8 Best Hunting Flashlights of 2020

Best Hunting Flashlights

The hunting flashlight is a special type of flashlight that is more suitably equipped for hunting at night. This flashlight is durable, waterproof and has special lighting systems that allow you to track your prey in the dark. If you are planning to go hunting then this tool is an absolute must-have!

However, there are just so many models available on the Internet that it can quickly become confusing. Especially if you have never owned a hunting flashlight before. In order to help you find the best hunting flashlight for the money, we have handpicked several top products that will surely interest you.

Benefits of a Hunting Flashlight

There are several benefits and major advantages of a hunting flashlight over a regular flashlight. Here are the most important ones:

1. Durability:

Hunting flashlights have a better build quality than any other type of flashlight. Understandably so, they need to be able to withstand heavy-duty applications since many times they face harsh conditions in the wilderness.

While other types of flashlights may also possess a hard metal shell, hunting flashlight has a higher grade metal alloy that is both more durable and long-lasting than the latter.

They definitely last longer as even the waterproof rings used are thicker and better grade, preventing humidity or water from reaching the innards of the flashlight.

2. UV Light: 

One of the trademarks of a good quality hunting flashlight is that it has a UV light for animal blood tracking. This allows the hunter to track trails of blood or animal urine in the dark.

A vital light for hunting in the dark indeed. Moreover, hunting flashlights can project this UV light up to a distance giving the hunter a visual idea of what lies ahead of him.

3. Red and Green Light:

Red and green light are important when spotting wild animals at night. This is a stealth light as many animals do not see this color, thus it does a good job not scaring them away.

8 Best Hunting Flashlights - Reviews

Without further ado, here is our hands-on review of some of the best budget hunting flashlights available on the market.

1. Gearlight S1200 High-Power Hunting Flashlight 

Gearlight S1200 High-Power Hunting Flashlight

Photo: Gearlight

  • Lumen: 1000 lumens
  • Beam Distance: 304 meters
  • Runtime: N/A
  • Material: High-Strength Aluminum

The Gearlight S1200 is a powerful 1000 lumens hunting flashlight that sports both an excellent built construction and an affordable price. It has 5 light modes that are very practical when hunting.

The light in this model is widespread which will easily illuminate a wide area. This light is not dazzling or overly cool but rather comfortable to the eyes allowing you to spot animals easier.

Additionally, it has a zoomable focus mode that can send a beam of up to 304 meters. This model from Gearlight has definitely one of the best beam distance in this review.

As for the building construction, the Gearlight S1200 is made from high-strength aluminum that is lightweight and extremely durable. This is a well-built hunting flashlight that will last a long time. Moreover, it has an affordable price which makes this model value for money and a good investment in the long term.

All in all, we highly recommend this product. It has a very bright light that is 12 times brighter than an incandescent light at 1000 lumens. Further, it has a very good beam distance of 304 meters and sports a durable build construction.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Long beam distance of 304 meters
  • Very bright light of 1000 lumens


  • No multicolor light for spotting

2. J5 Tactical V1 Pro UltraBright Hunting Flashlight

J5 Tactical V1 Pro UltraBright Hunting Flashlight

Photo: J5 Tactical

  • Lumen: 300 lumens
  • Beam Distance: N/A
  • Runtime: N/A
  • Material: N/A

The J5 Tactical V1 Pro looks like a tactical hunting flashlight with a good forest camouflage skin. It is not the brightest model in this review but it still outputs a decent 300 lumens of light which is bright enough for most hunting activities. Additionally, it has a good light spread that makes it more comfortable to the eyes.

There are three light modes in this model, high, low and strobe that makes it not only a good hunting flashlight but also one suitable for a wide range of activities, from camping to cycling.

The clip is an excellent addition and offers better accessibility as it makes the flashlight more portable. Moreover, there is zoom function that allows the user to adjust the focus range of this flashlight quickly and easily. Neat!

This is not very expensive or high-end model, but it is endorsed by many professional hunters mostly because this model has the basics of a good hunting flashlight as well as is offered at an unbeatable price.

Indeed, this model is one of the best value for money hunting flashlight you will find in this review.


  • Affordable. Value for money
  • Camouflage forest skin for stealth
  • Zoom function
  • Belt clip for accessibility


  • Has basic features

3. Streamlight 88040 Professional Hunting Flashlight

Streamlight 88040 Professional Hunting Flashlight

Photo: Streamlight

  • Lumen: 750 lumens
  • Beam Distance: 60 meters
  • Runtime: 18 hours
  • Material: Aircraft Aluminum

The Streamlight 88040 is not specifically a hunting flashlight, but rather an excellent general purpose flashlight that can also be used for hunting purposes.

It has an excellent build construction with a shell made from aircraft aluminum that makes it lightweight and very durable.

The handle is also grooved making it anti-skid. This is very important especially if you are handling this flashlight with wet hands. Talking about weight. This model is waterproof and weatherproof as it has an IPX-7 rating.

But what really sets this flashlight apart from the competition is its very long runtime of 18 hours. It has a very efficient C4 LED driver that despite being able to output a strong brightness of 750 lumens it can also sustain the light for this long. Pretty impressive!

Despite this model lacking in features like red and green or UV light, we can still safely recommend the Streamlight 88040 as a good hunting flashlight and also as a general purpose flashlight.


  • Durable shell made from aircraft aluminum
  • Anti-skid and waterproof
  • Long run time of 18 hours


  • Lacks specific hunting functions like multicolor light

4. Bluefire XML-L2 Waterproof Hunting Flashlight   

Bluefire XML-L2 Waterproof Hunting Flashlight

Photo: Bluefire

  • Lumen: 1200 lumens
  • Beam Distance: N/A
  • Runtime: N/A
  • Material: N/A

The Bluefire XML-L2 is one of the brightest hunting flashlights in this review. It can safely output a widespread light of 1200 lumens which is very bright. One of the good things about this model is that it has a wide head and a concave lens that spreads the light uniformly. The end result is a silky smooth light that is not hard on the eyes.

Further, this model can be purchased in 3 different colors and the XML-L2 variant has a forest camo skin. This is a good skin as it is nearly invisible to animals making it an excellent hunting flashlight.

Of course, this model is fully waterproof and a weatherproof. It comes with a lanyard for better accessibility and it even has a focus mode. This focus mode allows you to adjust the beam distance of the flashlight on the fly.

Moreover, there is a lot of battery versatility with this mode as it accepts both AAA batteries as well as 18650 lithium-ion cells.


  • One of the brightest flashlights with 1200 lumens
  • Forest camo skin for stealthy hunting
  • Fully waterproof and weatherproof


  • No way to clean the lens from the inside if it gets dirty

5. Paragala IPX7 Waterproof Hunting Flashlight

Paragala IPX7 Waterproof Hunting Flashlight

Photo: Paragala

  • Lumen: 250 lumens
  • Beam Distance: 10 meters
  • Runtime: N/A
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy

The Paragala IPX7 is another good hunting flashlight. It has pretty decent features for the price and a dependable flashlight during a hunting party.

The light of 250 lumens is nothing to write home about, but it is still bright and widespread enough to have a good look at your surrounding.

Sadly, this unit lacks a zoomable focus mode so illumination to up to 10 meters is the best this model can achieve. But, it sports both a green and red light for spotting predators and prey. However, it lacks a UV light function for trailing prey. Not a biggie though!

On the bright side, the Paragala IPX7 uses 3 regular AAA batteries that are cheap and readily available everywhere. It is IPX-7 water resistant and can safely be used in wet conditions.


  • Good price. Value for money
  • Aluminum build construction. Durable
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Red and Green light for spotting


  • Does not have a UV light
  • Low beam distance

6. Ulako Zoomable LED 150 Yard Green light Hunting Flashlight    

Ulako Zoomable LED 150 Yard Green light Hunting Flashlight

Photo: Ulako

  • Lumen: N/A
  • Beam Distance: 137 meters
  • Run time: N/A
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy

This model is the most affordable flashlight in this review. However, despite the low price of this flashlight it still has very desirable features for a hunting flashlight.

This unit has only one green light mode and the logic behind it is quite simple. According to the manufacturers of the Ulako, by changing light modes you can easily disturb your hunting prey. Therefore, it contains only one light mode that emits a green light.

The green light is practically invisible to animals and does not scare them away making spotting easier. Despite the small and compact size of the Ulako, it still manages to project this green light up to 137 meters away.

Indeed, there is a lot of light coverage with this unit. Best, its slim and compact form factor allows you to stick it to your hunting gun and serve as a long-range scope if required.

Further, it is made from a quality aluminum alloy that is anti-slip and the shape is ergonomic to use. It even has a belt clip for better accessibility and portability.

Moreover, we like the battery versatility in this model as you can use both a regular AA battery or 1 14500 battery. Note that batteries are not included with this purchase.

All in all, we think there is a lot of value in this product and it is definitely one of the best budget hunting flashlights for the money.


  • The most affordable hunting flashlight in this review
  • Solid aluminum alloy casing. Durable and long-lasting
  • Zoomable focus
  • Long beam distance of 137 meters


  • Only 1 green light mode
  • Battery not included

7. Odepro IR850 Hunting Flashlights 

Odepro IR850 Hunting Flashlights

Photo: Odepro

  • Lumen: 100 lumens
  • Beam Distance: 365 meters
  • Runtime: 3.3 hours
  • Material: Aluminum

The Odepro IR850 is a premium and versatile hunting flashlight that serves as a shotgun attachment.

This hunting flashlight has both a K185 and POM quick-release mount for easily assembling it on top of your hunting or hunting rifle. This is very convenient as it frees your hand and allows you to concentrate on your prey instead.

Furthermore, it comes with 4-color LED light modes that provide you with a with a lot of versatility when spotting at night. You will need to manually unscrew the modules and replace them. But, it is easy to do.

Further, the build quality of this hunting flashlight is also superb as it is one of the most detailed and premium built there is. It is definitely going to last a long time.

Moreover, this model outputs to 800 lumens of light which is one of the brightest units in this hunting flashlight review. To help you hunt your prey more easily, it has an excellent beam distance that varies depending on the light color.

The zoomable focus is easy to adjust and it is also IP-68 waterproof which means that you can use it in the rain with no problem.


  • Very long beam distance of 365 meters
  • Good runtime of 3.3 hours
  • Zoomable function for adjusting beam distance
  • K185  and POM mounts for firearm attachment


  • Expensive

8. Vastfire Blood Tracker Light Multicolor Hunting Flashlight

Vastfire Blood Tracker Light Multicolor Hunting Flashlight

Photo: Vastfire

  • Lumen: 500 lumens
  • Beam Distance: 45 meters
  • Runtime: 5 hours
  • Material: Aluminum

As the name suggests, the Vastfire Blood Tracker has been designed from the ground up to efficiently help you track your prey during a hunting party. 

This model is able to output a powerful 500 lumens of light. Which is very bright and can be used to stun a predator if necessary. Moreover, there are 3 light modes for more hunting versatility in this unit.

It can even do UV light inside of the traditional red and green hunting colors. Those colors come as attachments that you will need to screw and unscrew but it is easy to perform. Best, the Vastfire Blood Tracker is zoomable and the beam distance can be adjusted quickly and easily on the fly.

What sets this hunting flashlight apart is definitely its runtime of 5 hours. It has excellent battery autonomy and you can use this flashlight for a long time. In fact, longer than other models we have seen.

Moreover, it has a clip for better accessibility and its compact size means that it is very portable. The surface is anti-skid and can be easily operated in wet conditions.

If you require a versatile and compact hunting flashlight, the Vastfire Blood Tracker is a good model to consider. It performs quite well for the price and it is an excellent hunting flashlight at night.


  • Small and compact. Very portable
  • 3 light color modes
  • Good runtime of 5 hours


  • A little pricier than other models with the same features

How to Buy the Best Hunting Flashlight

How to by Hunting Flashlights

1. Lumen:

When hunting at night it is important to see your prey. A flashlight with a good brightness not only serves as an illumination tool but it can also be used as a defensive weapon.

A bright light will easily scare away a predator when necessary. Many hunting flashlights can output a high brightness due to their large LED driver. We recommend a lumens power of above 300 if you want a very bright flashlight. But anything above 100 lumens is usable.

2. Multicolor Light:

The multicolor light in a hunting flashlight helps you spot predators and prey more easily. Red and green light are very important as they are not too aggressive on animals and will not scare them away in case you are spotting. UV light is good for tracking as it can spot urine trails.

3. Type of Bulb:

There are several types of bulbs used for the driver in a flashlight. Incandescent used to be a very common one. However, when it comes to a hunting flashlight a LED driver is very important as it provides good illumination, requires less power and is more efficient than other types of bulbs.

4. Multi-Function Light Modes:

Being able to switch between light function modes in a hunting flashlight is important as it can be a deciding factor in getting a successful kill or losing your prey. Important function modes in a hunting flashlight include switching between different color modes like UV light or multicolor, as well as changing normal light intensity from high to low as quickly as possible. Moreover, a strobe light mode is mandatory in a hunting flashlight as it signals an emergency. You never know!

5. Red and Green Light:

Red and green light are excellent for spotting predators like pigs, coyotes, and deer in the dark. It does not scare the animal away while providing full visibility to the hunter. Best, this type of light can be projected as a beam from a long distance, keeping a safe distance from the animal with the hunter. If you are planning to hunt large prey at night, then this light functionality is very important to have in your hunting flashlight.

6. UV Light:

UV light is vital for tracking trail. It reflects and shows animal blood and urine in the dark. For scouting, spotting or trailing this is a very important light mode. It does not have to be very bright.

7. Battery Versatility:

Most hunting flashlights have a dedicated battery type and you cannot change it. However, there are a few models that are more versatile and allows you to interchange battery types.

8. Weight:

Since you will be mostly carrying your hunting flashlight either on your belt or in your pocket, it is important that it is fairly lightweight and portable. A heavier hunting flashlight does not always translate to being a more powerful device as some of the best hunting flashlights on the market are actually quite lightweight.

9. Run Time:

Battery autonomy is important during a hunt. You do not want your freshly charged battery to run dry within a matter of minutes. Therefore, your hunting flashlight needs to be efficient so as to provide a reasonable runtime. Most of the time, anything above 3 hours is respectable. But if you are the best of the best, go for models that have a runtime of more than 5 hours of continuous use.


As we have seen, your prey stands little chance with a good hunting flashlight. Those night tools are not even very expensive but are fully equipped to help you hunt at night with great ease.

Additionally, you can even use them as general-purpose and regular flashlights on nights where you are not hunting. Indeed, they are versatile tools that are very practical to have by even casual users.

We have made our best to give you our impressions in our hunting flashlight review. Now it is your turn to go grab a flashlight that fits your need. In case you are still uncertain about which model to get, we recommend you go through the review one more time. In any case, happy hunting!

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