Burris 200261 Review: Long Eye Relief Scout Scope

Photo: Burris Optics

What We Like

  • Durable one-piece construction
  • Holds zero well
  • High-quality lenses give an excellent sight picture
  • Delivers repeated accuracy
  • Sleek looking and easily adjustable turrets
  • Allows you to shoot with both eyes open

What We Don’t Like

  • Does not have a focus
  • Not very useful in low light conditions

Bottom Line

With a longer eye relief, this scope makes it possible to shoot with both the eyes open and will ensure better situational awareness and super-fast target acquisition.

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Burris 200261 is built specifically for a scout rifle, and it will hence have everything that shooters will want on this kind of rifle. This includes a more generous eye relief and super-fast target acquisition to ensure scouts never miss anything.

Also, this is a well-built scope with a one-piece aluminum main tube and with a variable magnification for increased accuracy and versatility. Better yet, the field of view is generous enough, and this scope also has some high-quality optics that help make it an even better buy.

Burris 200261 Review

Photo: Burris

Clarity: Glare Resistant Optics Deliver Maximum Clarity

Burris 200261 has some of the best optics you can expect to get on a scout scope without having to spend thousands of dollars. Hence, with this scope mounted on your rifle, you are sure of getting a highly impressive sight picture.

These optics make use of the Hi-Lume multicoated lens that will not only provide superior performance in low light conditions but are also very effective at minimizing glare to make shooting more comfortable for you.

Also, these high-quality lenses have been precisely ground and come in a relatively larger size when compared to competing models. This means that you will get an improved light transmission for an even clearer sight picture. And the glass used to make this lens will also be tougher and more durable for long service life.

The magnification is also variable from 2 to 7x to help improve accuracy for short to medium shots. But, on the higher 7x setting you should also be able to shoot accurately from up to 200 yards or even more depending on your skill level and the types of rifle you are using.

Besides the high optics clarity, this scope will also deliver a decent field of view as you can get up to 21 feet field of view from 100 yards, which for most hunters should be more than enough to ensure you will not miss anything important.

Primary Use: Unbeatable for Daytime Use

While the Burris 200261 might not be illuminated and will not have night vision, the performance that it delivers during the day from dawn to dusk is unbeatable. Hence, it makes up for what it lacks in low light performance with a superior day performance.

Another element that makes it very useful for hunting during the day is the Ballistic Plex reticle. This special reticle offers highly effective trajectory compensation to make it easier to line up your shot and will also help ensure increased accuracy. Also, this reticle is simple and elegant, which are features that many hunters will love.

Besides hunting, this scope will also be highly useful for other things like target shooting and varmint extermination. And this is because while it is meant for scout rifles, it can still be used effectively on many other rifle types provided you have the right rings to mount it.

For even more versatility, this scope has been designed for mounting at the forward position of the rifle's barrel. At this position, you will also get a more generous eye relief of up to 12 inches, and it makes it comfortable to use even for the high-recoil caliber rifles.

Besides being more forgiving, this longer eye relief also allows for increased situational awareness and super-fast target acquisition, which makes this an even more multifunctional rifle scope.

Construction & Build Quality: Tough One-Piece Construction

Like most other high-quality scopes , the Burris 200261 features durable aluminum construction that is meant to ensure that besides being rugged and durable, this scope will also be lightweight enough.

At just 13 ounces, this is a lightweight enough scope that will be easy to carry around and will not add any significant weight to your rifle.

And to make things even better, the scope is also fairly compact as it is only 9.7 inches long, which ensures it does not add a lot of mass to the rifle or take up a lot of space on the barrel.

Also, this Burris scope comes in a one-piece design that will make it more surface and stress-free. This one-piece design ensures it will be more waterproof and also allows the scope to withstand the shock and vibrations that will come from the heaviest recoil rifles.

Because this body is also nitrogen-filled, it will also help ensure the lenses never fog even in rainy and cold conditions.

The internal components are also built to ensure excellent performance as they will be precision-gauged and hand-fitted. This construction helps to ensure that it maintains a consistent point of impact even when subjected to excess vibrations and shock.

Adjustments & Set-up: Consistently Precise Adjustments

While this scope will not come with the rings, it should still be easy to get the right ones for your rifle, and you will not even need to spend a lot of money. And with the correct rings , mounting it is quite straightforward as the manufacturer provides good instructions.

For those that have any experience with rifle scopes, this will also be an easy model to sight in. Better yet, the scope is also designed to hold zero well to ensure you will not need to make very frequent adjustments.

With the steel on steel adjustment, you will get a highly accurate and repeatable adjustment. And with the audible clicks, you can easily tell when you make the adjustments without even having to look at the turrets.

The turrets are capped and come in a low-profile design, which gives them a sleek look on the rifle. These turrets are also finger-adjustable to ensure hunters will have an easy time making the adjustments. And with the turret indications showing you the changes in point of impact, you can also be sure of getting more accurate shots.

Other things like the magnification will also take little effort to adjust because the included power ring is easy to use and also holds the required setting well. Better yet, the ring has a nice grip that makes it easy to adjust even when wearing a glove.

Price: Could be a Little Cheaper

Given that this is non-illuminated scout scope that will also not have night vision and comes as a plain scope with no accessories, it may look a little pricier. And this is more so when you compare it to other similar models from competing brands.

With that said, the scope still provides good value for money as it is not only well-built with a one-piece aluminum main tube but also has some high-quality multicoated optics that will deliver excellent sight picture. Hence, hunters can be sure they will still get good value for their cash.

Despite also not coming with the required accessories, the rings and other things that you need like wrench are widely available and inexpensive, and their cost will hence not make a big difference for most hunters.


Well-built one-piece scout scope that will provide a generous eye relief and clear optics to ensure you get the best sight picture.

Any hunter looking for a scout scope that will ensure they never miss their target, the Burris 200261 has everything it takes. This scope offers an up to 12-inch eye relief, high-quality multicoated optics, Ballistic Plex reticles and is also made from a durable aluminum housing and with high-quality components for long service life.


  • Product Name: Burris 200261
  • Product Brand: Burris
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Reticle: Ballistic Plex
  • Magnification: 2-7x
  • Field of View: 7 to 21 feet at 100 yards
  • Eye Relief: 11-21 inches
  • Adjustment Graduation: 1/4 MOA
  • Length: 9.7 inches
  • Weight: 13 ounces

Key Features

  • Hi-Lume multi-coated lenses provide superior clarity
  • Ballistic Plex reticle is very effective for trajectory compensation
  • Finger-adjustable and low-profile turrets
  • Posi-lock securely locks accuracy in place
  • Solid and durable one-piece outer tube
  • Generous 9 to 12 inches eye relief
  • Double internal spring force ensures scope will hold zero
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