About OutdoorGearToday

OutdoorGearToday was created by outdoor enthusiasts and for other outdoor enthusiasts. Our main aim here is to help take your love for the great outdoors a notch higher. We do this by helping you find the products that you need for your outdoor excursions whether you are a hunter, archer or just a regular outdoors guy. And we also provide helpful information and tips to help improve your overall outdoors experience.

We have a team of writers that are expert in different niches such as archery, fishing, kayaking, and shooting. Also, we have highly experienced experts, on knives, scopes, flashlights, and various other items you will need when outdoors. We value our readers over everything else, and so we provide pieces that are as detailed as possible and backed by in-depth research to ensure they are useful to outdoor lovers.

At OutdoorGearToday, we also make your product choice much easier regardless of the item you are shopping for by comparing some of the top options on the market, and by highlighting both the merits and demerits of each product to ensure we help you make an informed choice. With all the work that our team of researchers and writers put in, you can be confident that you will spend less time shopping for outdoor gear as we make the task easier for you.

How We Help You

At OutdoorGearToday, we know how much you love the outdoors as we are also outdoor enthusiasts, and we are all about ensuring you have the best outdoor experience.

Here is how we achieve this:

  • We provide in-depth reviews and buying guides to help our readers pick the best products in different categories such as archery, kayaking, fishing, and shooting. And we make the merits and demerits of each product clear to ensure every potential user knows what works best for them.
  • Here we also provide some useful tips to help outdoor enthusiasts improve their outdoor experiences. For example, if you are not sure how to string your recurve bow, we have a comprehensive guide with enough tips to make the task quick and easy
  • For the many outdoor persons that are always torn between two products, we also have you covered as we compare them in detail to help you decide which one you need. If you are not sure whether to go for jerk bait or crankbait or whether to buy a single or double bevel knife, here we make things clear.
  • We also have informational articles that will improve your understanding of different outdoor items such as knives and machetes by explaining some of their most common types and their best uses.
  • At OutdoorGearToday, you will also find many other informational articles on different outdoor gear from fishing lines to scopes and flashlights.

How We Review

Here at OutdoorGearToday, we are all about helping to make your outdoor experiences even more rewarding and enthralling to encourage you to get out more. 

And we do this by helping you solve one of the biggest problems that most outdoor lovers will face which is finding the right gear. We provide unbiased reviews of different things you will need when out there in different niches such as archery, fishing, shooting and kayaking

We have a team of expert writers and researcher in these different niches that are always watching out for emerging products and spend many hours researching on different items. Using the information gathered, our writers can categorize the products, for example, 10 best compact binoculars to help you narrow down your choices.

What Gives Our Reviews an Edge?

There are tons of sites out there that provide reviews on different outdoor gear, but some will only do this because they receive free merchandise from the merchant or they are paid to do it. However, with us, this is not the case as we have a strict policy of not accepting any items in exchange for reviews.

Also, with all the products we review and recommend, we will only go for the well-established brands that have been in the market for a long time and are reputed for making top quality products.

This is not to say that there are no good upcoming or new entrants into the market, but we prefer to go for something tried and tested to ensure our readers don't have to take chances with what they buy.