UTG SCP-M392AOLWQ Review: Versatile Illuminated Air Rifle Scope

What We Like

  • Illuminated for increased versatility
  • Well-built and rugged
  • Easily resettable and precise turrets
  • Delivers a parallax-free view from just 3 yards
  • Completely rain, shock and fog proof
  • Package includes several accessories

What We Don’t Like

  • Wanting lens caps quality
  • Provided mounts are a little too low on some rifles
  • Can feel a little bit chunky for some hunters

Bottom Line

With a dual red and green illumination, decent magnification range, and a larger field of view, the UTG SCP-M392AOLWQ is built for versatility and will be handy for different situations.

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If you use air rifles often for your hunting or even target shooting practice, you need a good scope like the UTG SCP-M392AOLWQ to go with it. This scope has a nice dual illumination and provides a field of view of up to 37.7 feet.

You can be confident you will use this scope for a long time as it is built on a rugged and true strength aircraft-grade aluminum alloy platform. Hunters will also love the magnification range, resettable turrets, and parallax setting.


Photo: UTG

Clarity: Crystal Clear View

UTG gives this scope some of the most amazing optics you can expect to get for a scope in its price range. The emerald coated lenses are designed to deliver a crystal clear view for more accurate shooting and are also very effective at gathering light and minimizing glare.

And to make your shots even more accurate, this scope also makes use of a range-estimating mil-dot reticle. This mil-dot reticle makes it possible for hunters and shooters to estimate the distances to their target.

With this reticle, it is easier to line up for the shot for increased accuracy and superior overall performance. Also, this reticle provides up to 21 aiming points, which is more than many other range estimating scopes out there that will hardly go beyond 11 aiming points.

You can also be sure that you will never have to worry about parallax when using this scope. With the UTG SCP-M392AOLWQ, you get an unparalleled parallax setting from an impressive 3 yards to infinity.

The magnification is also just right for this scope as it will ensure you can easily focus on the target. This scope provides 3-9x magnification, which makes it ideal for both short and precise shots and medium to long-range shooting .

Primary Use: Superior Low Light Performance

This UTG scope has been built for versatility, and it will hence be ideal for a wide variety of situations. And this is not only thanks to the decent magnification range but also because it is an illuminated scope.

With the dual red and green illumination, this will be a very handy scope to use even in low light conditions. The illuminated reticle can gather the smallest amount of light to ensure that you can still pick up and see the target clearly.

What’s more, you can easily switch between the red and green illumination as the scope will include an innovative side wheel for controlling the illumination. And you can also choose to use the scope without the illumination if you do not need it. Hence, you will not always need batteries to be able to use this rifle scope.

But, while this scope might be illuminated, it will only come in handy for low light conditions at dawn and dusk. For night time hunting, it will not be useful as it does not have night vision like the more expensive premium quality models.

Besides the dual illumination, the 14 to 37.7 feet at 100 yards field of view also helps make this a more versatile scope. With this larger field of view, you can cover a wide area, and you will hence not miss anything regardless of the hunting conditions and environment.

Construction & Build Quality: Built on a True Strength Platform

Besides delivering superior optical clarity and a versatile illuminated reticle, the UTG SCP-M392AOLWQ is also built to withstand any hunting condition as it is a highly durable and rugged scope.

This scope is built on the true strength platform (TSS) that is an innovative scope platform. With this platform, you get a well-thought-out spherical structure that ensures flawless interaction between the inner and outer tubes of the scope.

The true strength platform ensures you not only get a more durable scope but also other things like windage and elevation adjustments are always highly precise over the life of the scope.

Besides the special platform, the company also makes the main tube from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy material. This material is rough and rugged but still lightweight enough as this scope only weighs 13.9 ounces, which is light enough for most rifles.

Also, the scope has been nitrogen-filled and completely sealed to ensure that it will be 100% waterproof and will also not fog no matter where you will be using. Many hunters will also love that the tough shell and overall construction allows this scope to withstand a lot of shocks when shooting.

Apart from the solid overall construction, UTG also provides some nice accessories to further ensure this scope lasts a long time. Key among them are the flip-open lens caps that will help protect your lens for longer service life.

Adjustments & Set-up: Effortless Setup and Adjustment

Because the UTG SCP-M392AOLWQ comes mostly assembled, there is little that you will need to do when it comes to the setup, which means that even beginner hunters will have an easy time with this scope.

Better yet, the manufacture also provides the mount rings to ensure you will not need to buy them separately. And to make this scope even better for immediate use, you will also get the tools that you need to set it up.

The package will include 2.5mm and 4mm Allen wrench to ensure you will have what you need to set up the scope. There is also an owner's manual that will provide clear and well-illustrated instructions for quick and easy installation.

When it comes to adjusting the scope, you can also be confident that you will have an easy time. As mentioned earlier, the side wheel makes it easy to adjust your illumination and switch from red to green illumination.

For the windage and elevation adjustments, this scope will make use of some nice capped turrets that are designed to be finger adjustable. These turrets make it easy to choose your preferred setting precisely. But the re-setting and locking features of these turrets are what makes them amazing.

There is also a clearly-labeled and easy to use power ring that will make choosing your preferred magnification setting a breeze.

Price: Quite Affordable

For a dual illuminated air rifle scope with a lot of many other amazing features to offer, the UTG SCP-M392AOLWQ is as cheap as it gets. This scope offers functions and features that you can only expect to get from models that will cost hundreds of dollars more.

With an under $100 price tag, it is also amazing that this scope is still built to be highly rugged and durable with the true strength platform and a solid aircraft-grade aluminum alloy material.

To make this an even better buy for the price, the scope will also come with a myriad of accessories from lens caps to Allen wrench, which you would otherwise need to spend more bucks to get.


A versatile dual illuminated scope that is well-built and with some crystal clear optics and a nice reticle to ensure accurate shooting.

If you hunt in low light conditions at dawn and dusk, you will be happy to have this dual red and green illuminated scope. This scope also provides a range-estimating mil-dot reticle, has a generous eye relief and field of view, clear optics, and is also built to be rugged and highly durable.


  • Product Name: UTG SCP-M392AOLWQ
  • Product Brand: UTG
  • Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Reticle: Mil-dot
  • Magnification: 3-9x
  • Field of View: 14 to 37.7 feet at 100 yards
  • Eye Relief: 4.2 inches
  • Parallax Settings: 3 yards to infinity
  • Adjustment Graduation: 1/4 MOA
  • Length: 9.8 inches
  • Weight: 13.9 ounces

Key Features

  • Range-estimating mil-dot reticle delivers more accurate shots
  • 3 yards to infinity parallax setting
  • Emerald-coated lenses deliver a crystal clear view
  • Complete package with several accessories
  • 1/4 MOA adjustment graduation for increases precision
  • Larger field of view of 14 to 37.7 feet at 100 yards
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for superior strength
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