Barnett 78404 Review: Compact and Pleasant Looking Crossbow


What We Like

  • Powerful enough and with good arrow speed
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Compact and lightweight bow
  • More pleasant overall appearance
  • Ready to shoot straight from the box
  • Relatively more affordable crossbow

What We Don’t Like

  • Rope cocking device not included
  • Quiver mounting bracket feels weak

Bottom Line

Barnett 78404 is a more compact crossbow that can be used by any hunter out there, and it has been designed to look good and shoot equally well.

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Getting your compound bow as a complete package like the Barnett 78404 is always a wise idea. It will ensure you not only get great value for money but also have everything that you need to start shooting immediately.

This crossbow also comes in a pleasant look with a high definition camouflage finish. And the good news is that it will be designed to shoot as good as it looks by delivering high enough kinetic energy and some impressive arrow speeds to help take down the prey fast.

Barnett 78404 Review

Photo: Barnett

Performance: Great Choice for a Beginner Hunter

Any beginner looking for a comfortable and easy to shoot crossbow that also does not cost much will love the Barnett 78404 as it is designed to offer all that and much more. And although it is a perfect hunting bow, it still has what it takes for other things like bow fishing and target practice.

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At just 35.5 inches long and 26.5 inches wide, this will be a compact enough crossbow to handle for even hunters with smaller body frames.

And to make it even better, it will only weight 7.7 pounds, which means it will be lightweight enough to carry around when hunting for extended periods.

Because it is a non-directional bow, anyone should be able to use this bow comfortably enough regardless of the hand they use dominantly. And although it is meant for adult use, older kids with enough experience that can use crossbows safely can still shoot it effectively.

Flexibility: Just the Right Draw Weight

The flexibility of a bow regardless of the type is largely determined by how easy it will be to draw. Hence, the fact that this model has a draw weight of only 150 pounds means that almost anyone can draw it comfortably.

Better yet, with a good cocking device, you can reduce the draw weight by half to 75 pounds or even less as it provides some decent let-off. What this means is that this will be a flexible enough bow for even beginners to use with no issues.

Another element that will help ensure even more flexibility is the 3.5-pound trigger pull. This trigger ensures smoother and lighter trigger pull, and hence allowing for easier and more comfortable shots, to ensure hunters enjoy using this crossbow.

Because this bow will deliver arrows speeds of up to 315 feet per second and 95 pounds of kinetic energy, it will be flexible enough for hunting a wide variety of animals including deer provided you are within a good distance.

Design & Construction: As Durable as Crossbows Get

One of the reasons why Barnett crossbows are very popular is because they always have a superior design and construction. They are also always designed seasoned hunters that know everything about hunting bows to cater to the specific needs of the hunters.

According to Barnett, "Barnett crossbows are designed by hunters, for hunters. From its inception over 50 years ago, the company has created a range of crossbows based on the changing needs of hunters. Lightweight, adjustable, and powerful, Barnett products have helped crossbow technology evolve.”

For this model, the quad limbs are one of the most impressive elements of the design as they are both sturdy and high-performing. These quad limbs combined with the highly durable and flexible enough synthetic string, high energy wheels, and cable system will deliver the impressive arrow speeds.

The stock is also designed to be super lightweight but is still made from heavy-duty metal and will come in a sleek, military-style with a highly pleasant high definition camouflage finish.

Another element of the design and construction also worth mentioning is the grip. This crossbow will have a grip similar to what you get on regular military rifles, and it will include some nice grooves designed to be super comfortable and non-slip, and it is more like holding an old-school gaming joystick.

Noise & Vibrations: A String Dampener Is All You Need to Make It Super Silent

For such a powerful crossbow, you can expect Barnett 78404 to be quite loud. But, given the fast arrow speeds, the chances are that the target would already be hit by the time it is startled by the sound, and so you will still get the kill.

However, the manufacturer still makes enough effort to ensure that you can shoot with relatively less noise and vibrations. And they do this by including their patent-pending AVI (anti-vibration isolation system) foot stirrup to the package.

AVI will have the limbs wrapped in a black synthetic material that will not only protect them but also absorbs a huge portion of the limb vibration, and hence making the bow quieter when being fired. Hence, with this component properly installed, you should have a quitter bow.

And if you still want to add a string dampening system to this bow, it is important to make sure that you not only choose an effective one but also to make sure it will not add a lot of weight to your crossbow.

Accessories: There Is Everything You Need In the Pack

Given the price of this crossbow, one would not expect to get much on the package, and many hunters will be prepared to make a further investment on accessories before they can use this bow. But, surprisingly enough, it will include all the basic accessories that you need.

This ready to shoot crossbows package will have a premium red dot sight that will help deliver more accurate shots by improving your aim greatly. Also, it will not take a lot of effort to set up on the bow and sight in.

The package also includes a quick detach quiver for your arrows, and unlike other bows that will only provide a couple of arrows, this one will include three 20-inch. And like with most of their crossbows, Barnett also provides the bolts.

Price: Budget-Friendly Bow

You will hardly get a more budget-friendly crossbow than the Barnett 78404 that will offer superior or even just similar features and build quality. Hence, if you are looking to save some bucks and still get a high-performing crossbow, this is an exceptional choice.

For an under $200 crossbow, the inclusion of high-quality accessories will ensure that you will get even better value for your bucks. And despite the smaller price tag, this bow can still work for both beginners and more experienced archers.


A compact crossbow that comes in a pleasant look and will deliver high enough arrow speeds, and you will not have to break the bank to get it.

For its price tag, it will be hard to get anything better than the Barnett 78404 as it has a lot to offer. From a solid and lightweight stock to arrow speeds of up to 315 FPS with just 150 pounds of draw weight and a complete set of accessories. Hence, this is a fantastic crossbow you will not regret buying.


  • Product Name: Barnett 78404
  • Product Brand: Barnett
  • Draw Weight: 150 pounds
  • Speed: 315 FPS
  • Kinetic Energy: 95 ft.lbs.
  • Power Stroke: 12 inches
  • Weight: 7.7 pounds

Key Features

  • Military-style stock is lightweight and compact
  • 3.5-pound smooth trigger pull
  • High energy wheels deliver superior shots
  • Single red dot scope allows more accurate aiming
  • Anti-dry fire mechanism for safer use
  • Complete package with various accessories
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