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7 Best Trolling Motors for Kayak – Reviews and Buying Guide

The trolling motor was invented in 1934, and so far, it has changed the way people navigate with their kayaks. This electric motor for kayaks makes it so much easier to propel your boat and no muscle-power or even a paddle is necessary to move at high speeds with the trolling motor. Interestingly, most kayaks usually […]

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7 Best Touring Kayaks in 2019 – The Longest Kayaks

The touring kayak is the ideal type of kayak for those who need a lot of storage space, excellent maneuverability and comfort in their kayak. This type of kayak is essentially made for sightseeing and those who plan to stay over the water for long hours. Further, the touring kayak can easily be confused with the […]

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10 Best Inflatable SUPs – Lightweight & Versatile Paddle Board

The inflatable SUP is a lightweight, versatile and easy-to-use paddle board. Best of all, the inflatable SUP has a decent weight capacity such that it can carry people regardless of their weight. Moreover, due to their heavy-duty built construction, they are extremely durable and will not break easily. If you have never paddled with an inflatable […]

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10 Best Paddle Boards – The Most Stable and Versatile

The paddle board is a floatation device that looks a lot like a surfboard. However, it is much more versatile and can be used for water activities like sightseeing, yoga or fishing, amongst others. This is a stable boat that is very easy to operate and you do not need a lot of experience or skill […]

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10 Best Kayaks for Beginners – Reviews & Buying Guide

There are so many types and models of kayaks that it can be intimidating for absolute beginners to get started.  However, kayaking does not have to be hard. Even the most professional kayakers in the world had to start somewhere. So, are you freshly starting out? If that’s the case, don’t feel intimidated. We have carefully hand-picked […]

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10 Best Kayak Roof Racks (Quality and Affordable)

Best of all, the kayak roof rack is delivered with complete installation accessories and instructions that will allow you to mount your kayak right away. If you have never used a roof rack before, it is really beginner-friendly. If you are interested in a quality and affordable model, we took the time to research and reviewed […]

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