot Paper Target is designed to ensure that you will get excellent value for your cash. While still not the cheapest option out there, for an under $100 compound bow, it is hard to get anything better without spending more.

Also, the addition of a sight and paper target ensures that you will get even better value for your cash as you will not need to spend more money to buy one.

Although a few more accessories like arrows and a quiver would have been great for even better value for money, their absence still does not take anything away from the fact that this is a great value compound bow.


A powerful compound bow or target shooting that deliver high arrow speeds and is well-built with heavy-duty materials.

If you are into target shooting, the Siege SAS w/ 5-Spot Paper Target will deliver enough power and speed for your practice and competitive shooting. Also, this is a flexible bow with adjustable draw weight and also comes with sight and a 5-spot paper target.


  • Product Name: Siege SAS w/ 5-Spot Paper Target
  • Product Brand: Siege
  • Draw Weight: 40 to 55 pounds
  • Draw Length: 29 inches
  • Let-Off: 70%
  • Axle-to-Axle Length: 41.5 inches
  • Accessories: Yes
  • Maximum Arrow Speed: 206 FPS

Key Features

  • ABS limbs deliver a long service life
  • Longer 41.5-inch axle to axle length for increased accuracy
  • Up to 206 FPS arrow speeds
  • 70% let-off allows for an easy draw
  • Paper target comes in handy for target practice
  • Accessories included for good value for money

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