Single Bevel vs. Double Bevel Knife: Which is Better for You?

Choosing between the single bevel and the double bevel knife can sometimes be quite challenging. Indeed, if you are not an expert in knives then you can easily get confused because, at first sight, the number of bevels on a knife can seem useless and meaningless.

However, you cannot be further from the truth as those 2 types of knives perform differently and are meant to be used in different situations.

In order to help you choose between the single bevel and the double bevel knife, we made this comprehensive comparisons guide. Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Single Bevel Knife

Single Bevel Knife

Photo: Kai Wasabi

The single bevel knife is the oldest type of knife on the market and this type of blade can be seen in knives that are thousands of years old.

Since all the cutting force focuses on only one blade side in a single bevel knife, it has greater cutting power, especially when used to cut tough materials and can be used to perform more delicate cuts.

For this reason, the single bevel knife is a favorite of kitchen chefs mostly because of its high performance and ability to cut very thin slices in a material with great accuracy and control.

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Furthermore, the single bevel knife comes in different bevel angle ranging anywhere from 15 degrees to 25 degrees for even more specialization and control in your cut.

Additionally, the single bevel knife is easier to sharpen especially when used on a traditional knife sharpening stone.


  • More accurate. The single bevel knife is reputed for its accuracy and precision. Indeed, many kitchen chefs around the world prefer the single bevel knife mostly because of its high maneuverability and accuracy in cutting very thin slices in sensitive material like meat or vegetables.
  • Easier to cut. Since all cutting force is exerted on only one side of the blade in a single bevel knife, it has a greater ability to cut through material with greater ease. For this reason, many knives that are used to cut tough materials are usually single beveled.
  • Choice of angle. The single bevel knife is one of the rare types of knives available on the market that offers you the ability to choose the angle of the blade bevel. Indeed, the single bevel knife usually has an angle of around 15 degrees to 25 degrees that makes it more flexible depending on your need and purpose. Bear in mind that a higher angle in your blade will allow it to cut through material with greater force but more pressure will need to be exerted on the knife back to do so.
  • Easier to sharpen. Since the single bevel knife only has one blade side, it is much easier to sharpen especially when used on a sharpening stone. Moreover, you have more control over your sharpening process in a single bevel knife.
  • Cleaner cut in the material. When used in a skilled hand, the single bevel knife will always deliver a cleaner cut, especially when used on things like meat or hard fruits and vegetables.


  • More expensive. In general, the single bevel knife is more expensive as it is meant to be a specialist type of knife when compared to the double bevel knife, which is more seen as a general purpose knife.
  • More difficult to use. In order to get the most out of the single bevel knife in terms of precision in cutting, you need a certain level of skill because you constantly need to adapt to the curvature of the blade.

2. Double Bevel Knife

Double Bevel Knife

Photo: Honmamon

The double bevel knife is the most popular type of knife that you can buy. It is used everywhere and almost everyone has at least one double bevel knife at home. When viewed from the top, this type of knife usually appears to have a V-shape.

Since the double bevel knife has a smaller blade, it is not recommended to be used as a heavy-duty knife, or for cutting into the tough material as it has a greater risk of getting nicks and damage.

Cutting accuracy with the double bevel knife is quite good, although it is definitely not on par with the single bevel knife. However, its affordable pricing and decent performance make it a very popular choice for those looking simply for a general-purpose knife.


  • More affordable. One of the best things about the double bevel knife is its affordability. Indeed, since the double bevel knife is the most popular type of knife on the market, it has tough competition and therefore, its price is also significantly more affordable when compared to a single bevel knife.
  • Excellent general purpose knife. Let’s face it, most people do not need a chef quality knife in the kitchen. In fact, many of you will be satisfied with a general purpose knife at an attractive price. This is where the double bevel knife absolutely shines as it was actually invented to be a casual knife that has decent cutting abilities on a wide range of everyday objects like fruits, vegetables, and meat.
  • No skills required. Unlike the single bevel knife, you do not need any skill with the double bevel knife as you do not have to adjust to the angle of the concave back or angle of the blade when cutting through material. Additionally, the blade is also straight and not curved which makes the double bevel knife significantly easier to cut with.


  • Requires more maintenance. Since the double bevel knife usually has a thinner and smaller blade, it also damages more easily and therefore will require more frequent maintenance and sharpening.
  • Less accurate. The double bevel knife was never intended to be an accuracy cutting tool. On the contrary, this is a general-purpose tool that sacrifices accuracy for convenience, affordability, and ease-of-use.
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The single bevel knife is the more premium option out of the 2. It is easier to sharpen, has more accuracy, and can be used for more heavy-duty cutting on tough material without the risk of damaging the blade.

However, the double bevel knife still remains an excellent choice especially as a general purpose cutting knife mostly because of its affordability and ease-of-use.

Essentially, if you need accuracy, the single bevel knife is the better option. For general-purpose cutting, the double bevel knife is a good choice.

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