7 Best Bowfishing Bows: Recurve and Compound Bowfishing Bow

Best Bowfishing Bows

Bowfishing is fun, as you can see from the increasing popularity of the sport. All you need is a bow, an arrow, and a string, and you can bowfish already.

In order to make things either more fun or challenging though, you'll need to choose the right bow, but as you're about to see, this choice is becoming more difficult because of the growing number of offers in the market.

The goal of this best bowfishing bow review, therefore, is to give you as much information as possible, so you can make an informed decision and choose the right bow.

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Product Name

Draw weight




Current Price

1. Diamond Archery infinite Edge Pro Fishing Bow

3.1 lbs




2. SAS Scorpii Compound Bow

3.3 lbs




3. Cajun Fish Stick Bowfishing Set

5 lbs




4. Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch Bowfishing

6.5 lbs




5. Leader Accessories 55-Lb Compound Bow

3.3 lbs




6. Muzzy 7505 Addict Recurve Complete Bowfishing Kit

2.2 lbs




7. Scuba Choice Adult Bowfishing Compound Bow





1. Diamond Archery infinite Edge Pro Fishing Bow

Diamond Archery infinite Edge Pro
  • Draw Weight: 5 - 70 lbs
  • Dimensions: 34 x 12 x 5 inches
  • Hand: Both

If you want to bowfish with a high-quality and versatile bow that is designed for the pros, then this bow package from Diamond Archery should definitely interest you.

It offers you everything you need to shoot accurate shots after shots and to make your bowfishing session a fun-filled success each time. You can adjust its draw weight between 5 and 70 lbs, for example, allowing you to shoot your arrows as fast as 310 fps.

This package comes with a stabilizer, a 3-pin tundra sight, a quiver, comfort wrist sling, and a hostage XL arrow rest. It does not include arrows though, neither does the package include a line or a reel.

What it does offer you, however, is the ability to take amazing shots almost effortlessly.


  • Available in both right and left-hand orientation
  • Variable draw length for adjustable draw weight
  • Draw weight adjustable between 5 & 70 lbs
  • Infinite draw setting
  • Includes arrow rest, quiver, sight, stabilizer


  • The price is high, but this is a pro-grade bow
  • Does not include arrows, line or reel

2. SAS Scorpii Compound Bow

SAS-Scorpii Compound Bow
  • Draw Weight: 30 - 55 lbs
  • Dimensions: 28 inches long
  • Hand: Right

The SAS Scorpii is a compound bow designed to impress. It comes with many impressive features and allows you to order it with or without its accessories included.

With its 28 inches height, you can adjust the draw length between 19 and 29 inches, changing the bow's draw weight between 30 and 55 lbs. This, in turn, can produce arrow speeds up to 260 fps.

With the accessories kit, you get a 5-pin bow sight, an arrow rest, quiver, wrist sling, D-loop set, and an aluminum stabilizer. The bow alone has a net weight of 3.3 lbs.

Turning this bow into a great bowfishing bow will need an extra line, reel and suitable arrows. They are easy to install anyway.


  • Variable draw length between 19 and 29 inches
  • Adjustable draw weight between 30 and 55 lbs
  • Produces arrow speeds up to 260 fps
  • Can be ordered with accessories kit


  • Needs extra accessories for fishing

3. Cajun Fish Stick Bowfishing Set

Cajun Fish Stick Bowfishing Set
  • Draw Weight: 45 lbs
  • Dimensions: 56 inches long
  • Hand: Right

With this take-down recurve bow set from Cajun Bowfishing, you'll be able to be up and running in no time at all if you know how to fix the limbs and the reel.

The complete set includes everything you need to start fishing at once, including an aluminum riser and composite limbs. You also get the reel and line, plus an arrow with a piranha point and safety slide already installed.

Cajun Bowfishing's Fish Stick is 56 inches long when assembled, and can produce a maximum draw weight of 45 lbs. A rubber grip prevents slipping while you're aiming for fish, and finger pads prevent blisters.

This arrow is simple and straight to the point. It's probably the best budget bowfishing bow you can find, although it does not feature any fancy technology for high accuracy or power. What it offers you, however, is a reliable and easy recurve bow to fish and have fun with.


  • Take-down recurve bow with aluminum riser
  • Complete bowfishing set ready to go fishing
  • Features composite limbs for better durability
  • Includes rubber grip and finger pads for comfort


  • Provides less power than a compound bow
  • Not many accessories like bow sight or stabilizer included

4. Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch Bowfishing

Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch Bowfishing Package
  • Draw Weight: 50 lbs
  • Dimensions: 32 inches
  • Hand: Right

With this bowfishing bow, Cajun bowfishing delivers a fun and powerful package. The Sucker Punch comes with a 50 lb draw weight and measures 32 inches in length.

The bow features a 60% let-off for smoother shots, plus it comes with everything necessary to get fishing at once.

You get Cajun's Winch Pro reel, plus 2 fiberglass arrows with fitted piranha tips, and a fishing biscuit arrow rest to maximize your precision.

The only small let down here is its price, which is rather on the high side. Else, this is a great bowfishing package for beginners and seasoned bowfishers alike.


  • Features a 50 lbs top draw weight
  • Includes 2 fiberglass arrows with piranha tips
  • Plus Cajun's Winch Pro reel and a biscuit arrow rest
  • List ElThe bow features 60% let-off for smoother shotsement


  • This bowfishing package is expensive

5. Leader Accessories 55-Lb Compound Bow

Leader Accessories 55-Lb Compound Bow
  • Draw Weight: 30 - 55 lbs
  • Dimensions: 28 inches
  • Hand: Right

This Leader Accessories compound bow hunting package features a combination of high-quality and precision equipment at a low price.

With its adjustable draw length and draw weight, you can set the bow to your liking between 30 and 55 lbs draw weight and 19 to 29 inches of draw length.

Arrows can get shot up to a maximum speed of 296 fps, with this bow offering a 70% let-off. You also get lots of accessories like 2 aluminum arrows, an arrow rest, and a release aid for better shots.

To be bowfishing ready, you'll still need to add a reel and a line, but given the good pricing of this bow plus its accessories, it's still a good buy.


  • Features an aluminum riser
  • Adjustable 30-55 lbs bow draw weight
  • Draw length adjustable between 19 and 29 inches
  • Includes accessories
  • Available in 4 colors including camo and black
  • 295 fps maximum arrow speed


  • This package is not bowfishing ready

6. Muzzy 7505 Addict Take-Down Recurve Complete Bowfishing Kit

Muzzy 7505 Addict Take-Down Recurve Complete Bowfishing Kit
  • Draw Weight: 40 lbs
  • Dimensions: 58 inches
  • Hand: Right

This Muzzy Addict bow is for bowfishers who want the most fun. Recurve bows are less accurate and less powerful than compound bows, but they pack twice the fun of aiming and skill development.

The take-down bow is 58 inches long when fully assembled. It has a magnesium riser with a non-slip grip, and a 40-lb draw weight with its own weight of just 2.2 lbs.

You get a fishhook arrow, a Pro Reel with a 150-lb line, and finger guards. This recurve bowfishing bow might sound a little pricey, but you often get what you pay for.


  • Good bowfishing bow with the complete package
  • 150-lb test line for bowfishing freedom
  • 58 inches long recurve bow with a 40-lb draw weight
  • Bow includes finger guards, arrow rest, and arrow


  • It's not cheap
  • Less accuracy than a compound bow

7. Scuba Choice Adult Bowfishing Compound Bow + Kit

Scuba Choice Adult Bowfishing Compound Bow + Kit
  • Draw Weight: 40 lbs
  • Dimensions: 38 inches
  • Hand: Right

If you are on the lookout for the best budget bowfishing bow you can find, try checking this one out. It's a compound bow with a 40-lb draw weight and a 38-inch height.

You get a complete package which includes the bow, a 34-inch long arrow with a fiberglass shaft and a torpedo tip, with a reel and a 55-ft long line.

An arrow rest is not included, neither is a stabilizer nor bow sight, but the price is right. It's a great budget kit for compound bow lovers.


  • Great package for those who need a budget kit
  • Includes an arrow, a reel, and a 55-ft line
  • Great price for a compound bowfishing set


  • Poor power for a compound bow

Recurve vs. Compound Bowfishing Bows

The choice between a recurve and a compound bow is one that many archers have to make at one point of the other. Each arrow type has its advantages and disadvantages, so it's left for you to make your choice based on these facts.

Recurve Bowfishing Bows

1. Pros

  • Fast loading. The first and best thing about using a recurve bow is shooting speed because recurve bows are much faster to shoot than compound bows. This is often important in bowfishing when you have to act fast, once you sight a fish.
  • Lightweight. Recurve bows are also lighter than compound bows generally. A bow's weight is usually important when you're going bowfishing for extended periods of time.
  • Cheaper. Recurve bows usually cost less than compound bows, so they are often a good choice when you're on a budget.

2. Cons

  • Less mounting options. You'll generally find less mounting options on a recurve bow's riser than you'll do on a compound bow's riser.
  • They are long. Yes, recurve bows are longer than compound bows. They are often cumbersome as a result, or simply too long for smaller persons.

Compound Bowfishing Bows

1. Pros

  • Higher accuracy. Archers love the compound bow because of its higher accuracy compared to recurve and longbows. Learning to shoot accurately with the compound bow is also easier than with a recurve.
  • More powerful. Compound bows also produce more force, which shoots the arrow at a higher speed than a recurve bow.
  • Less draw force. This is the technology behind the compound bow. You simply need less muscle draw force to shoot faster and more accurate arrows.

2. Cons

  • Heavier. Compound bows are generally heavier than recurve bows.
  • Expensive. Although cheaper compound bows are available, they also cost more than recurve bows on average.

How to Buy the Best Bowfishing Bows

How to Buy the Best Bowfishing Bow

A bowfishing bow consists of a bow, an arrow, a reel and a line. If you're the DIY type, then you can also try your hand at making your own bowfishing rig.

If you're not the DIY type, you'll still need to know the different parts of the rig, so you can make the right choice when settling on a bow for bowfishing. Following are the parts and issues you'll need to consider before making a purchase.

1. Draw Weight of the Bow

The draw weight of a bow is the amount of force the bow generates at full draw and which gets used in shooting the arrow. Draw weight is normally expressed in pounds, with a higher draw weight producing faster arrows.

A bow's draw weight is often from 8 lbs up to over 100 lbs. The choice of your bow's power will depend on your age, gender, how healthy you are, and what you can actually handle.

About a 25-lb draw weight is okay for kids, 40 lbs for most women, and 45 to 55 lbs for most men. You are free to choose whatever you want though, as long as you're comfortable with it.

2. Your Height

You'll also need to consider your height or the height of whoever you're buying the bow for. Height is important because it determines what kind or size of bow you'll be most comfortable with.

Smaller people may find recurve bows too long or cumbersome, for example, and they can as well find that small compound bows are perfect in size and weight for them.

3. The Fishing Line

Your line is usually attached to the arrow so you can easily pull back the shot fish. As you can imagine, the size of fish you can successfully shoot and pull depends on the thickness of your line.

The lines used in bowfishing vary between 80-pound test and 400-pound test, with 150 to 200-pound test lines being perfect for a range of bowfishing activities. For bigger adventures like alligator hunting, you'll need a 600-pound test line.

4. The Reel

There are 3 types of reels in bowfishing, they include:

  • The hand-wind reel. This is a simple spool attached to your bow that you wrap your line around.
  • Spincast. This is a traditional fishing reel that gets installed on the bow, usually the heavy-duty ones.
  • The retriever reel. A retriever reel uses a bottle to hold the line, making retrievers safer and more durable than the others.

5. Arrow Rest

An arrow rest will help to keep your arrow straight and more targeted, resulting in more accurate shots. There are different types available, but the important issue is that it helps to hold and steady your arrow before taking a shot.

6. Safety Slide

A safety slide is an important bowfishing accessory because it prevents your line from catching on the bow's rest when you shoot, and this can be a dangerous situation for you, the archer.


We have reached the end of this best bowfishing bow review and as you can see from the top-rated bowfishing bows above, there's a wide selection to choose from.

It's left for you to make a choice based on how big you are and what draw weights you can handle. The choice between a compound and a recurve bow is also yours to make.

The important thing here is that you choose a bow that you are comfortable and can have fun with.

Jeffrey Wilson