Crosman ABY1721 Review: Well-Built Pre-Teen Compound Bow

Crosman ABY1721 Review

What We Like

  • It uses tough all-weather strings
  • Heavy-duty and durable limbs
  • Adjustable draw length and weight
  • Easier aiming with large sight window
  • Highly affordable even for a youth bow
  • Set includes several accessories

What We Don’t Like

  • Included accessories are not the best quality
  • Sighting still needs some improvement

Bottom Line

A well-built compound bow that looks and feels like an adult bow but is designed to be super easy to use for pre-teen archers.


The design of the Crosman ABY1721 is meant to ensure that the youth archer gets the feel and experience of an adult compound bow but has an easier time drawing and aiming. The bow has some heavyweight composite limbs and composite center shot riser to help make shooting easier and more accurate.

To ensure kids get to use it for a long time, the compound bow also provides a draw length of up to 26 inches. And despite this being a highly affordable model even for a youth compound bow, it will still come as a complete kit with various accessories for immediate use.

Crosman ABY1721 Review

Crosman ABY1721

Performance: Built For Young Archers Starting Out With Compound Bows

Crosman ABY1721 is designed to look and feel like an adult bow, but it is meant for use by young archers that are just getting into compound bow shooting.

According to the manufacturer, “Jr. Compound Bow Designed with the look and feel of Dads bow. The Elkhorn comes equipped with durable, heavyweight composite limbs and an integrated composite center shot riser with large sight window.” With adult supervision, it can be used by kids as young as 8 years.

This compound bow works great as a practice bow to help the young archers sharpen their skills, but it can still be good enough for competitive sports shooting. And because it is a tough and well-built bow, you can be sure it will take the abuse no matter how you use it.

Also, the 33-inch axle is meant for this starting out with compound bows as it is just the right length to ensure setting up for a shot will be more effortless and quick.

But, it is also important to note that this compound bow is designed for a right-handed archer. It has a nice right-hand grip that will ensure you get an optimum hand placement for comfortable shooting.

Flexibility: Easy To Use and Kids Will Not Outgrow It

For a beginner compound bow, the Crosman ABY1721 is flexible enough, and it is the kind of bow that you can be sure your young archer will enjoy using for a long time.

This compound bow has a draw weight of 7 to 21 pounds, which means that almost anyone can draw it regardless of their age, body size, or even athletic ability. And because this draw weight has a wide range, archers can be sure it will keep up with their improving capabilities.

The draw length is also meant to make this compound bow as flexible as possible. With this bow, you get a draw length of up to 26 inches.

What this means is that while this bow is meant for pre-teen archers just starting, they will not outgrow it easily. They can use the same bow set for many years, which saves you the cost of buying a new compound bow now and then.

Design & Construction: Solid and Heavy-Duty Enough

The full-size look and feel are one of the most impressive elements of this bow's design as it will ensure that the young archers get the sense of shooting a real compound bow. But there is still more to its design and construction.

One of these other impressive design elements includes the use of some highly durable and heavyweight composite limbs. Besides being tough and highly durable, they will also combine with the composite center-shot riser that has a larger sight window to ensure easy aiming and more accurate shots.

Also, the cam system is composite, and it will be supported by several heavy-duty components like all-weather strings and tough cable and cable guard. This ensures that you get top-notch overall performance.

To make shooting even more effortless, this compound bow will include a 65% let-off cam design. This let-off is high enough to ensure you get outstanding overall shooting performance.

Still on the design, this compound bow also has a 33-inch axle that has been built to improve shootability and feel. Also, this axle-to-axle length is long enough to ensure more shooting accuracy.

Noise & Vibrations: A Little Noisier

Noise is always an issue when using a compound bow, and this is more so when hunting as it can easily scare away your prey. However, for this pre-teen bow, it should hardly be an issue as it is not meant for hunting.

Because this is a dual cam system compound bow, it will be relatively noisier or at least a little louder when compared to the super quiet single cam compound bows. But, with some good rubber limbsavers, you should reduce the noise significantly.

Accessories: Comes as a Complete Kit

Crosman ABY1721 comes as a complete compound bow kit with all the basic accessories to ensure it will be ready for immediate use. Also, the inclusion of these accessories helps save you the cost of buying them separately.

The accessories that come with the bow include a pair of composite arrows, 2-piece quiver, arm guard, finger tab, rest, and sight.

For pre-teen archers, the included accessories are good enough and will be more than enough. That said, it will still not cost much to get better quality finger and wrist guard if the included ones are not good enough.

Price: Highly Affordable

Even for a pre-teen or youth compound bow, the Crosman ABY1721 is still a highly affordable model. And with the superior build quality and the fact that it will come as a complete kit with all accessories, it will give you excellent value for your money.

For an under $100 compound bow, the build quality is also superior which further ensures good value for your money. And while it will only deliver 70 FPS arrow speed, which is a fraction of what other expensive models will give you, this is still enough for its price and intended use.


A more affordable and well-built pre-teen compound bow that comes as a complete kit for immediate use.

Everything about this Crosman compound bow is designed to ensure superior overall performance, and it will include heavyweight composite limbs and all-weather strings. Also, this bow comes ready to shoot with everything from the arrows to the sights and finger tab. 


  • Product Name: Crosman ABY1721
  • Product Brand: Crosman
  • Let-Off: 65%
  • Draw Weight: 7 to 21 pounds
  • Draw Length: Up to 26 inches
  • Maximum Velocity: Up to 70 FPS
  • Accessories: Yes

Key Features

  • 65% let-off cam wheel design for superior performance
  • 8-inch brace height provides increased forgiveness
  • All-weather strings and cables deliver a long service life
  • Durable and heavyweight composite limbs
  • Large sight window for more accurate aiming
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