10 Best Tactical Flashlights for Law Enforcement & Emergency

Best Tactical Flashlight

If you have ever been in a situation when you needed a light source badly but did not have one, then you know the usefulness of a tactical flashlight.

Tactical flashlights are one of those things that you should have in your toolbox, glove box or backpack if you value self-reliance and protection as it can be very useful in various situations.

Although there are different ways of defining the tactical flashlight, it is simply a smaller, tougher and lighter type of flashlight that is designed for use in harsh conditions.

Whether you are on an outdoor excursion or have to change a flat tire at night, a tactical flashlight will be very useful.

There are tons of nice tactical flashlights out there and so if you know what to look for, it should be easy to get something that will serve you well and for many years.

Product Name





Current Price

1. Gearlight S1000 LED Tactical Flashlight

1000 lm

1.57 x 6.10 x 1.57 in 

Military-grade aluminum


2. J5 Tactical V1-​​​​Pro Ultra Bright Tactical Flashlight

300 lm

1.02 x 3.70 x 1.02 in 

Aircraft-grade aluminum


3. AuoPro Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

800 lm


Aerospace aluminum


4. Swiftrans Ultra Bright LED Tactical Flashlight

800 lm

1.38 x 5.40 x 1.06 in

High-strength aerospace aluminum


5. Gearlight M3 EDC Tactical Flashlight

300 lm

1.00 x 4.25 x 1.00 in



6. Waklyte S04D Tactical Flashlight

1000 lm

1.6 x 5.5 x 1.2 in

6061 aluminum alloy


7. Guangpai Waterproof LED Tactical Flashlight

800 lm

1.34 x 5.39 x 1.34 in

High-quality metal


8. AYL Super Bright Tactical Flashlight

1000 lm

1.30 x 5.51 x 1.30 in

Heavy-duty aluminum


9. PeakPlus Super Bright LED Tactical Flashlight

1000 lm

1.6 x 5.3 x 1.1 in

Aluminum alloy


10. Boxuan LED Tactical Flashlight

400 lm

4.00 x 1.05 x 0.88 in

Aluminum alloy


1. Gearlight S1000 LED Tactical Flashlight

Gearlight S1000 LED Tactical Flashlight
  • Lumens: 1000 lumens
  • Dimensions: 1.57 x 6.1 x 1.57 inches
  • Battery Type: Standard AAA or single 18650 rechargeable battery
  • Material: Military-grade aluminum

The ultra-bright Gearlight S1000 is a small and compact pocket-size tactical flashlight butit can light up an entire room and also focus on objects that are up to 1000 feet away.

This highly durable tactical flashlight features military-grade housing and it can withstand drops from up to 10 feet high and still continue functioning well. And it is a shock, water, and weather resistant flashlight that you can even submerge in water temporarily.

Also, it is quite a versatile source of light that comes with adjustable focus and five different modes to make it useful for various applications.

And you also get great value for cash when you buy it as it comes as a set of 2 flashlights with 2 bonus cases.


  • Brighter LED bulb
  • Water, shock and weather resistant
  • Military-grade aluminum
  • Versatile and pocket-size design
  • Low battery consumption


  • Flashlight belt holders are a little flimsy

2. J5 Tactical V1-Pro Ultra Bright Tactical Flashlight

J5 Tactical V1-Pro Ultra Bright Tactical Flashlight
  • Lumens: 300 lumens
  • Dimensions: 1.02 x 3.7 x 1.02 inches
  • Battery Type: Single AA or 14500 rechargeable battery
  • Material:Aircraft-grade aluminum

Although the maximum 300 lumens output makes this one of the least bright products on our tactical flashlight reviews, it should still be enough for most applications around the house.

It is also a compact and tough aircraft-grade aluminum flashlight that only requires a single AA battery but it can also use a 14500 rechargeable battery.

This small tactical flashlight has an adjustable focus range that will make it possible to zoom in when you want an intense beam or zoom out for wide illumination. Also, you get to choose 3 different modes of use which makes this flashlight quite versatile.


  • Compact but tough
  • Multiple modes of use
  • Adjustable focus range
  • Uses single AA battery
  • Choice of 5 lovely colors


  • Relatively less bright

3. AuoPro Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

AuoPro Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight
  • Lumens: 800 lumens
  • Dimensions: Not  available
  • Battery Type: 18650 rechargeable battery
  • Material: Aerospace aluminum

The high output LED bulb on this AuoPro tactical flashlight will last for more than 50,000 hours and if you combine this with the more than 3.5 hours run time you will have a perfect flashlight or your outdoor adventures.

And although it is an 800-lumen flashlight it is super-bright and it looks like it is packed with more lumens than this.

It is also a tough and highly durable flashlight thanks to the high strength aerospace aluminum construction. Also, the body and tailcap are knurled to ensure that users always get a secure grip.

And it has 5 different brightness settings that make it highly versatile anda maximum target range of up to 600 feet.

The tactical flashlight is also easy to operate as you only need to press the tailcap switch to move through the different modes.


  • Extended LED lifespan
  • Tough aerospace aluminum construction
  • 5 brightness settings
  • Highly versatile light
  • Easy to operate


  • Not completely waterproof

4. Swiftrans Ultra Bright LED Tactical Flashlight

Swiftrans Ultra Bright LED Tactical Flashlight
  • Lumens: 800 lumens
  • Dimensions: 1.38 x 5.4 x 1.06 inches
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-ion battery or 3 AAA batteries
  • Material: High-strength aerospace aluminum

Swiftrans Ultra is the best budget tactical flashlight on our list as it is not only affordable but also comes in a pack of two lights and with 6 free AAA batteries.

It is also a highly durable high-strength aluminum flashlight that uses super-bright and powerful Cree LED with a lifespan of up to 50,000 and a maximum of 800 lumens.

With this tactical flashlight, you can focus on objects that are up to 1,000 feet away or zoom out when you want to sweep a large area. And it also has 5 adaptable modes which make it a highly versatile flashlight.

Like most other top-rated tactical flashlights, it has an anti-roll and anti-slip design and it uses cooling fins to ensure excellent heat dissipation.

This tactical flashlight is also easy and convenient to carry as it is small enough to fit in your pocket, glove compartment or handbag.


  • High-strength aerospace aluminum
  • 5 adaptable modes
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • 6 free AAA batteries
  • 2-pack for great value


  • Water-resistant but not completely waterproof

5. Gearlight M3 EDC Tactical Flashlight

Gearlight M3 EDC Tactical Flashlight
  • Lumens: 300 lumens
  • Dimensions: 1 x 4.25 x 1 inches
  • Battery Type: Single AA battery
  • Material: Aluminum

This long-lasting LED tactical flashlight will produce up to 300 lumens which might not be as bright as other flashlights on our list but is still bright enough for most uses.

Its lightweight all-metal design makes it a tough enough tactical flashlight for outdoor use and it will be ideal for everything from camping and hunting to walking the dog. And it is also compact enough to make it the perfect EDC tactical flashlight.

One of its most impressive features is that it runs on a single AA battery that still delivers up to 3 hours of non-diminishing brightness.

This tactical flashlight also has an instantly adjustable zoom that lets you focus on objects that are 100 feet away or zoom out for a wide beam and three operating modes.

The weather resistant body is built to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions, and it can also survive the occasional accidental drops.

And for a set of two tactical flashlights, this is one of the best value that you can get anywhere when buying a flashlight.


  • Long-lasting LED
  • Instantly adjustable zoom
  • Self-defense attack head
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Smart power management


  • Relatively lower lumens

6. Waklyte S04D Tactical Flashlight

Waklyte S04D Tactical Flashlight
  • Lumens: 1000 lumens
  • Dimensions: 1.6 x 5.5 x 1.2 inches
  • Battery Type: 18650 lithium-ion or 3 AAA
  • Material: 6061 aluminum alloy

Here is another highly affordable tactical handheld flashlight that is both high-performing and durable. With an LED bulb that has a 100,000 hours lifespan and capable of up to 1,000 lumens, it is one of the most reliable flashlights out there.

It also offers 5 different light modes for versatility and with a handy zoom feature that lets you focus on things that are up to 1,000 feet away or illuminate an entire room.

And with a waterproof rating of IPX6, it will be a great flashlight for use in the snow, rain and other harsh environments. Also, it is tough and impact resistance tested to ensure it can withstand accidental falls.

This tactical flashlight will also allow you to choose whether to use 3 AAA batteries or a single rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery.


  • Up to 1,000 lumens brightness
  • Multiple light modes
  • Convenient zoom feature
  • 100,000-hour lifespan LED
  • Tough and reliable design


  • A little tedious to switch between the modes

7. Guangpai Waterproof LED Tactical Flashlight

  • Lumens: 800 lumens
  • Dimensions: 1.34 x 5.39 x 1.34 inches
  • Battery Type: 3 AAA or single 18650 battery tube
  • Material: High-quality metal

This pack of two tactical flashlights also offers you great value and convenience as it is always great to have more than one flashlight.

These tactical flashlights offer up to 1,600 feet long irradiation and it is also up to 50% brighter than typical LED flashlights. Also, it is a multifunctional light that you can use when camping, biking, hiking or even for your night walks.

The high-quality metal material and rainproof design help to make this a solid and highly durable flashlight that will serve you for many years as it can withstand up to 20-foot fall.


  • Great value 2-pack
  • Long distance visibility
  • High-quality material and rainproof
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • 3-year warranty


  • Does not come with the batteries

8. AYL Super Bright Tactical Flashlight

AYL Super Bright Tactical Flashlight
  • Lumens: 1000 lumens
  • Dimensions: 1.3 x 5.51 x 1.3 inches
  • Battery Type: 3 AAA or single 18650 battery tube
  • Material: Heavy-duty aluminum

The compact, lightweight and travel-friendly design of these tactical flashlights make them very convenient to carry on your outdoor excursions.

They come in a pack of two to offer you great value, and they are ultra-bright lights with a maximum of 1,000 lumens that can focus on objects that area as far as 1,000 feet away.

The sturdy and durable aluminum body means that these lights will serve you well for many years and they also give you an option to uses either 3 AAA or single 18650 battery tube.

With the adjustable brightness and 5 lighting modes, these are quite versatile flashlights as they make it possible to adjust the lighting to suit your specific needs.


  • Ultra-bright 1,000 lumen lighting
  • Heavy-duty aluminum body
  • Easily adjustable brightness
  • Compact and  travel-friendly design
  • 5 lighting modes


  • Batteries not included

9. PeakPlus Super Bright LED Tactical Flashlight

PeakPlus Super Bright LED Tactical Flashlight
  • Lumens: 1000 lumens
  • Dimensions: 1.6 x 5.3 x 1.1 inches
  • Battery Type: 3 AAA or single 18650 battery tube
  • Material: Aluminum alloy

Rechargeable batteries are always a great option for your flashlight as you will never have to keep buying the alkaline batteries. This PeakPlus flashlight runs on a single 18650 battery tube that takes just 6 hours to charge but it can also use 3 AAA batteries.

LED lamps on this tactical flashlight will last up to 100,000 hours and are capable of generating a maximum of 1,000 lumens which makes this a super bright flashlight.

Also, it has 5 light modes and with a soft-touch tails switch that makes it easy to move between the different modes. This PeakPlus flashlight has a zoom function that makes it possible to adjust the focus and a beam range of up to 500 meters.


  • Provides up to 100,000 hours lamp lifespan
  • Sturdy aluminum alloy material
  • Multiple light modes
  • Soft-touch tail switch
  • Adjustable focus


  • No flash function

10. Boxuan LED Tactical Flashlight

Boxuan LED Tactical Flashlight
  • Lumens: 400 lumens
  • Dimensions: 4.0 x 1.05 x 0.88 inches
  • Battery Type: 1 AAA or 14500 rechargeable battery
  • Material: Aluminum alloy

400 lumens might not sound very bright but you will be amazed at just how bright the Boxuan LED tactical flashlight is, and it should be ideal for most of your needs.

This compact and tough flashlight is the smallest tactical flashlight on our list, and the military-grade aluminum alloy makes it highly long-lasting.

The flashlight can withstand up to 9-foot drops and temporary submerging in water. It can run on either 1 AA or a single 14500 rechargeable battery.

For the light modes, you will get three options which are high, low and strobe and it also has a wide to narrow beam zoom.


  • Tough, military-grade aluminum alloy body
  • Small and highly portable
  • Ideal for multipurpose use
  • Submersible in water temporarily
  • Handy pocket clip


  • Batteries not included

How to Buy the Best Tactical Flashlights

How to Buy the Best Tactical Flashlight

Whether you need a tactical flashlight for camping, hunting or even as a source of light when walking the dog in low light conditions, it is important to make sure you get the best.

A good tactical flashlight should have lots of useful features and also be durable enough. And to ensure that you get the best from the many options you need to consider the following points.

1. Brightness

Brightness is always one of the first factors to consider when choosing a tactical flashlight as you will want something that is bright enough to suit your needs.

When it comes to the brightness, you will need to check the number of lumens that the flashlight can produce as this is the measure of how bright the light that it produces will be. A typical tactical flashlight will have anywhere between 300 and 1600 lumens.

And besides, from going for the brightest tactical flashlight, it is also important to consider the brightness levels that the flashlight offers.

A basic tactical flashlight will only have an on/off option while some will have two brightness levels (high and low) and the more advanced ones can have up to 10 different brightness levels.

The more the brightness levels the better but in most cases something with low and high brightness and a couple of other options is often enough.

2. Size

The size of the tactical flashlight will determine how convenient it will be to carry and also the ease of handling it.

While the right size for you will depend on your personal preferences, there is a common misconception that small tactical flashlights do not perform well. However, the fact is that size is almost never an indication of the performance.

The number of lumens is what matters and not the physical size of the tactical flashlight.

If you want something to use around the house the size might not be important but if you want something to carry on your camping or hunting trips something compact will be the best.

3. Beam Distance

Beam distance is how far from the flashlight the light will shine before its brightness diminishes to the equivalent of a full moonlight. And it is measured in meters.

The beam distance will go hand in hand with other features like lumen output and beam shape. And the longer the beam distance the better the tactical flashlight will be for use in the expansive outdoor spaces.

4. Battery

The power source is an important factor that determines the performance and convenience of using a tactical flashlight. And since most use batteries, you need to consider the battery type before choosing one.

While some tactical flashlights will run on disposable batteries, many others use the rechargeable lithium-Ion or Li-ion batteries.

Lithium batteries will offer more power and longer run times than the disposable alkaline ones and they also last longer.

5. Other Features

Other factors like the material, water resistance, and impact rating also affect the performance and durability of the tactical night vision flashlight.


For the material, the most common options are plastic, stainless steel an anodized aluminum.

Plastic is often the lightest material but it is also lower quality while anodized aluminum is the most common and stainless steel the strongest and most durable but also the heaviest.

Water Resistance

The water resistance rating is vital if you intend to use the tactical flashlight outdoors. And I most cases these flashlights will have IPX4, IPX7 or IPX8.

IPX8 rated flashlights are the most reliable when it comes to water resistance but the others are also good enough to withstand moisture and light drizzles.

Impact Rating

Impact rating or resistance is designed to ensurethat the tactical flashlight will remain functional in case of accidental drops.

It is often measured in meters and you should always consider it as it is a good indication of the tactical flashlight’s toughness.

How to Use a Tactical Flashlight

Tactical flashlights are more versatile than most people tend to assume and so they can be very handy to carry around with you.

And if you are still not sure how to use them, here are three ways you can use your tactical flashlight.

1. Illumination

Just like with most other types of flashlights, illumination is the main use of tactical flashlights.

Tactical flashlights come in small, convenient sizes that are easy to carry around and are also bright enough which makes them handy for illuminating your path when walking in the dark.

2. Self Defense

Tactical flashlights are high lumen lights and so they can get quite bright. Most are so bright that they can blind someone temporarily if you flash them straight into the eyes.

The super bright light is good for self-defense as it gives you some precious time to flee from the dangerous situation.

3. Starting a fire

If you are a seasoned survivalist then you should know that almost any type of flashlight can help you start a fire.

With a tactical flashlight, you can use the inner filament, glass lens or the battery to start a fire provided you have some basic survival skills.

You can even start a fire by shining the flashlight on flammable material if it has highly concentrated lumens.


Tactical flashlights are a common tool for law enforcement officers and emergency or rescue personnel. But, it can also be useful for you even if you are not all that.

Whether you are a regular camper, backpacker, hiker or even a survivalist this flashlight can be very useful for you. However, you still need to make sure that you choose the best from the different options in the market.

Although your personal preference is still important you should always consider factor like the brightness, size, material, battery and beam distance to make sure that you get the best tactical flashlight.

With these points in mind and our top 10 reviews above for recommendations, finding a good tactical flashlight should be a less tedious process for you.

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