10 Best AA Flashlights in 2020 (Practical & Affordable)

Best AA Flashlights

AA flashlights are one of the most popular types of flashlights available in the world. They are very affordable, practical and easy to use.  Even if they are not as powerful as other types like 18650 flashlights, they're still highly useful and a must-have tool.

If you have researched about AA flashlights before then surely you must have seen how many models there are on the Internet. It can be difficult to choose, especially when you do not know what to look for.

Thankfully, we have exactly what you need! We spent many hours researching and have handpicked some of the best AA flashlights available for the money.

The main difference between an AA flashlight and an AAA flashlight is size. As you may know, AA batteries are bigger than AAA ones.

Therefore, this size difference gets passed on to the flashlight. The end result, AAA flashlights are slimmer and usually taller than AA flashlights. Hence, AA flashlights are shorter and tend to be more portable.

Another distinction between them is found in their brightness. Even if both types use the same voltage, AA flashlights are more powerful and brighter than AAA models. AA batteries can contain a charge of  2 Amp-hours while the best AAA battery has a maximum of 1-Amp hour.

So, AA batteries can power the LED driver of the flashlight better and deliver more lumen per battery.

10 Best AA Flashlights - Reviews

Product Name






300 lm

2 AA


8.16 oz


300 lm

1 AA

182 m

2.4 oz


130 lm

1 AA


3.2 oz


350 lm

2 AA

160 m

4.8 oz


252 lm

1 AA

65 m

2.24 oz


97 lm

2 AA

145 m

4.2 oz


600 lm

1 AA


1.44 oz


345 lm

2 AA

151 m

2.4 oz


550 lm

1 AA

95 m

0.8 oz


500 lm

2 AA

108 m

1.6 oz


1. Gearlight M3 LED Tactical AA Flashlight       

Gearlight M3 LED Tactical AA Flashlight
  • Lumen: 300 lumens
  • Battery Quantity: 2 AA
  • Beam Distance: N/A
  • Weight: 8.16 ounces

The  Gearlight M3 is actually a kit that is sold as a pack of 2 flashlights.

It is made of anodized aluminum with a highly visible red tail button for switching it on. Very handy in the dark. We like how there is a good attention to detail in this small flashlight despite the very low price.

Moreover, there is a zoom function that will help illuminate a specific area better as well as 3 light modes in case of an emergency. Clearly, the user is getting a lot of value with this flashlight pack.

Best, this model is somewhat waterproof and temporary water immersion will not damage it. We say temporary because it is not fully waterproof and you can't go swimming with it.

All in all, you get no less than 2 flashlights for the price of one. The  Gearlight M3 is definitely one of the best budget AA flashlights and extremely value for money.


  • 2 flashlights for the price of one. Value for money
  • Aluminum build construction. Durable.
  • Zoomable
  • 3 light modes


  • Not the brightest when compared to other models using 2 AA batteries

2. J5 Tactical V1-Pro AA Flashlight        

J5 Tactical V1-Pro AA Flashlight
  • Lumen: 300 lumens
  • Battery Quantity: 1 AA
  • Beam Distance: 182 meters
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces

The J5 Tactical V1-Pro is one of our favorite tactical models in this review. It is small, portable and uses only 1 AA battery. Despite running off on a single battery, it still delivers an impressive 300-lumen brightness. 

But it does not stop there. To make it even a sweeter flashlight deal, this little guy can send a beam 182 meters away. This is one of the furthest in this review. Best, it has a very good aluminum build and semi-waterproof as well.

One of the best features of this flashlight is its ability to run on a 14500 battery. It is versatile and while a spare 14500  battery is not provided with this purchase, it is a feature that is more than welcome by many.

Finally, we have the best for last. This single AA flashlight is not very expensive and constitutes a lot of value, considering how powerful the LED driver is and the long beam distance of 182 meters.


  • Affordable
  • Versatile. Can run on a 14500 battery as well
  • Good aluminum body
  • Long beam distance of 182 meters
  • Semi-waterproof


  • The single AA battery will die quickly when used extensively.

3. Fenix E12 AA Flashlight                        

Fenix E12 AA Flashlight
  • Lumen: 130 lumens
  • Battery Quantity: 1 AA
  • Beam Distance: N/A
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

The Fenix E12 is a slim and fairly lightweight flashlight. It does not have a very strong brightness because it has a smaller LED driver and is powered by a single AA battery. But at 130 lumens, it is good enough for general purpose applications.

However, despite being fairly low-powered when compared to other models in this review, the light quality from this unit is exceptional. Let's not forget, this is a premium-grade AA flashlight. Of course, it also has a price to match.

It is definitely bright enough to clear a path in the dark or for camping purposes. We like the slim form-factor of this unit. It holds well in the hand and it easy to operate.

Moreover, there is a lot of small details in this flashlight. The shell is made of anodized aluminum and it has been carefully machined-cut. Even the tip even has a notch for a lanyard.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Tail cap can be switched
  • 40 hours of usage


  • Not as bright as other models
  • Expensive for the features it offers

4. Streamlight 88061 AA Flashlight     

Streamlight 88061 AA Flashlight
  • Lumen: 350 lumens
  • Battery Quantity: 2 AA
  • Beam Distance: 160 meters
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces

The Streamlight 88061 is a popular solution that is used by many professional hunters, campers, and wilderness explorers. At the core of the Streamlight 88061, we find a powerful LED driver that can output a 350 lumens light.

This model is powered by two AA batteries and it still manages to keep its slim and portable form factor. Best of all, this AA flashlight has a clip that allows you to clip it anywhere you want, from your belt to your shirt. It doesn't weight a lot and you can easily forget it is there.

The build quality is also very good, as you would expect from a flashlight of this caliber. It is made from a solid and durable anodized aluminum that is very long-lasting.

It can output three different light modes, high, low and strobe depending on your usage. This is a small but super bright flashlight that is very practical for those who need an illumination at night.

The only problem is the little excessive pricing and lack of features, but considering that it is built like a tank, we think that it is well worth it in the long term.


  • Very bright flashlight
  • Has a belt clip for accessibility
  • 3 choices of colors


  • Heavier than other models in this review

5. ThruNite T10 Compact AA Flashlight       

ThruNite T10 Compact AA Flashlight
  • Lumen: 252 lumens
  • Battery Quantity: 1 AA
  • Beam Distance: 65 meters
  • Weight: 2.24 ounces

You can be forgiven for thinking that the ThruNite T10 is a pen. It looks just like one. But, it is a powerful and one of the best pocket AA flashlight that can output a lot of light up to a distance of 65 meters. This is quite good considering how small the ThruNite T10 really is.

One of the best things about this unit is its latest generation led driver, the CREE XP-L LED which is known for its high efficiency and high light output.

Moreover, this unit has been made specifically for one-handed operation. The tail cap sits flush to the ground, so much so that you can use this compact AA flashlight as a candle.

There are three light modes that can easily be switched using only one hand. Furthermore, it had a clip for better accessibility when required. Since this is a very slim and compact AA flashlight, it doesn't take much space to store.

When placed in your pocket, you will quickly forget it is there because it's just so lightweight and small. We highly recommend this model and name it one of the best pocket AA flashlights in this entire review


  • Very compact
  • High-efficiency and bright light
  • Excellent build construction. Durable


  • Not the best beam distance in this review

6. Maglite SP2201HL Mini LED 2-Cell AA Flashlight      

Maglite SP2201HL Mini LED 2-Cell AA Flashlight
  • Lumen: 97 lumens
  • Battery Quantity: 2 AA
  • Beam Distance: 145 meters
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces

The Maglite SP2201HL has a more traditional look than a modern pocket flashlight. It is a little bit longer than other models you will find here, but it sits better in the hand and has an excellent handling.

This model uses two AA batteries and can output 97 lumens of light. This is not a lot when compared to other models but it will get you by. 

The build construction, as always is made from an anodized aluminum and it is solid and durable. In fact, this model is one of the best AA flashlight units we have reviewed in terms of durability. It is really a solid piece.

There are four light modes that make it quite versatile. Furthermore, they are easy to switch with only one hand. When you look at this flashlight you can see that it is a unibody design that makes it weatherproof and waterproof. This would make an excellent camping flashlight.


  • Extremely good build quality. Very durable and long-lasting
  • Efficient led driver produces a quality light
  • 4 light modes for versatility
  • Excellent Beam distance of 145 meters


  • Not the brightest in this review

7. Thorfire TK05 Mini AA Flashlight

  • Lumen: 600 lumens
  • Battery Quantity: 1 AA
  • Beam Distance: N/A
  • Weight: 1.44  ounces

The Thorfire TK05 is another Mini AA flashlight but it definitely packs a punch. This unit is powered by the excellent CREE XPG3 LED which is known for its efficiency and high power light output.

On its maximum setting, it would output 600 lumens of light which is really bright. However, this is only possible when used with a 14500 battery. As we can see, it’s a versatile flashlight that accepts both AA batteries and 14500 cells. Neat!

There is a belt clip for accessibility and switching the light on, as well as switching between light modes is very easy. In fact, the switch is one of the best in any models on the market as it is tactile and high quality.

All in all, anyone looking for a mini AA flashlight will not be disappointed with the Thorfire TK05 as it is one of the brightest AA flashlights for the money.


  • Extremely bright light of 600 lumens
  • Very compact
  • Very lightweight
  • Versatile. Accepts both AA batteries as well as 14500 battery


  • Not the best build construction

8. Nitecore MT2A AA Flashlight  

Nitecore MT2A AA Flashlight
  • Lumen: 345 lumens
  • Battery Quantity: 2 AA
  • Beam Distance: 151 meters
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces

The Nitecore MT2A  is the best of both worlds in this review.

It is not the brightest but it has a nice balance between light output, autonomy, and beam distance. Additionally, it is also a fairly lightweight model at only 2.4 ounces.

But what we really like about this model is that it is a little bit taller than others, and feels great in the hand because it is just so slim. The premium grade build construction makes it look much more expensive than what it really is.

Moreover, the switch is tactile and heavy-duty. You will have no problem switching this flashlight on or off. Best of all, it is waterproof and weatherproof which means that you can safely use it outside or near water without any problem.

It is also delivered with a holster and another thing that we appreciate is that it has a belt clip for even better accessibility. All in all, this is a purchase that you will not regret.


  • Premium build construction
  • Long Beam distance of 151 meters
  • Bright light of 345 lumens
  • Waterproof and weatherproof. Can be used outside


  • The price. It is a little bit expensive

9. Lumintop AA Flashlight IPX 8 Grade Waterproof       

  • Lumen: 550 lumens
  • Battery Quantity: 1 AA
  • Beam Distance: 95 meters
  • Weight: 0.8 ounce

A high light output and a small form factor is a difficult combination to find in a pocket flashlight. However, this is not a problem for the Lumintop Max 550 as it is both small and delivers a lot of light.

Best, this mini flashlight accepts both AA batteries as well as 14500 cells. It is powered by the latest generation led driver which is both efficient and powerful. Moreover, the whole design of this small flashlight is made from an aircraft grade aluminum alloy that is lightweight and highly durable.

Bottom line, you are getting a lot of quality in a very small form factor with the Lumintop Max 550.

But what really separates this model from others is its lightweight. Indeed, at only 0.8 ounce it is the lightest AA flashlight in this review. This is mostly attributed to the aircraft grade aluminum alloy used in the construction of this unit.

Anyone looking for a highly portable and extremely lightweight AA flashlight will not be disappointed with this unit as it is definitely one of the best lightweight AA flashlights for the money.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • High brightness of 550 lumens


  • Not the best beam distance we have seen

10. ThruNite Archer 2A V3 AA Led Flashlight        

  • Lumen: 500 lumens
  • Battery Quantity: 2 AA
  • Beam Distance: 108 meters
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces

One of the best things about the ThruNite Archer is that it is small enough to be used as a pocket flashlight but big enough that it can also serve as a tool. In fact, many law enforcement and security officials prefer this model because of its versatility.

As always, build quality is exceptional as this unit is made from anodized aluminum and it also manages to output a high brightness of 500 lumenswhich is more than enough for most people.

It consumes two AA batteries and has a very respectable beam distance of 108 meters. Of course, the beam distance is not the best but it is still very good.

It has all the other features you would expect from a quality AA flashlight, like a belt clip for accessibility, 5 light modes, and a quality top switch. Best, this product has a 10-year shelf life so you can store it for many years.


  • 10-year shelf  life
  • Good beam distance
  • 5 light modes
  • Solid build quality. Can be used as a defense weapon


  • Tall. Not the most portable unit
  • A little bit expensive

How to Buy the Best AA Flashlight

AA Flashlights

Before spending money on AA flashlight, here are some important aspects to take into consideration. Even if AA flashlights are not very expensive items, this guide will still help you find an even better model for the money.

1. Brightness

Brightness is the most important factor in your AA flashlight. This brightness is measured in lumens. The more lumens the flashlight has, the brighter it will shine. Of course, this comes at a cost as a brighter flashlight consumes more power and you will need to either replace or recharge the AA batteries more often.

2. Waterproof

If you will be using your AA flashlight near water or in wet conditions then you need to ensure that it is waterproof. Believe it or not, not all models of AA flashlights are waterproof. Additionally, the type of waterproofing is also important. If you are planning to dive with your AA flashlight then you need a specific type of waterproof standard. Keep an eye out for that.

3. Beam Distance

The beam distance will dictate how far you can see with your AA flashlight. Obviously, the longer they beam distance the further away you would be able to see. Some models are even more elaborate and have a zoom capability, which means that they allow you to focus your light for more clarity and a longer beam distance.

4. Battery Quantity

The number of batteries in your AA flashlight is also an important factor. The more batteries present in your flashlight, the longer it will last and the brighter it can shine as it has more electrical power to do so. However, the more battery the flashlight has the longer and less portable it would be. In general cases, 1 or 2 AA batteries is more than enough for most people.

5.  Accessories

Many AA flashlight models that are for sale are very basic. You do not get anything extra. However, other manufacturers include a lot of accessories like a holster, spare AA batteries, a recharger, etc.

If you have never owned an AA flashlight before, then it is always better to give with a model that delivers you more accessories. If you already owed a couple AA flashlight and have a few accessories laying around, then you can concentrate on the features of the AA flashlight rather than what accessories you get.

6.  Brand

Not all AA flashlights all made equal. Some have a better build construction and will last longer than others. If you want durability and longevity in an AA flashlight, then we recommend that you go with a good reputable brand rather than a no-name and no-brand model.


So far, we have seen that AA flashlights are very practical and affordable illumination tools. Even better, they are shorter than other types of flashlights and will easily fit even shallow pockets. When paired with a holster, you won't even feel them on your waist.

Therefore, if you're planning a trip to the wilderness, going camping or simply need a portable illuminated device, you absolutely must have the AA flashlight in your arsenal.

In case you have still not found a good model for your need, we recommend that you go through our AA flashlight review above one more time.

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