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10 Best Spinning Reels for Freshwater and Saltwater in 2019

The spinning reel is a highly popular reel that is used by young anglers, beginners, and experts alike. It distinguishes itself from other types of fishing reels by its versatility in both freshwater and seawater. Additionally, one of the best things about the spinning reel it is that is very easy to operate. In fact, even […]

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10 Best Fishing Backpacks – The Most Economic & Water-Resistant

The fishing backpack is a practical storage bag for those who go fishing. It is very similar to a traditional outdoor backpack but is more durable, fully water-resistant, and has more specialized pockets for safely storing your various fishing accessories like baits, fishing reels, spools, amongst others. Additionally, the fishing backpack is also usually smaller and […]

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10 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods – The Most Versatile Rods

The telescopic fishing rod is one of the most versatile and practical fishing accessories you can buy. It is a retractable fishing rod that can easily be stored or carried around. Best of all, the telescopic rod is made from high-quality materials that are heavy-duty, durable and long-lasting. Moreover, this rod will not rust or corrode […]

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10 Best Fly Rods for Beginners – Reviews and Buying Guide

The fly rod is the oldest and most traditional type of fishing rod that is normally used with live baits like nymphs, dry flies or even fish food. It is a very lightweight rod that generally comes in multiple rod pieces for versatility.        What differentiates this rod from other types of fishing rods on the […]

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7 Best Float Tubes in 2019: Round, Pontoon, U and V

The float tube is a fairly recent invention that has revolutionized the way people fish in small lakes and rivers. Essentially, the float tube is made from a highly-durable PVC material that glides over the water and makes almost no noise while doing so.              One of the things that differentiate the float tube from other fishing […]

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10 Best Fish Waders: Neoprene, Breathable and More

Some rivers or lakes offer no strategic point for you to fish on dry land, so you have to wade in the water before you can cast your line. This is where the fishing wader comes into action. The fishing wader is an indispensable fishing apparel that keeps you warm when fishing directly in water. Best, […]

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10 Best Saltwater Spinning Reels (High-Performance & Durable)

The saltwater spinning reel is a special type of fishing reel with a sealed spool that combines ease-of-use, high performance, and smoothness that makes it a very comfortable and efficient spinning reel. Due to the large spool size of this reel, it is an excellent combination when paired with a long distance fishing rod like a […]

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