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10 Best Youth Compound Bows – Reviews and Buying Guide

Archery is a healthy outdoor activity that’s great for everyone including kids. So, the opportunity to introduce your kids to the world of archery is one you shouldn’t miss. If you’re an archer yourself, then you’ll know how deeply rewarding it is to pass on the bow hunting tradition to the next generation. Because they’re designed to […]

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7 Best Longbows in 2019: The Oldest and Quietest Bows

So many folks find longbows so fascinating to practice or hunt with, so if you’re dreaming of one, then you’re not alone. The longbow is the oldest bow type available but it’s not really the simplest. Having undergone many changes over centuries, there’s a lot more to a longbow than just wood and a string. This best […]

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9 Best Crossbow Bolts (Carbon, Aluminum, and More)

If you’re looking to buy a crossbow bolt, then you should already own a crossbow. If you don’t own one, then it’s better for you to get a crossbow first before worrying about its bolts. There are enough bolts available for crossbows, and they range in length, material, weight and other features. Being able to pick […]

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