Eagle Claw FL300-6’6 Featherlight Review: Ultra-Light Fishing Rod

Eagle Claw Featherlight Review


What We Like

  • Works well for all kinds of anglers
  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Comfortable and non-slip handle
  • More forgiving even for beginners
  • Line glides smoothly with minimal friction
  • Easy to set up and take apart

What We Don’t Like

  • Placement of the guides needs improvement for easy carry
  • Only breaks down into two pieces
  • Does not come with a carry case

Bottom Line

For those that fish in small streams a lot, and those looking for a reliable rod for fishing smaller fish species, this ultra-light model is just the perfect fit for you.

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With its ultra-light and slow action, the Eagle Claw FL300-6'6 is the perfect fishing rod for you if you will be fishing panfish and other smaller fish species. With more flex, it is also a more forgiving rod that any angler can use with no issues.

For precision and accuracy where you do not need a long cast, this fishing rod will also do an amazing job. And many anglers should also appreciate that it is well built from graphite and with a fantastic handle.

Eagle Claw Featherlight Review

Photo: Eagle Claw

Usage: Unbeatable for Small Streams

If you will be fly fishing in smaller streams and rivers where you do not need to do any long casts but instead want more precise and accurate casting, the Eagle Claw FL300-6'6 will be the perfect rod for you as this is just what it is meant to do.

This fishing rod is also designed for fishing smaller fish species as it will provide just the right amount of flex to make sure that it can take any fight the fish might put up when it takes the bait.

But, on the same breath, it is also worth noting that the extra flex also means that it might not have the backbone required to land even medium fish species that put up more fight.

Eagle Claw makes this fishing rod to be more ideal for use as a recreational fishing rods for those that love fishing for fun. The overall design and ease of setting up and using this fishing rod will make it perfect for sports fishing. Even beginners will have an easy time with rod. But some anglers will find it a bit lacking when it comes to more serious fishing.

Also, this is mostly a freshwater fishing rod that might not take the extra abuse and harshness that will come with saltwater as it is not completely corrosion-resistant.

Performance: Outstanding By All Standards

There is no doubt that the Eagle Claw FL300-6'6 has been built to deliver outstanding all-round performance, and it is the kind that you will never want to leave behind for all your fishing trips.

Its impressive overall performance stems from its relatively smaller size, which will deliver exceptional service when fishing in tighter areas such as where there are many brush and trees and heavy weeds.

Also, this fishing rod will cast faster and more accurately than many 6 feet 6 inches rods. And depending on where you will be using it from, you should not have any issues getting at least a 20-foot cast while maintaining greater accuracy.

But to get the best service and performance from this reel, you will need to pair it with a good line and reel . For this, the 2 to 6 pounds and 3/4wt line weights are what the manufacturer recommends.

However, some fishers still find the 4wt and 5wt perfect as they provide just the right weight. And with a heavier reel, you will get the perfect balance for superior overall performance.

Construction: Durable but Still Lightweight Enough

Even for budget fishing rods like this one, durability should always be at the top of your mind as you do not want something that will break down on you when fishing or will make you buy a new rod for every fishing trip.

This fishing rod is made using the traditional fiberglass material, which is what has always been preferred for making even professional-grade fishing rods. According to Eagle Claw , using fiberglass will ensure that anglers not only get a durable rod but also the feel is right and they get maximum forgiveness.

Also, the rod makes use of some highly durable stainless steel guides that besides being as tough as the fiberglass rod will also provide a smooth enough line glide. And the rod comes in a 2-piece design to allow you to take it apart for easier storage and carry.

The design will also incorporate a painted ruler that runs along the blank. Anglers will love this ruler as it can be very handy when setting up the rod, and it gives this rod an edge because even many other more expensive models will not have it.

Many anglers will appreciate the overall appearance of this rod as it will come in a subtle yellow shade that is not too obnoxious and neither will it be too glossy. Also, it has some brushed gold accents that are a nice touch-up, and the rod has a funky old-school profile that even more traditionalist anglers will love.

Action: Ultra-Light and Slow

Eagle Claw FL300-6'6 is an ultra-light and slow action fishing rod that has been designed to bend throughout its length. And this action suits this rod perfectly given that it is meant exclusively for small fish species like panfish.

Another element about the ultra-light and slow actions that you will get with this fishing rod is that it will also act as a shock absorber to ensure that the hook will never be ripped clear through the mouth of the fish no matter how much fight it will put up.

That said, this action means that you will need to be more patient when trying to land fish. Because the rod does not offer a lot of resistance, it will take a little more skill and effort to land the fish, and this is more so if it is one of those species that will often put up a lot of fight.

Handle: Beautiful and Comfortable

Many anglers seem to prefer the EVA foam handle thanks to the non-slip and sweat absorption properties. However, if this Eagle Claw rod is anything to go by, the cork handles are also a perfect choice and can be better than EVA in some aspects.

Cork ensures that you have a super comfortable hold on your rod and a more traditional feel that will help boost your confidence when fishing.

Also, this handle is non-slip to help keep your hand in place and will also be useful at keeping them warm even when fishing in colder weather. And it will also fit perfectly in an adult’s hand to ensure anglers get a sure grip every time

Besides also having a more pleasant overall appearance, the handle used on this rod is also a half wells, which means it will be very handy for short and precise casting.

Price: Good Price Tag for a Fiberglass Rod

Fiberglass rods do not come cheap given their obvious superior quality when compared to other types. Hence, the smaller price tag of this one means it will be an excellent bargain that you should not miss out on.

For an under $50 model, it is just as good as you can expect to get, and so for many anglers the price will just be okay. However, at the price tag, it would have still been great to get a few extras such as a carrying case. But, the lack of one should still not be a deal-breaker.


An ultra-light fishing rod that will be highly dependable for fishing small fish species like panfish, and it will also be the perfect choice for fishing in small streams and rivers.

Eagle Claw FL300-6'6 is a highly dependable 6 foot 6 inches fishing rod made from durable and lightweight fiberglass blank, and with an ultra-light action for fishing small fish types. Also, it comes in an easy to setup 2-piece design, and it will include a comfortable cork handle and stainless steel guides.


  • Product Name: Eagle Claw FL300-6'6 Featherlight
  • Product Brand: Eagle Claw
  • Rod Material: Fiberglass
  • Size: 6'6"
  • Rod Design: 2-piece
  • Handle: Cork
  • Line Weight: 2 to 6 pounds, 3/4wt

Key Features

  • Spinning and fly style options to cater to different anglers
  • Fiberglas construction makes it both durable and lightweight
  • Ultra-lightweight and slow action makes it more forgiving
  • 2-piece design for easier carry
  • Cork handle is beautiful and comfortable
  • Stainless steel guides are both durable and smooth
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