7 Best Recurve Bows for Hunting in 2020

Best Recurve Bow

If you've settled for a recurve bow and you need to make a choice, all you've got to do is follow the right steps and you'll land the correct bow.

Finding this perfect hunting bow is like finding a good friend, because like a good friend, a good hunting bow needs to be reliable when you're out on a hunt with it.

In addition to reliability, the main beauty of hunting with a recurve bow lies in the nostalgia of traditional bow hunting, so you need to find a bow that you also love its looks.

The following review provides the information necessary for you to analyze the best recurve bows in the market and to make the right choice.

7 Best Recurve Bows for Hunting - Reviews

Product Name


Draw Weight




Current price

1. Samick Sage Take-Down Recurve Bow

62 in

25 - 60 lbs




2. Bear Archery Titan Beginner Bow

60 in

20 - 29 lbs




3. Southwest Archery Spyder XL Take-Down Recurve Bow

64 in

30 - 55 lbs




4. PSE Razorback Take-Down Recurve Hunting Bow

52 in

20 - 35 lbs




5. SAS Spirit Black-Limbed Take-Down Bow

66 in

16 - 32 lbs




6. Old World Yeoman Traditional Take-Down Recurve Bow Set

54/62 in

15 - 55 lbs




7. Martin Archery Right-Hand Hunter Recurve Bow

62 in

35 - 65 lbs




1. Samick Sage Take-Down Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Take-Down Recurve Bow

Photo: Samick Sage

  • AMO length: 62 inches
  • Draw weight: 25 - 60 lbs
  • Material: Maple & fiberglass
  • Hand position: Both

The Samick Sage is one of the most popular recurve bows you'll find because it combines a high-quality build with a budget price.

This top-rated recurve bow for hunting comes from the Korean Samick Sports company and is available in 8 draw weight sizes, including 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60 lbs.

The riser includes a quality metal limb pocket, plus pre-installed bushings for sight, stabilizer, and quiver installation.

You can get it in a left or right-hand version, although it's recommended for a maximum draw length of 29 inches. Taller people will have to find another bow.


  • Highly popular take-down recurve bow
  • Made from top-quality materials for durability
  • Available in 8 different draw weight versions
  • Includes pre-installed bushings
  • Available in left and right-hand versions


  • Does not come with a stringer
  • Only allows 29 inches maximal draw length

2. Bear Archery Titan Beginner Bow

Bear Archery Titan Beginner Bow

Photo: Bear Archery

  • AMO length: 60 inches
  • Draw weight: 20 - 29 lbs
  • Material: Composite
  • Hand position: Both

If you need a  good recurve bow for hunting, and which is also perfect for beginners, then here it is. The Titan is a great youth bow and it's ideal for a wide age range of archers, starting from 12 years upwards.

With a length of 60 inches, you get a draw length range between 20 and 28 inches and draw weights between 20 and 29 lbs.

This bow's limbs come from composite and feature an ambidextrous design, allowing both left and right-handed shooters to shoot arrows with ease.

You can either buy just the bow or the entire set which includes an arm-guard, a finger tab, an arrow quiver, plus 2 arrows made from safety-glass.

More Detailed: Bear Archery AYB6501 Review


  • Nicely price beginner bow
  • Recommended for ages 12 upwards
  • The bow is also available with a complete archery set
  • Ambidextrous design allows left and right-handed shooting


  • Produces a 29-lb maximum draw weight

3. Southwest Archery Spyder XL Take-Down Recurve Bow

Southwest Archery Spyder XL Take-Down Recurve Bow

Photo: Southwest Archery

  • AMO length: N/A
  • Draw weight: 30 - 55 lbs
  • Material: Wood & fiberglass
  • Hand position: Both

If what you need is a modern hunting recurve bow, that is additionally well-made and stylish, then here comes the Spyder XL take-down recurve from Southwest Archery.

It features a stylish and ergonomically designed riser that fits beautifully well in the hands and is available in both left and right-hand versions.

You can choose a draw weight between 30 and 55 lbs in 5-lb increments, plus you can add a stringer tool or even order the complete set including 3 arrows, a carrying case, and an arm-guard.

The riser comes with pre-installed threaded bushings for adding stabilizers, quivers, and other accessories, plus Southwest Archery also backs the Spyder XL with a 1-year warranty.


  • Features a 64-inch bow length for cleaner shots
  • Draw weight ranges from 30 to 55 lbs
  • Beautifully crafted riser with pre-installed bushings
  • Available in left and right-hand versions
  • Bow package is also available with a stringer tool


  • It's not a cheap bow

4. PSE Razorback Take-Down Recurve Hunting Bow

PSE Razorback Take-Down Recurve Hunting Bow

Photo: PSE

  • AMO length: 62 inches
  • Draw weight: 20 - 30 lbs
  • Material: Maple & fiberglass
  • Hand position: Both

If you need a standard bow to legally hunt everywhere, then skip this one because it's only available in 20 to 35-lb draw weights, while some states have 40 lbs as their legal hunting minimum.

It's 62 inches long and has a 7-inch brace height. The riser comes from combining Walnut, Beach Wood and Burma White in a beautifully laminated and carved way.

For the limbs, Hard maple and fiberglass get used, with carefully designed limb pockets and bolts to attach the limbs to the riser.

This is one of the best beginner recurve bows you can find but remember that you'll have to stick to turkeys, rabbits, and other smaller game, even with its strongest 35-lb option.


  • Available in 20 to 35-lb versions
  • Left and right-handed versions available
  • Beautiful beginner bow with lovely laminated riser
  • Great quality at an attractive price
  • Limited lifetime warranty for the bow


  • You're restricted in the games you can hunt with this
  • Mounting bushings are plastic

5. SAS Spirit 66-Inch Black-Limbed Take-Down Bow

SAS Spirit 66-Inch Black-Limbed Take-Down Bow

Photo: SAS

  • AMO length: 66 inches
  • Draw weight: 22 - 34 inches
  • Material: Wood & fiberglass
  • Hand position: Both

There is a standard Spirit bow from Southland Archery Supply, then there's this version with its black limbs, which makes it stand out and look much more visually appealing.

It's available from a 16-lb draw weight up to 32 lbs in 2-lb increments. This makes a total of 8 available draw weight options.

These black limbs come from Hard Maple and fiberglass, giving the bow a total length of 66 inches, which is ideal for archers up to 6 feet tall.

You have to note that the strongest version, with its 32-lb draw weight, will only be ideal for hunting smaller game and not for a larger game like deer and above.


  • Features beautiful black limbs that stand out
  • Available in left and right-hand versions
  • 66-inch length for accurate and silent shots
  • Comes backed by a 3-year SAS manufacturer warranty
  • The price is good for a beginner bow


  • It's not available in high-poundage versions
  • No accessories come included in the package

6. Old World Yeoman Traditional Take-Down Recurve Bow Set

Old World Yeoman Traditional Take-Down Recurve Bow Set

Photo: Old World Yeoman

  • AMO length: 54/62 inches
  • Draw weight: 15 - 55 lbs
  • Material: Wood & fiberglass
  • Hand position: Both

Here comes another great take-down hunting recurve bow and it offers you more than you bargain for. This is the Old World Yeoman and it's available with either black or white limbs.

You get a choice of either a 54-inch or 62-inch take-down recurve bow, including a Dacron Endless Loop, a recurve bowstring, a bow stringer, and an instructional booklet.

There is a suitable draw weight for every size in this bow, going from 15 lbs all the way to 55 lbs in 5-lb increments. You are free to comfortably choose your ideal hunting bow from any of the 9 different versions.

All accessory bushings are already installed on the riser. It's beautiful, stylish, and ergonomically made to fit comfortably into most hands.


  • Dependable and high-quality recurve bow
  • Available in different draw weights from 15 to 55 lbs
  • Package includes a stringer tool for optimal safety
  • The bow is available in 2 lengths of 54 and 62 inches


  • N/A

7. Martin Archery Right-Hand Hunter Recurve Bow

Martin Archery Right-Hand Hunter Recurve Bow

Photo: Martin Archery

  • AMO length: 62 inches
  • Draw weight: 35 - 65 lbs
  • Material: Wood + fiberglass
  • Hand position: Both

If you want a pure traditional recurve bow for hunting, then here it is. The Hunter from Martin Archery is exactly what it's called: Hunter.

Having been in steady production for over 50 years, you can imagine just how successful this bow has been because of its accuracy, lightweight, and extra-smooth curves.

It's designed exclusively for hunting with a riser made from Shedua and Bubinger, plus Hard Maple limbs covered in black fiberglass for superior strength.

One thing you should keep in mind about this bow is its high price because it's not for those on a budget, but if you can afford it, then you'll appreciate the lightweight, quietness, and smoothness of the Hunter.

Another issue with this bow is it's not a take-down recurve, so you'll need to make extra arrangements for safety if you're traveling with it.

A Martin Archery's Hunter kit comes with the riser and 2 limbs, arrow rest and plate, BCY Flemish string and a stringer, plus a user's manual.


  • A true traditional hunting bow
  • 62-inch length provides enough draw length
  • Available in 7 draw weights from 35 to 65 lbs
  • Hard Maple and black fiberglass limbs produce a unique look
  • Designed exclusively for hunting


  • It's an expensive bow
  • There's no take-down functionality

How to Buy the Best Hunting Recurve Bows

How to Buy the Best Hunting Recurve Bow

Choosing the right recurve bow for hunting can become a simple and enjoyable experience if you can sort through the following issues first.

1. Bow Length

Unless you have reasons to choose otherwise, go for a bow with a length that's at least twice longer than your draw length. This is because longer bows are generally more accurate.

To measure your draw length, simply spread out your arms sideways, measure the span, and divide it by 2.5. You can also just pull a bow and have a friend measure your draw length from riser to nock.

2. Quietness

When it comes to hunting, you need to consider how quiet a bow is because you don't want to scare away your target.

Many manufacturers won't tell you how quiet or loud their bow is, but just have in mind that the quieter the bow, the better.

3. Draw Weight

This refers to the amount of force that a drawn bow produces, with which it'll shoot the bow. The higher the draw weight, the faster and more deadly the arrows will fly.

You need a recurve bow with a minimum draw weight of 40 lbs because that's the average minimum draw weight to hunt legally in most jurisdictions.

4. Quality & Price

This decision is left for you to make. Cheaper bows are often of lower quality and don't last too long, while good quality bows cost more. It's left for you to strike a balance here between quality and price.

5. Transportation & Take-Downs

You also need to consider how much traveling you'll be doing with your bow and if you have enough space to transport it safely. Else, a take-down recurve becomes a great option, since it enables you to easily dismantle the bow for storage.

6. Bow Weight

When you have to hunt for extended periods of time, the weight of the bow becomes an issue for consideration, so, it's important to keep an eye on weight when you're checking out a bow.

7. Accessories

Bow-hunting purists may want to hunt with only a bow and an arrow, but you are free to add a bow sight or any other accessory you want to add to your hunting gear.


Coming to the end of this hunting recurve bows review, you have seen just how varied the different hunting bow offers are.

Since deciding on a bow is a very personal issue, you'll have to reach this decision by yourself.

Simply know what you want and how much you're willing to spend for it, then seriously consider each of these offers above to make your choice.

Happy hunting.

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