10 Best Sharpening Stones – Water, Oil, Ceramic & Diamond Stones

Best Sharpening Stone

Keeping your knives and other blades sharp is vital if you want to continue enjoying their services. And while there are various ways of sharpening blades, the sharpening stone is by far the most effective.

With the best sharpening stone, you can give even the dullest blades a sharp edge fast and maintain it for long.

Sharpening stones come in various types ranging from the water and oil stone types to ceramic and diamond stones. All are suitable for different sharpening applications and are also available in various grit options.

Whatever you choose to buy should not only help keep your blades sharp but also durable enough to serve you for many years. And for this to be so, it is important to know some of the top-rated sharpening stones and also what to look for in these handy stones.

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1. Sharp Pebble Premium Sharpening Stone

Aluminum oxide

1000 fine, 6000 finishing

2.25 x 7.25 x 1.00 in


2. Whetstone Cutlery 20 - 10960 Sharpening Stone

Green silicon carbide

400 coarse, 1000 fine

2.25 x 7.00 x 1.125 in


3. Smith's Tri-Hone Sharpening Stone

Arkansas, Synthetic stone

220 coarse, 600 medium, 1000 fine

6 x 1-5/8 x 3/8 in


4. Lansky Deluxe Sharpening System


70 - 120 coarse, 280 medium, 600 fine, 1000 ultra-fine



5. Bora 50157 Sharpening Stone

Aluminum oxide

150 coarse, 240 fine

6 x 2 x 1 in


6. BearMoo Whetstone Sharpening Stone

White corundum

3000 fine, 8,000 polishing

7.09 x 2.36 x 1.18 in


7. Tacklife Premium Knife Sharpening Stone

White corundum

1000 coarse, 6000 ultra-fine

7.0 x 2.3 x 1.1 in


8. BlueSun WaterStone Sharpening Stone

Natural corundum

3000 fine, 8000 polishing

7.1 x 2.4 x 1.2 in


9. Paitree Premium Sharpening Stone


3000 fine, 8000 polishing

7.6 x 3.1 x 1.7 in


10. Tarvol Combination Sharpening Stone

Aluminum oxide

120 medium, 240 fine

6.0 x 2.2 x 1.1 in


1. Sharp Pebble Premium 2 Side Sharpening Stone

Sharp Pebble Premium 2 Side Sharpening Stone
  • Material: Aluminum Oxide
  • Grit: 1,000 fine, 6,000 finishing
  • Size: 2.25 x 7.25 x 1 inches

Although this two-sided aluminum oxide sharpening stone is the priciest item on our sharpening stone reviews, it is worth the extra cost as it will always give you a sharp edge fast and easily.

The water stone has a 1,000 grit side for fine sharpening and the 6,000 grit one for finishing the knife. And it has a silicone base that holds it inside the non-slip bamboo base.

This 7.5-inch long stone will also come with a knife sharpening angle guide that will help you sharpen the knives efficiently and safely.

And apart from the high-quality materials, this kit is also easy to assemble and quite user-friendly.


  • Sharpening angle guide
  • Non-slip bamboo base
  • Dual-sided
  • Easy assembly
  • Easily cleaned


  • Does not come with the flattening stone

2. Whetstone Cutlery 20 - 10960 Sharpening Stone

Whetstone Cutlery 20 - 10960 Sharpening Stone
  • Material: Green Silicon Carbide
  • Grit: 400 coarse, 1,000 fine
  • Size: 2-1/4 x 7 x 1-1/8 inches

Silicon carbide makes some of the best sharpening stones and they are also often more long-lasting. This particular one is two-sided with 400 grit coarse side and 1,000 grit fine side.

It is a water stone and this means that you will not need any honing oil when sharpening your blades as it uses water.

This multi-use whetstone will be helpful for sharpening everything from kitchen cutlery to hunting and pocket knives and various other blades.

Also, you can use the 7-inch long silicon carbide for larger tools like hatchet and axes, and it will always leave them with razor sharp edges.


  • Multi-use whetstone
  • Two-sided
  • No honing oil required
  • Produces razor sharpness


  • Hard to tell the grits apart

3. Smith's Tri-Hone 6 Arkansas Sharpening Stone

Smith's Tri-Hone 6 Arkansas Sharpening Stone
  • Material: Arkansas Stones, Synthetic Stone
  • Grit: 220 coarse, 600 medium, 1,000 fine
  • Size: 6 x 1-5/8 x 3/8 inches

Smiths Tri-6 is a top-rated sharpening stone that comes with three different grit stones to make it quite versatile. These stones include a couple of Arkansas stones and one synthetic stone with 220 coarse, 600 medium and 1,000 fine grits.

These handy sharpening stones are mounted on a sturdy and convenient rotating plastic base that makes stone rotation and identification easy.

The molded plastic base also includes non-skid rubber feet that keep it in place for safety when sharpening knives.

Also, there is a sharpening angle guide that will ensure that you get the correct angle every time and you will also get a premium honing solution with your purchase.


  • 3 different grit stones
  • Molded plastic base
  • Premium honing solution
  • Sharpening angle guide
  • Easy stone rotation


  • Relatively smaller

4. Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System

Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Grit: 70 coarse, 120 coarse, 280 medium, 600 fine, 1,000 ultra-fine
  • Size: N/A

With this 5-stone kit, you get a wide variety of sharpening stones to ensure that you have something for all your knives and tools.

The kit includes different grit stones from extra-coarse to extra-fine grit to help you restore even the dullest blades to a razor sharp edge.

There is also a controlled-angle sharpening system that will give you 17, 20, 25 and 30 degrees angle options. And hence making this system useful for sharpening different knife types and sizes.

The stones are also easy to tell apart as they are color-coded. Also, they have finger-grooved safety holder for safe and convenient use.

You will also get honing oil with special formulation on your purchase, a handy knife clamp, and a custom-molded carrying case.


  • Safety holders
  • Wide variety of stones
  • Multi-angle clamp
  • Honing oil included
  • Custom-molded carrying case


  • Harder to keep stones clean

5. Bora 50157 Fine/Coarse Combination Sharpening Stone

Bora 50157 Fine/Coarse Combination Sharpening Stone
  • Material: Aluminum oxide
  • Grit: 150 coarse, 240 fine
  • Size: 6 x 2 x 1 inches

The Bora 50157 is one of the cheapest sharpening stones on our list but it still performs well. It is an easy to use two-sided stone that will come with 150 and 240 grit sharpening surfaces.

And despite the affordable price tag, it is made from a tough and highly durable aluminum oxide material. It is also a highly versatile stone that will be helpful for sharpening a variety of tools and blades.

This 6-inch long stone is just the perfect size for a workbench and so you will never have to agonize over where to place it or use it from when sharpening your knives.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Dual-sided
  • Ideal workbench size
  • Highly versatile


  • Can be quite messy

6. BearMoo Whetstone 2 in 1 Sharpening Stone

BearMoo Whetstone 2 in 1 Sharpening Stone
  • Material: White corundum
  • Grit: 3,000 fine, 8,000 polishing
  • Size: 7.09 x 2.36 x 1.18 inches

The BearMoo Whetstone 2-in-1 is a high-quality sharpening stone that comes with a coarser 3,000 grit side for making edges very sharp and finer 8,000 grit side for finishing and polishing.

 It is also a highly durable stone thanks to the white corundum material. And it is easy and safe as it comes with a non-slip silicone base.

This versatile sharpening stone is suitable for a variety of grinding applications from sharpening kitchen and pocket knives to restoring the sharp edges on shears. But, the sharpening stone is still not ideal for sharpening ceramic knives or serrated blades.

And if by any chance the stone does not impress you, the company allows you to return it for a refund as it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Double-sided design
  • High-grade material
  • Ideal for most grinding applications
  • Non-slip silicone base
  • Money back guarantee


  • Takes longer to dry out

7. Tacklife Premium Knife Sharpening Stone

Tacklife Premium Knife Sharpening Stone
  • Material: White corundum
  • Grit: 1,000 coarse, 6,000 ultra-fine
  • Size: 7 x 2.3 x 1.1 inches

Versatility is one of the important traits of the best sharpening stones and the dual-sided design of this one from Tacklife makes it quite versatile.

This sharpening stone has a 1,000 and 6,000 grit sides for coarse and fine sharpening and it is a high-grade white corundum stone that is quite durable.

It uses water when sharpening and this means that you will not have to buy any expensive honing oils or have to deal with messy cleanups afterward.

And it is a safe and easy to use stone that will come with a bamboo base that has non-slip rubber holder to keep it in place.

There is also an angle guide to help you with the sharpening and the manufacturer will back it with a 2-year warranty.


  • Safe and easy to use
  • High-grade material
  • Requires no expensive oils
  • Angle guide included


  • Scratches easily

8. BlueSun WaterStone Sharpening Stone

BlueSun WaterStone Sharpening Stone
  • Material: Natural corundum
  • Grit: 3,000 fine, 8,000, polishing
  • Size: 7.1 x 2.4 x 1.2 inches

Dual-sided sharpening stones like this one from Bluesun are a one-stop shop for all your blade sharpening needs. It has a 3,000 grit side to give you fine and sharp edge and an 8,000 grit side for polishing.

The fantastic sharpening stone comes with a silicone non-slip base that keeps it in place when in use. And it is made for high-grade natural corundum material for durability.

The natural corundum materials will make it possible to sharpen your knife without removing a lot of material.

This sharpening stone is also quite a versatile grinding tool that you can use for kitchen, hunting, and pocket knives. Also, it will help you restore the edge on your chisels and planer tools.


  • Dual grit sides
  • Non-slip base
  • Relatively high-quality materials
  • Versatile grinding


  • Logo embedded in sharpening surface

9. Paitree Premium Sharpening Stone

Paitree Premium Sharpening Stone
  • Material: Corundum
  • Grit: 3,000 fine, 8,000, polishing
  • Size: 7.6 x 3.1 x 1.7 inches

This dual-sided 3,000 grit and 8,000 grit Pailtree Premium sharpening stone is professionally handmade with high-grade corundum to ensure top-notch performance and durability.

It has one of the largest sharpening areas on our list which makes it ideal for sharpening large blades and knives. And it is also an easy-to-use sharpening stone provided you follow the instructions.

This highly versatile sharpening stone will help you restore edges in a variety of knife and blade types but it will still not be useful for ceramic and serrated blades.

Pailtree will provide a 6-month warranty for this sharpening stone and a 30-day refund guarantee in case it does not impress you.


  • Easy to use
  • Highly versatile
  • High-grade material
  • Large sharpening area
  • 30-day refund guarantee


  • A little brittle

10. Tarvol Combination Sharpening Stone

Tarvol Combination Sharpening Stone
  • Material: Aluminum Oxide
  • Grit: 120 medium, 240 fine
  • Size: 6 x 2.2 x 1.1 inches

The dual-sided Tarvol Combination is the best budget sharpening stone on our list but it still performs significantly well when it comes to sharpening knives and tools.

This aluminum oxide stone with superior wear resistance comes with a 120 medium grit side and a 240 fine grit side that make it ideal for sharpening and polishing various knife and tool types.

You can also use this stone when both dry and wet but the fine grit side works best with honing oil. And despite its highly affordable price tag it will still come with a 100% money back guarantee.


  • Highly affordable
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Dual-sided
  • Both wet and dry use
  • Money back guarantee


  • Not as tough as other expensive ones

How to Buy the Best Sharpening Stones

How to Buy Sharpening Stones

There is much more to a buying sharpening stones than what many people assume, and so choosing the perfect one can be quite tedious.

But, knowing some of the best sharpening stone manufacturers and by considering the following vital points you should get a stone that will help to keep all your blades sharp and ready to use.

1. Types of Sharpening Stones

Sharpening stones are not created from the same material. Hence there are a variety of types available.

Different stones work differently, will be suitable for different kinds of blades and also their maintenance routines will differ. Below are some of the most common sharpening stone types.

1. Water Stones

Water stones are the kind that will require dipping in water or splashing some water on them before and during use. They are the most common type and also what many people seem to prefer.

These stones are best for sharpening chef’s knives but they are also available in various grits that make them more useful and versatile.

However, the constant dipping/splashing and drying will make these sharpening stones more prone to breaking.

You should buy the water stones if you do not mind having to buy another one within a relatively short time as their soft nature means they wear out quickly.

2. Oil Stones

The oil sharpening stone will require you to apply some oil before sharpening to ensure that the particles that come from the blade when sharpening will not remain on the stone.

Oil lubrication will preserve the life of the sharpening stone and also keep it efficient for long. These stones are available in various grits and since they are from aluminum oxide or silicone they are also very long lasting.

Also, the sharpening surface will remain flat for long thanks to the strength of these stones but their main downside is that they make you oily when sharpening.

Oil stones will be a great buy if you want something long-lasting and quick to use and are not concerned with getting a very fine edge as they hardly produce one.

3. Ceramic Stones

Natural sharpening stones are no longer as widely available as they were in the past and so the ceramic types act as their replacement.

Ceramic stones last longer than most other types and the best thing about them is that their effectiveness does not diminish as they age. And they also do not need any lubrication since you can use them when dry.

Although they give you a sharp and fine blade you still have to scrub them to remove the metal particles. However, these stones tend to be a bit harder to work with before you master them.

Ceramic sharpening stones will be one of the best options for the single-sided blades.

4. Diamond Stones

The strength and lasting capabilities of the diamond stones make them one of the best sharpening stones for various kinds of blades.

These stones are formed from hard industrial diamond which makes them great for sharpening blades and also ensures that they last for decades.

Buy a diamond stone if you want a great coarse stone as they are not always very useful as refining stones.

2. The Grit

Grit is the coarseness or texture of a sharpening stone and it is one of the most important aspects. And when it comes to choosing a good sharpening knife you have to think about both the type and range of the grit.

1. Types of Grit

When it comes to the sharpening stone grit type there are three main categories which are coarse, medium and fine grit and they will be ideal for different sharpening applications.

  • Coarse grit- Most common sharpening stone out there and it will remove metal fast and roughly while leaving some visible scratch marks. It is ideal for sharpening very dull blades.
  • Medium grit- A much smoother option than the coarse grit but it still sharpens the blades fast and without any visible scratch marks on the edges.
  • Fine grit- The fine grit is the perfect option to turn to when finishing up an edge. Fine grit stones are great for knives that require regular sharpening and constant improvement of the sharpness as they produce the sharpest edge

2. Range of Grit 

Besides from choosing between coarse, medium and fine grip you also need to choose a specific sharpening stone grit. And there is a wide range available which is in most cases is between 220 grit and 8,000 grit.

The 220-300 grit stones to chip off vast sections of the blade and they are perfect for dull knives or those that reshaping.

1,000 and 1,200 grit sharpening stones are great for kitchen knives as they not only produce excellent results but are also gentle on the knife. You can use them interchangeably and they are very useful for sharpening Japanese knives.

With the 3,000 grit stone, you get a reliable finishing stone. This medium grit stone eliminates the need to jump straight from the low grit options to higher ones like the 6,000 grit.

The 8,000 grit stones are for those blades that come with impeccable polishing and need to remain sharp at all times such as kitchen knives.

3. Size

When it comes to the size a good sharpening stone for you will depend on the size of the tools or blades that you intend to use it to sharpen.

You can get sharpening stones in various sizes including the easy to carry pocket size ones. The 6-inch ones are great for sharpening kitchen knives while the 8 to 12-inch stones are great for hand tools and significantly larger blades

4. Ease of Use

Although sharpening your knife using a stone takes some time to master the type of stone that you are using and its grit also affects the ease of use.

Using the wrong kind of grit on your knife makes sharpening harder for you. For example, when sharpening a very dull knife you need to start with a low grit stone as it speeds up the job. And also makes it way much easier than using the high grit stones.

5. Maintenance

You have to maintain your sharpening stone for it to remain useful for long. However, the maintenance will depend on the types of stone that you are using.

Even the best Japanese sharpening stones will require flattening after a particular period of use to keep them level.

Flattening is the most crucial aspect of sharpening stone maintenance because any stone that is not level does not sharpen the knife well and is also more tedious to use.


Your choice of sharpening stone will always affect the performance, usefulness, and durability of your blades and so you cannot afford to go wrong.

If you have several tools with different kinds of blades that require regular sharpening it is always a good idea to have several sharpening stone types. Also, make sure that you have them in at least coarse, medium and fine grit.

Our top 10 sharpening stone reviews will also make it easier to choose the best sharpening stone for you.

But, the simple trick when it comes to choosing a proper sharpening knife is to go for something that suits your particular needs or the specific knives and blade you intend to sharpen.

Allen Ethan