7 Best Scope Mounts – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Scope Mounts

Choosing a good scope for your rifle is essential, but also getting the best scope mounts is equally important. Without good mounts, your high end and feature-rich scope will still not serve you well.

Mounts are the link between the scope and rifle, and although some shooters will not pay a lot of attention to them, they can end up being the weakest link in the scope setup.

Failure to get it right with your mounts selection can spell doom for your target shooting or hunting as it will affect the sighting and shooting accuracy.

Like scopes, there are several aftermarket mounts available in the market, and they will come in different styles and types and are also made from different materials.

To make it easier for you to choose good scope mounts, below we explain the important factors to consider when shopping. But first here are our top 7 scope mounts reviews.

7 Best Scope Mounts – Reviews


Product Name




Current Price

Monstrum Tactical Slim Profile Series Scope Mount

1. Monstrum Tactical Slim Profile Series Scope Mount

30 mm



American Defense AD-Recon STD Scope Mount

2. American Defense AD-Recon STD Scope Mount

30 mm



Vortex Optics Sport Cantilever Scope Mount

3. Vortex Optics Sport Cantilever Scope Mount

30 mm



Burris 410344 PEPR Scope Mount

4. Burris 410344 PEPR Scope Mount




Nikon M-233 Mount for XR Series Rifle Scope

5. Nikon M-233 Mount for XR Series Rifle Scope




Nikon P-Series Riflescope Picatinny Mount

6. Nikon P-Series Riflescope Picatinny Mount




Hammers Flat Top Offset Scope Mount

7. Hammers Flat Top Offset Scope Mount

30 mm and 1-inch



1. Monstrum Slim Profile Series  An Amazing Low-cost Scope Mount

Monstrum Tactical Slim Profile Series Scope Mount
  • Fits (tube diameter): 30 mm
  • Material: Aluminum

For a low-cost scope mount, this slim profile model by Monstrum Tactical is as good as it can get, and you can be sure you are buying a high-quality product even before you use it.

Besides being the cheapest option on our scope mount reviews, this scope has also been designed to add almost insignificant weight to your rifle as it only weighs 5 ounces.

Also, it is made from a durable aluminum material and with added rigidity to keep it sturdy on the scope and ensure it can handle the heaviest recoil.

With the up to 2 inches of forward extension, it will also allow for extra flexibility so that shooters always get an optimal eye relief and more comfortable shooting position.

This scope might still not be as solid as the high-end models but for its price tag, it is as good as you can get. The absence of instructions should also not be a deal breaker as this is generally an easy scope to mount and use.


  • Lightweight and slim profile design
  • More rigid construction
  • Simple to mount and use
  • Relatively more affordable


  • Still not as solid as high-end mounts
  • No instructions

2. American Defense AD-Recon 30 STD Excellent Mount for Most Rail Systems  

American Defense AD-Recon STD Scope Mount
  • Fits (tube diameter): 30 mm
  • Material: Aluminum

American Defense is famous for making top quality gun accessories and this scope mount also does not disappoint.

Besides its durable aluminum construction and anodized finish which make it tough and durable, the top-rated scope mount is also made with a special auto lock lever system to allow it to accommodate a variety of rail systems.

The lever is configurable to lock either at the front or rear which makes it highly versatile. And you can always expect to get a reliable return to zero when using this scope and excellent quick release function.

Because adjustment will not require any proprietary tools, you can use either a flatbed screwdriver or fingers which can be quite convenient when out in the field.

Although it is the priciest mount on our list, this mount is still fairly priced given its construction quality, features and the fact that it is still an under $200 scope mount.


  • Durable construction and finish
  • Accommodates a variety of  rail systems
  • Excellent quick release mounting
  • Reliable return to zero
  • Adjustment does not need special tools


  • Relatively pricey
  • A little heavier

3. Vortex Optics Sport CM-102  Great Scope Mount for AR-style Rifles

Vortex Optics Sport Cantilever Scope Mount
  • Fits (tube diameter): 30 mm
  • Material: Aluminum

Vortex makes this scope mount with AR shooters in mind, and it features an offset design that makes it one of the best scopes mounts for AR-15 as it ensures effective mounting on the flat top on these rifles.

Also, with the forward offset configuration of the scope, you will always get proper eye relief and head position when shooting your AR.

This scope mount is also lightweight but highly efficient and features solid one-piece aluminum construction with integrated rings that will accommodate a variety of scope types.

Because this is a cantilevered mount, you also get ideal weight distribution and mount orientation. And to give you some assurances that the scope will last, Vortex also provides a limited lifetime warranty.

Finger adjustability would have been better, but adjusting this scope should still not take a lot of effort as a little star wrench is all you will need.


  • Offset for effective AR mounting
  • Lightweight and highly efficient design
  • Super easy to install and reliable
  • Solid one-piece construction
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Not finger adjustable

4. Burris 410344 PEPR ​ Pretty Good Mount for the Money

Burris 410344 PEPR Scope Mount
  • Fits (tube diameter): 1-inch
  • Material: Aluminum

For an under $100 scope mount the Burris 410344 is quite good and probably one of the best that you can get for that cash.

It is a solid and sturdy scope that has been built for durability, and it will feature a highly durable aluminum material that has been flawlessly machined for an excellent finish.

The mount also includes quick detach levers that will make it highly convenient because you can easily change your scope, and it will hold zero well.

This Burris mount will work with almost any rifle scope and will attach to any AR-style rifle with Picatinny uppers. And with its 2-inch forward scope positioning, it will allow you to get an excellent field of view and proper shooting position.

When you compare it to other mounts on our list, this model can be a bit heavy but at 8.3 ounces the weight is still quite acceptable and many shooters will hardly notice it.


  • Convenient quick detach levers
  • Works with most scopes
  • Solid material and flawless machining
  • Holds zero well
  • Proper eye relief and comfortable shooting position


  • A bit heavy
  • Adjustment can be a little tricky

5. Nikon M-233  A Lightweight and Secure Nikon Mount

Nikon M-233 Mount for XR Series Rifle Scope
  • Fits (tube diameter): 1-inch
  • Material: Aluminum

It is hard to go wrong with Nikon regardless of what you are buying from them has the company has a reputation of adhering to the highest quality standards.

Their M-233 mount lives up to this reputation, and it is the kind of mount that any shooter would love to have on their rifle as it will make scope installation effortless and ensure maximum effectiveness.

This mount is also quite lightweight but still sturdy and durable enough as it features lightweight aluminum construction. And it is designed for easy mounting and to deliver a tight enough fit.

With its built-in 20 MOA incline, this mount will also be highly useful for extreme long-range shots whether you are hunting or target shooting.

The absence of quick detach levers is a significant shortcoming as you cannot change your scopes as easily as you would wish, but generally, this mount will still give you an easy time.


  • Lightweight but durable alloy construction
  • Fits most any flattop Picatinny rails
  • Perfect for long-range shots
  • Clamps easily and tightly


  • Does not have quick release levers
  • Base is a little narrow for some rails

6. Nikon 835 P-Series  For More Mounting Flexibility

Nikon P-Series Riflescope Picatinny Mount
  • Fits (tube diameter): 1-inch
  • Material: Aluminum

Mounting flexibility is always a crucial factor to consider when shopping for a good scope mount as it will determine how useful it will be for you. And so the extreme mounting flexibility of Nikon's P-Series means it will be an excellent buy.

The flexibility of this 1-inch tube mount comes from the fact that this is a two-piece reversible mount that will allow for a variety of mounting options to ensure it can work for various scopes.

Besides flexibility, the mount is also solid enough thanks to the aluminum alloy construction, but it is still lightweight enough to ensure your rifle maintains balance.

With this mount, you also get a forward mounting position and an ideal height to ensure that you have proper eye relief and easy charging handle access.

Another thing that makes this one of the best 1-inch scope mounts, is that it will fit most flattop Picatinny rails to allow for usability with almost any scope and rifle.

The height might be a little low for some AR-style rifles, but the good news is that it will be perfect for most, and this should also not be a deal breaker as you will hardly find a mount that works for all scopes.


  • Strongly built but lightweight
  • Allows for proper eye relief
  • Easy attachment to Picatinny rails
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Fits tightly enough


  • Can be a little low for some rifles
  • Not the best finish

7. Hammers SMOPQD Flat Top Offset  Heavy-duty, Easy to Use and Versatile Scope

Hammers Flat Top Offset Scope Mount
  • Fits (tube diameter): 30 mm and 1-inch
  • Material: Aluminum

Whether you are looking to buy the best 30 mm scope mount or want a top notch 1-inch scope mount, this Hammers' mount is a great buy for you as it is designed to work with both.

The capability to work with 30 mm and 1-inch tubes is what makes it highly versatile, but there is still more to it as it is also machined from aircraft-grade aluminum for increased durability and with an equally durable and scratch resistant anodizes black matte finish.

Installing this mount is a super fast process that will only take seconds and it has some convenient finger adjustable quick release cam locks which many shooters will love.

And with the offset design, you will always get an excellent eye relief when using this mount, and it is designed to fit most flattop Picatinny rails.

While the plastic tension adjustment nuts might not be as sturdy as metal ones, they still work well enough and should last for almost as long as the scope mount.


  • Super fast installation
  • Convenient finger adjustable locks
  • Durable aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • More versatile design
  • Excellent eye relief position


  • Plastic tension adjustment nut
  • Quite heavy

How to Buy the Best Scope Mounts​

How to Buy the Best Scope Mounts

To realize accurate shots you need the connection between your scope and rifle to be proper and tight enough, and so you cannot afford to compromise on your choice of mounts.

But, even with the many mounts available in the market, choosing the right one does not have to be a hectic process as you will only need to watch out for the following things.

1. Scope Tube Compatibility

For any scope mount to work for you, it first needs to be able to fit your scope because if it is not compatible it will be unusable. And the fit has to be just right which means it should neither be too tight or too loose.

The diameter of the tube is one of the key things to watch out for to determine whether a particular mount will work for you. Here the most common scope tube diameters are 1-inch, 30 mm and 34 mm.

There are some scope mounts that will have adjustability and a few other bells and whistle to give them an almost universal fit or compatibility with most scope tubes.

But, to be one the safe side, it will be a wise idea to go for a scope that is specifically meant for use with your particular scope tube diameter.

2. Construction Material

The material used to make your scope mounts is another important thing that you should not overlook as it determines its durability.

There are different materials used to make scope mounts, but the most common ones are hardened steel, hardened aluminum, zinc alloy and various alloys of aluminum.

High-grade aluminum and solid steel mounts are in most instances the best choices as they are not only durable but also don’t add a lot of weight to your rifle.

But, if you have to choose between steel and aluminum you should keep in mind that steel is undoubtedly more durable but heavier while aluminum also offers better resistance to rust and corrosion.

3. Mounting System

As you choose the best scope mount for your rifle, you will also need to decide whether you will be using it on one or many rifles. What makes this important is that it will help you decide whether to go for fixed or detachable mounting systems.

Fixed Mounting System – These mounts are designed for shooters that want something that will remain affixed on their rifle permanent. Because you will not keep removing them, they offer the advantage of decreased likelihood of damaging scope parts. And these are generally also sturdier and more lightweight.

Detachable Mount System – Many shooters will have more than one firearm, and so they will find it more economical to use the same mounts on them. When this is the case, the detachable mounts are the best choice as they are designed for quick removal as they come with a detachable base.

4. Rail

Like the mounting system, the rails that the mounts use also matters as they will determine how easy it will be to mount, its sturdiness and even its suitability for your rifle. And here you will in most instances need to pick between weaver and Picatinny rails.

Weaver Rails – Weaver rails are the most common and also what many shooters seem to prefer as they can be easily detached without removing the base and reattached without losing the accuracy. They will typically have a flat 7/8-inch wide base that has crosswire recoil slots cut out.

Picatinny Rails – Although Picatinny rails are quite similar to the weaver rails, these rails have wider base slots. And so weaver rings can still work on Picatinny bases but the Picatinny rings will be too wide for a weaver base.

5. Ease of Installation and Use

A good scope mount is one that is easy to use without having to take your rifle to the gun store for installation as this means extra cost.

Luckily, most of these mounts are designed for DIY installation and will be straightforward to install even for beginners. Most manufacturers will also include detailed instructions to make things even more straightforward.

Also, make sure the mounts will not give you a hard time when it comes to using them. Ease of use will be more important if you are using detachable scope mounts because with fixed mounts you will never have to remove them once you secure them in place.

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Investing in an expensive and feature-rich scope will be fruitless if you do not pair it with the best scope mounts. Having the correct mounts will ensure shot accuracy and also protect your scope.

Finding an ideal mount for your scope should be an easy task if you consider important factors like the material, tube compatibility, mounting system and ease of installation.

And with a little research and our 7 scope mount reviews above for recommendations, you should have a good mount for your scope in no time.

Jeffrey Wilson