SAS Spirit Woode Review: Beginner Youth Recurve Bow

SAS Spirit Beginner Youth Woode Review

What We Like

  • Bow bends enough but will not break
  • Durable limbs and riser materials
  • Pre-installed bushings for accessories
  • Available in both left and right-hand dexterity
  • Easy to set up and use for beginners

What We Don’t Like

  • String is not included in the package
  • Lower maximum draw weight
  • Will not come with accessories

Bottom Line

Anyone shopping for a multifunctional youth recurve bow that will give beginner archers an easy time will love the SAS Spirit Beginner Youth Woode.


Many things make a recurve bow special from the overall performance to how it looks, and this one by Southland Archery Supply excels in all these aspects. It has been designed to make it easy for youth archers to draw, and it will work for both left and right-hand archers.

This bow has just the right amount of flexibility to work for different archers and will accommodate youths up to 5'4" comfortably. Better yet, it has a solid build that is meant to ensure it provides a long service life, and it will also be a more budget-friendly model.

SAS Spirit Beginner Youth Woode Review

SAS Spirit Beginner Youth Woode

Performance: Multifunctional Youth Bow

Based on the manufacturer’s overview, “This is the perfect bow for the youths who desire to discover the pleasure of shooting!" From this description, it is clear that this bow is specifically meant for junior archers that are just getting into the sport or want to sharpen their skills.

This youth recurve bow is 54 inches long, which is just the perfect size for many youths. The bow is long enough to ensure it can accommodate kids with different athletic capabilities and will also suit different body sizes.

Also, this will be ideal for youth archers up to 5’4”, and this means that even some adults will still be able to use it effectively.

And this is also a more multipurpose recurve bow that will be ideal for different applications from target practice to hunting small animals and even bowfishing.

Flexibility: Just the Right Amount of Flexibility for Youth Archers

A flexible bow is always more favorable as it will accommodate different shooting abilities and will also ensure that youths do not outgrow it easily. This one might not be as flexible as other more expensive options out there, but it is still flexible enough for most users.

It will provide a draw weight of 12 to 22 pounds, which is just right for most youth archers. Even if the bow was to have zero let-off, this lower draw weight means that almost any youth archer out there would still be able to draw and use this bow successfully.

And while the draw length is not specified, it is easy to judge from the length of the bow given that most typical bows will have the maximum draw length around half the total length of the bow from limb to limb.

Another important element to not while still on the flexibility, is that while the draw weight will accommodate most youths if your young archer is looking for something highly challenging to help sharpen their skills, this might still not be enough.

Design & Construction: An Almost Indestructible Bow

The SAS Spirit Beginner Youth Woode comes in a simpler design that is meant to make it easier for the youth archer to figure out. But while it might look simple and even basic for some archers, this bow is still well-built and designed for long service life.

Its design includes a sturdy riser that is built from some top quality American and European woods. This riser is made from a combination of three wood types which are beech, chuglam, and gmelina arborea.

Besides being tough and durable, this wood combination is also responsible for the pleasant pale yellow to cream color that makes this bow stand out anywhere you place it.

Comfort is also guaranteed by the design of the bow as it has a perfectly contoured grip section that is designed to deliver a firm and non-slip grip to make drawing and shooting more effortless.

The limbs are also equally durable as they are crafted from a combination of European fiberglass and maple lamination. This material choice makes them sturdy enough and also ensures they will still be flexible. Hence, this bow should still bend enough and easily but it will not break even under intense pressure.

Noise & Vibrations: A Little Dampening Should Make It Quite Enough

Before you even use this recurve bow, it should be clear that like most others in its class and price range, it will have some level of noise and vibrations.

But, while this bow will not include any form of noise dampener or a component for minimizing the noise, it is still not as loud as expected, and neither does it produce too much vibration. Hence it will be smooth to draw and fairly quiet when shooting.

That said, if you intend to use this bow for applications where even a little noise makes a huge difference such as hunting, you will need to dampen the noise to ensure successful outcomes.

For recurve bows like this one, one of the best ways to silence them will include making sure that you get the brace height correct by giving the bow a good tuning. Also, make sure that you tighten all your accessories such as stabilizers, rest, and sights. And if all this does not work, you should invest in good string silencers or try using a different string material.

Price: Fairly Priced Bow

For a recurve bow that will not come with any accessories and also does not have the string as part of the package, this is by far not the cheapest option that you can get out there. But, with that said, it is still quite a fairly priced bow model.

Its overall build quality is what makes this quite a fairly priced recurve bow. Other bows made with high-quality wood riser and fiberglass limbs like this one and from top brands with the same caliber as Southland Archery Supply will cost much more than this.

Lastly, even without the inclusion of string and accessories, for an under $100 recurve bow, you will still get a good deal.


A good-looking beginner recurve bow that will be perfect for different uses and is also made with highly durable components. 

SAS Spirit Beginner Youth Woode uses some durable woods with a pleasant look for the riser to give the bow a pleasant overall appearance. It also has equally durable fiberglass limbs and is design to be ideal for different uses such as target practice and hunting.


  • Product Name: SAS Spirit Beginner Youth Woode
  • Product Brand: Southland Archery Supply
  • Draw Weight: 12 to 22 pounds
  • Max Shooter Height: 5'4"
  • Length: 54 inches
  • Riser Material: Solid American and European solid wood
  • Warranty: 3-year manufacturer warranty

Key Features

  • Fiberglass and maple lamination limbs for increased durability
  • Durable riser made from 3 different kinds of wood
  • Brass bushings pre-installed to hold various accessories
  • 54-inch long for enough accuracy
  • 5’4” maximum user height to accommodate both male and female archers

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