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5 Best Shotgun Scopes – Reviews and Buying Guide

The shotgun is one of the most versatile firearms in existence today, and it is used for a variety of things from home defense to hunting and sports shooting. And this explains why shotgun scopes have become a common topic of debate among gun enthusiasts. But, the indisputable fact is that you need to have the […]

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7 Best 1-6X Scopes in 2019 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Despite there being more powerful scopes with more advanced features, the 1-6x scopes are still some of the most popular ones currently on the market. And this is because with the best 1-6x scopes you get a compact and lightweight scope that enhances the target acquisition and shooting accuracy without burdening your rifle with a large […]

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10 Best 1-4X Scopes – Reviews and Buying Guide

The 1-4x is one of the most basic rifle scopes currently available in the market. With its low magnification range, it is often preferred for short and medium distances that max out at around 500 yards. Given their magnification range, these scopes are often best suited for hunting rifles that are used in thick wood and […]

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10 Best 3-9X40 Scopes – Reviews and Buying Guide

The 3-9×40 is one of the most popular rifles scopes and its popularity keeps swelling day by day. And this is mostly because it offers a low enough magnification (3x) for short range shooting and a high enough one (9x) for medium and long range short. However, for most shooters, the biggest headache is finding the […]

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10 Best Scopes For 30-06 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Since its adoption by the US army over a century ago, the 30-06 has been a classic American cartridge and has been used by millions of target and sports shooters, hunters and soldiers across the globe. Many gun enthusiasts love the 30-06 rifles mostly because they strike a perfect balance between performance, versatility, and affordability. And […]

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