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10 Best Glock 43 Holsters in 2019 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Concealed weapon carrying is not satisfying if you don’t have the right holster for Glock 43. Since your gun is one of your favourite weapons to carry, it is significant to have the right holster. For personal defense or other security purposes, there are a lot of holsters offered by different companies. If you are looking […]

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10 Best IWB Holsters for Glocks 17, 19, 23, 43 and More

Concealed weapon carrying is something we all want while going out on a trek or camping or some secret mission. In many states, keeping the pistol hidden is a part of the law and so you need to dress up accordingly to hide your gun comfortably without leaving any visual imprint on the outside. When concealability is […]

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10 Best Pocket Holsters in 2019 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Pocket gun carrying is the oldest forms of hiding the weapon from the outer world. Given the level of concealment, it is still considered the best among all other forms of weapon carrying. For those who like to carry self defense handguns should definitely give pocket gun holsters a try. These holsters are easy to take […]

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10 Best Shooting Rests (Lead Sled, Bench, Shooting Pod)

The hunters usually find the trouble of precision shooting as they hunt down the animals in the wild. It happens to the best of the people. Aiming can be tough irrespective of the fixed position that you are shooting at. That is the prime reason for recreational and professional hunters prefer using the shooting rest so […]

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7 Best Plate Carriers for Survivalists and Policeman in 2019

To define the best plate carrier, it is a load bearing system that provide protection against ballistics. Every product varies with the degree of protection that it can provide to the user. Basically, it is like a protection jacket with inserted plates in the front and back. The carrier covers the vital organs of the body […]

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7 Best 1911 Sights for Handgun – Reviews and Buying Guide

Despite having been around for more than a century, the 1911 handgun is still one of the most popular pistols out there. And more and more firearm owners seem to prefer it over the many other handgun types in the market. There are many factors that one can credit with the ever-increasing popularity of the 1911 […]

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