Southwest Archery Scorpion Traditional Longbow Review: Versatile, Smooth Draw Longbow


What We Like

  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Beautiful finish with nice riser patterns
  • Super comfortable grip
  • Detailed instructions for easy setup
  • Smooth and stable shooting
  • Great for various uses

What We Don’t Like

  • Relatively more expensive
  • Should include more accessories for its price

Bottom Line

If you want just one longbow for different applications, the Southwest Archery Scorpion Traditional Longbow is perfect as it is versatile enough for different uses.

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Most seasoned archers will typically have a huge collection of bows for different uses, but because you cannot always be able to carry them all around, a versatile and multifunctional one like this one makes an excellent buy.

Apart from versatility, it is also a well-built and beautiful longbow made from naturally sourced wood, and it is designed to accommodate different body sizes and athletic abilities. And if you also factor in other things like the built-in shelf pad, you have an almost flawless traditional longbow.

Southwest Archery Scorpion Traditional Longbow Review

Photo: Southwest Archery

Performance: Versatile Beginner to Intermediate Bow

Southwest Archery Scorpion Traditional Longbow is the perfect bow for beginner to intermediate archers.

For beginners, it has been designed to ensure they will have an easy time learning how to shoot, and they will not outgrow it for a long time, which means it will still work for them when they get to the intermediate stage as their skills improve.

Also, this traditional longbow will accommodate almost all body frames or sizes as it is longer than most out there. At 68 inches long from limb to limb, it will also be stable to draw and highly accurate.

But, what many archers will love most about it is that it is a truly versatile longbow that will be ideal for various applications, and hence eliminating the need to have several different bows. You can use it for target practice both in the field and in your backyard, outdoor archery sports, hunting, and also for bowfishing.

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Besides the impressive overall performance and versatility, this longbow is also designed to give users an easy time as it will come with detailed step by step instructions that will include photos. This ensures that even beginners have an easy time when it comes to stringing and unstringing.

Flexibility: Works for Different Draw Lengths

Provided you can use a longbow, this one will work for you as it has been designed to accommodate a wide variety of draw weights and lengths.

It has a draw weight range of 25 to 60 pounds, which is the category that most adult archers will belong to. The draw weights are at increments of just 5 pounds, which means there are 8 draw weight options, which is more than what you will get from most longbows in its class out there.

While the manufacture does not seem to specify the maximum draw length, there is hardly any need for this. Given that this is a 68-inch longbow, it should be obvious that it will have a high enough draw length for any archer out there. And this is because the draw length is often around half the overall bow length for most bow types.

But, it is important to note that this is not an ambidextrous longbow, and so it will not be flexible enough for use by any hand dexterity. However, the company makes it in both left and right-hand options, and you will only need to choose your correct dexterity when shopping.

Design & Construction: Durable Handcrafted Bow

It is all about durability and maintaining an attractive overall appearance with this longbow. It is made from 4 naturally sourced woods that besides making it highly durable will also give it a more pleasant traditional finish.

Even its manufacturer , which is a company highly reputable brand in the hunting gear industry, has of faith in this bow, and here is how they describe it “The Southwest Archery Scorpion Longbow sets a new standard for cost versus quality. With an overall length of 68 inches, it uses the same materials as the incredibly recognizable Tigershark series which consist of dymond wood, tiger wood, white oak, and padouk.”

From this statement, it is evident that Southwest Archery tries to make this longbow as sturdy and durable as possible by using some of the finest quality bow materials. And it is also clear it will be beautiful enough to work as a decorative piece for hanging over a mantle.

This bow is also made to resemble some of the high-end models in the market, which should further give you some assurances that it will give you long-lasting service. And it has a highly elegant satin finish that crowns its many impressive design attributes.

Another element of the design and construction you cannot overlook is that it also has reinforced limb tips, which besides being sturdier will make the bow compatible with both Fast Flight and Flemish strings.

Noise & Vibrations: You Still Need to Silence It

If you plan to use this longbow for target practice out in the woods or even in your backyard, you will hardly ever need to worry about noise as you will barely even notice the sound it makes.

Overall, this longbow is built to shoot smoothly and quietly, and you will hardly get any other model in its class that will shoot more quietly without undergoing comprehensive post-factory enhancements.

That said, for hunters and archers into bowfishing, you will still need to silence this bow further as the sound it makes is still enough to startle some animals. And this is more if you will be hunting game with super sensitive hearing like deer.

When it come to the vibrations, there is still some significant vibration produces, which is typical of any longbow out there. However, the resulting hand shock is still not that much and will hardly have any effect on your shots.

Accessories: Only Arrows Required to Start Shooting

This longbow will not come with every other accessory that you will need to use it effectively. What this means is that you will still need to buy several accessories when using it.

However, given the different archer tastes and preferences, chances are you would still need to buy the accessories even if they were included as they might not be what you prefer.

But, this does not just come as a bow only because it still has a few accessories like a shelf pad for the arrows and a 16-strand Dacron string that is highly durable. Also, there is an optional stringer tool for stringing and unstringing the bow that you can get as part of the package if you want.

Hence, by getting some arrows, this bow should be ready to use just as it is, and any other accessories will just be for enhancing its performance.

Price: Worth Every Buck

When you compare this Southwest Archery bow with other longbows for beginner and intermediate archers out there, it clear that it costs much more. And this is more so given that that you can get a good enough model from other brands for less than half what you pay for this one.

However, quality and superior performance always come at a price, and so you can be confident that this longbow will be worth every buck you pay for it. It will deliver smooth and accurate shooting, and it is also solid enough for long service life to ensure the best value for your money.


A versatile traditional longbow that not only shoots smoothly and accurately but is also built to last and has an elegant overall appearance.

For target practice and hunting, the Southwest Archery Scorpion Traditional Longbow is the kind of bow that you will always be happy to have around. It is made from naturally sourced woods for durability, has 20 to 60 pounds to accommodate most archers and also has an elegant, satin finish to ensure it also looks amazing.


  • Product Name: Southwest Archery Scorpion Traditional Longbow
  • Product Brand: Southwest Archery
  • Draw Weight: 25 to 60 pounds
  • Dexterity: Available in left and right-hand options
  • Suitable Users: Beginner to intermediate archers
  • Overall Bow Length: 68 inches
  • Warranty: 1-year

Key Features

  • Made from 4 naturally sourced woods for a pleasant look and durability
  • Reinforced limbs ensure Fast Flight and Flemish strings compatibility
  • Pre-installed shelf pad for arrows
  • Wide enough 25 to 60-pound draw weight
  • 68-inch long to accommodate any archer
  • Durable 16-strand Dacron string
  • Optional stringer tool for an even better value
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