Barnett BAR78004 Review: High-Speed Hunting Crossbow

Photo: Barnett

What We Like

  • Delivers higher arrow speed
  • Comes complete with accessories
  • Easier to cock
  • Incorporates several safety features
  • Shoots more smoothly and quietly
  • Includes an illuminates scope

What We Don’t Like

  • Some of the components feel a little flimsy
  • Cocking can still be a little hectic

Bottom Line

If you will be using your crossbow to hunt small animals, the Barnett BAR78004 is the perfect fit for you as it delivers high arrows speeds to help take down the prey fast.

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Arrow speed is one of the main determinants of whether you go home with a kill or not, and the higher the speeds your crossbow can deliver the better. Hence, with arrows speeds of up to 400 FPS, the Barnett BAR78004 will increase your likelihood of getting a kill every time you go out hinting.

This crossbow will also come with a complete set of accessories to ensure you will have everything you need to start shooting straight from the box. Also, you can be confident that you will get the best value for your cash as it is built to serve you for countless hunting trips.

Barnett BAR78004 Whitetail Pro STR Review

Photo: Barnett

Performance: Unbeatable Crossbow for Hunting Small Game

If you use your crossbow mostly for hunting small game like rabbits and pheasants, this crossbow from Barnett is made for you as it will make it easier to land the kill as it has the right combination of power and speed.

The crossbow will deliver arrow speeds of up to 400 feet per second, which is higher than what many other models in the same class will deliver. Many other similar crossbows within the same price range and with similar features will hardly give you more than 350 feet per second.

The high speed also means that you will not have to get very close to the prey before shooting, and hence the few extra yards you spare will ensure that you are less likely to startle the animal.

Another element that makes this a high-performing crossbow is that it has been built in the right size for the full-framed shooters, which means that it will work for almost any adults. But because it has an axle to axle length of just 17.625 inches, it can still accommodate small-frame individuals easily.

For the target practice users, this crossbow can also do you a lot of good because the high speeds will allow you to practice your shots from further out. Lastly, this is also a fairly lightweight crossbow at just 6.9 pounds, and so you will not have to worry about fatigue when you need to carry it for long distances.

Flexibility: Most Adult Archer Should Draw It with Ease

While the 187-pound draw weight is still a little on the higher side given that there are many other full-size crossbows out there that will give you 150 pounds or less, it is still easy enough to draw for most adult archers.

Also, the Barnett BAR78004 will come with a rope coking device that will make drawing it even much easier. Better yet, it will allow for the integration of Barnett's special crank cocking device, which further ensures even more flexibility by allowing more effortless cocking.

Using the cocking device when drawing this crossbow will reduce the draw with to as little as 17 pounds, which means that even archers as young as 10 years old can easily draw it. What all this means is that this bow is flexible enough for use by archers of all fitness abilities.

Another important element that makes this a more flexible bow that you should not overlook is that it has an adjustable stock that will open it up to more fine-tuning options. Also, the inclusion of Picatinny rail makes it a little more flexible when compared to bows that do not have it.

Design & Construction: Sturdy Bow That Comes Mostly Assembled

Barnett always prides in making some of the sturdiest and most durable bow models in the market. Hence, with one of their models like Barnett BAR78004, you can be certain that it will be hundreds of hunting trips before you need to replace your crossbow.

This crossbow is built with the step-through riser (STR) platform design, which is an innovative design that will shift the weight from the riser to the bow's stock. The weight shift creates enhanced stability and also makes this crossbow more accurate to shoot.

Also, the step-through riser will ensure you get up to two additional inches of draw length, and this, in turn, ensures you can get more power from your bow and greater arrow speeds without having to make the limbs longer or wider.

To further ensure smooth and accurate shots, Barnett also gives this crossbow a CNC machined aluminum flight track that will be more durable than flight tracks made from plastic and other materials.

The stainless steel components further make this an even more durable bow. And you will also not be disappointed when it comes to the overall appearance as this bow comes in a pleasant TruBark HD camouflage that will impress any hunter.

Other things that make this crossbow a good buy include the anti-dry fire trigger system that will make dry fires impossible for extra user safety, and the finger guard and finger safety reminder that will help keep your finger safe when using this bow.

Noise & Vibrations: Quieter than Most Others Out There

The inclusion of string dampeners on the Barnett BAR78004 will ensure that it will deliver a quieter nd vibration-free performance, which is just what every hunter wants.

These dampeners help absorb the vibration generated by the string when you release the arrow, and hence allowing for a quieter and more comfortable shooting.

Apart from the string dampeners, the CNC machined aluminum flight track will also be useful for reducing the noise. Besides improving the shot smoothness and accuracy, this solid track is also useful for absorbing the vibrations generated by an arrow for a quieter shot.

This crossbow comes mostly assembled, which means there will be no loose parts and less likelihood of installing anything incorrectly, which is often one of the main causes of less noise. Hence, the fact that it is assembled means everything is properly installed, and so you can expect no noise from the components.

Accessories: You Will Hardly Need to Buy Anything Else

You will hardly need to buy anything else before you can start shooting this Barnett crossbow as the company provides it with all the basic accessories that you will need.

Key among the accessories supplied and what will impress many hunters is the 4x32 illuminated scope. This scope makes setting up for a shot more effortless, and because it has illumination, you can also use it even in low light conditions and at night.

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There is also a cocking device on the package to eliminate the need to buy one separately. Better yet, this bow will come with a couple of 22-inch Headhunter arrows, and despite being add-ons, these arrows are excellent quality.

Storing the arrows should also not be an issue because you will also get a side-mounted quiver on your purchase. And you can be sure you will have an easy time keeping your string in good shape as the company also provides lube wax in the package.

Price: Not the Cheapest But worth It

For a crossbow that delivers arrows speeds of 400 Feet per second like Barnett BAR78004, it will be obvious you will need to spend more money. But, the good news is that despite the superior arrow speeds and build quality, this is still an under $1,000 crossbow.

If you also take into account the cost of the included accessories that you will get on your purchase, it is clear that this bow will give you good value for money.  Hence, this Barnett bow is worth every buck that you will pay to own it.


A high-speed crossbow that is built for full-frame hunters and also features solid construction and will come complete with all accessories.

Barnett BAR78004 is made for the regular hunter looking for a powerful and high-speed bow that can take down an animal fast. It makes use of a step-through riser platform for smooth, accurate, and quiet shots and is built from high-quality materials and components. And it will also come with an illuminated scope and other accessories you need.


  • Product Name: Barnett BAR78004
  • Product Brand: Barnett
  • Speed: 400 FPS
  • Draw Weight: 187 pounds
  • Kinetic Energy: 140 Ft. lbs.
  • Power Stroke: 16.375 inches
  • Axle to Axle Length: 17.625 inches
  • Weight: 6.9 pounds

Key Features

  • 400 FPS arrow speeds for more effective hunting
  • 187 pounds draw weight still accommodates most adults
  • Illuminated scope for easy aiming and accurate shots even at night
  • String dampeners ensure a quieter operation
  • Rope cocking device provided for easy cocking
  • Step-through rise for improved control
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