4 Types of Compound Bows: Single, Dual, Hybrid, Binary Cam

The compound bow is the newest and most advanced type of bow available and it can shoot arrows at very high speeds and with better precision. Its power comes from its […]

4 Best 1-8X Scopes of 2020

Lower-powered scopes like the 1-8x scopes are slowly becoming quite popular, and this is not only because of their more affordable price tag but also because they do not add […]

10 Best Santoku Knives in 2020 (Chop, Slice and Dice Easily)

Santoku knife is a general purpose knife and an unvarying need of every well-stocked kitchen. The word Santoku refers three prime cutting tasks including slicing, mincing, and dicing. Considering the fact […]

7 Best 1000 Yard Scopes of 2020

If you are going to shoot from 1,000 yards away, you will need to have a gun with long-range capability, the right shooting skills and of course the best 1,000 […]

10 Best Portable Fish Finders (Castable, Mountable)

A fish finder is a useful tool that allows you to quickly and easily track fishes in deeps waters. But for those who need to fish in remote places, it […]

Eagle Claw FL300-6’6 Featherlight: Ultra-Light Fishing Rod

Photo: flyfishohio.comWhat We Like Works well for all kinds of anglers Durable and lightweight construction Comfortable and non-slip handle More forgiving even for beginnersLine glides smoothly with minimal frictionEasy to […]

Piscifun Sword Graphite: High-Performance Fishing Rod

Photo: fishingrefined.comWhat We Like Solid overall construction More length options to choose from Line glides smoothly with minimal friction Allows for a sturdier reel attachmentPrecise fly placement and more pulling […]

10 Best Duck Calls For Beginners in 2020

Photo: realtree.comWhether you are new to duck hunting or a seasoned pro, a duck call is one of those indispensable tools you need when hunting ducks. The issue, however, is […]

The 10 Best Coon Hunting Lights in 2020

Hunting coons at night can be quite a thrilling experience, but it’s not easy. You need the right hunting gear to be successful, and a coon hunting light is one […]

Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod: Durable Travel Fishing Rod

What We Like Collapses easily for simple storage and carry Hard and durable materials Soft and comfortable handle Will not allow seawater to get into your reelDifferent sizes/action options to […]

Eagle Claw PK555SP: Sturdy Telescoping Fishing Rod

What We Like Easily packable rod Lightweight and durable materials Comfortable foam handle Heavy-duty ceramic guidesWorks well for both saltwater and freshwaterAllows you to choose from three style optionsWhat We […]

Abu Garcia PMAX3: Low Profile Fishing Reel

What We Like More low-profile and ergonomic design Well-built with a sturdy one-piece frame Durable aluminum spool Smooth drag performanceComfortable high density handlesEffective anti-reverse mechanismWhat We Don’t Like A little […]

Abu Garcia REVO2SX10-P Revo SX: Smooth and Durable Spinning Reel

What We Like Smooth and durable performance Accommodates braided lines with no slippage Reliable drag system Lightweight carbon bodyAllows better control for all line typesComfortable EVA knobCorrosion-resistant componentsWhat We Don’t […]

Piscifun Sword Fly: Lightweight and Durable Fly Fishing Reel

Photo: safaryworld.comWhat We Like It is made from high-quality materials Feels more lightweight Allows you to choose from 4 color options More resistant to weather and abrasionProvides a smoother drag […]

Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Reel: Highly-Affordable Fishing Reel

Photo: aliexpress.comWhat We Like Convenient one-button fold handle Interchangeable handle for right and left-hand use Durable aluminum mainframe Decent fishing line capacityUltra-smooth ball bearings performanceUses high-quality interior partsVersatile for different […]

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