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10 Best Ceramic Knives – The Highest Quality and Lightweight

Knife is one of the most significant need of every household. While there have been many advanced models available in the market, a best ceramic knife is an irreplaceable option. Basically, a ceramic knife is just like any other utility knife, just with a difference that these are of highest quality and fairly light in weight. […]

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10 Best Benchmade Knives for EDC, Tactical & More in 2019

Benchmade is one of the most recognized brands in knife market. The company has managed to grow immensely in few years after they announced themselves in the market. With their massive variety of quality knives, they have established huge presence in the market. The detailing of the knife, usage of high-class material, and tremendous variety has […]

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7 Easy & Simple Butterfly Knife Tricks – Comprehensive Guide

Butterfly knife flipping looks complicated at first sight and you’re probably telling yourself that you don’t have the necessary skills to do those tricks. However, learning how to flip a knife is a rewarding and easy process. All that is required is a few fundamental handling techniques. Indeed, butterfly knife flipping may take a lot of […]

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12 Types of Machetes & Their Uses (Kukri, Bush, Heavy & More)

If you have been looking for a good quality machete then you may surely have come across various models with different names, shapes, and sizes. While the machete may look like an elongated knife, it is designed in a thought out manner that performs a specific function. In short, you cannot purchase any type of machete […]

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Single Bevel vs. Double Bevel Knife: Which is Better for You?

Choosing between the single bevel and the double bevel knife can sometimes be quite challenging. Indeed, if you are not an expert in knives then you can easily get confused because, at first sight, the number of bevels on a knife can seem useless and meaningless. However, you cannot be further from the truth as those […]

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10 Best Steak Knives in 2019 – Budget and High-End

Steak is one of the most loved meals that people enjoy having. You are hosting dinner and cooking steak so other than the meal itself, what else do you need? It’s the best steak knife. A steak knife is used to cut the meat as you eat. Considering the fact that these knives are extremely mandatory […]

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