Southland Archery Supply Explorer Review: Flexible Modern Recurve Bow

What We Like

  • Accommodates most adults archers
  • Sturdy and durable riser
  • Longer for improved accuracy and smoothness
  • Polished riser has a more pleasant look
  • Allows archers to choose from different colors
  • More lightweight and easy to carry around

What We Don’t Like

  • Paint seems a little uneven
  • Provided string is not the best quality

Bottom Line

Modern-looking and well-built recurve bow that will be fun to use and easy to shoot for the entire family as it accommodates different kinds of users.

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Sparing some time to shoot an interesting bow like the Southland Archery Supply Explorer in your backyard provides some precious bonding time. And you also get to sharpen your skills and teach your kids to shoot a bow while at it.

This recurve bow is made with some high-quality materials to ensure it lasts long and provides good service. And because it is powerful and tough enough, it will be ideal for a wide variety of archery applications.

Southland Archery Supply Explorer Review

Performance: Perfect Bow for Family Fun

Southland Archery Supply Explorer is built to accommodate a wide variety of archers from the youth to adults. Hence, if you are looking for a fun bow to shoot with the family when out camping or in the backyard, this will be a perfect buy.

This recurve bow is also designed to ensure that it will not only work for different users but also ensure that it will offer superior overall performance. It is a relatively longer 66-inch bow that archers can draw smoothly and will deliver highly accurate shots.

Overall this is also a powerful enough bow that will deliver decent arrow speeds to allow you to use it for a wide variety of applications. Many archers will prefer to use it for target practice, but it will also do an excellent job for hunting small animals like deer and also for other things like bowfishing.

The manufacturer also makes it clear that this bow is built for a wide variety of uses by the entire family. From fun family backyard shooting and target to more adventurous hunting trips into the woods, this bow will be perfect.

Flexibility: Designed to Offer Flexible Draw Length

As this recurve bow is meant for a wide variety of uses by different kinds of users, it will also be flexible enough to accommodate them. First, it will come with a wide enough draw weight that will ensure different archers can use it comfortably and shoot accurately.

The draw weight is between 22 to 34 pounds with stops at the 26 and 30-pound marks. The 4 draw weight options are the most common for most recreational youth and adult archers. And even some professionals might still find it good enough to use.

Also, adjusting the draw weight to suit your preferences will be straightforward, and even the youth archers should be able to do it easily once they get used to the bow.

Because this is a takedown recurve bow, it will be super easy to set up, and you only need to have a good stringer. Also, the takedown design means that you can easily carry and use it from different places, and you will need a smaller case to accommodate it, which is very convenient.

The only element that might make this bow relatively less flexible is that it will only accommodate right-hand users. Hence, for left-hand archer, it would be hard to shoot without making a lot of adjustments. But, Southland Archery Supply still has a version for left-handed archers.

Design & Construction: Durable Enough

Southland Archery Supply designs this recurve bow to ensure that it will be a long time before you need to replace it. They make it to be solid enough to guarantee that it can take the abuse that comes with target practice or hunting.

Despite being a tough and sturdy bow, it will still bend enough to ensure maximum flexibility. And the good news is that no matter how much you bend it and how often you bend it, this bow will never break.

The riser is made from high strength aluminum, which is a tough material and almost indestructible. Also, by making the riser from aluminum, the manufacturer ensures that it will not only be tough but also lightweight enough to ensure it does not add a lot of weight to the bow.

Besides being tough and lightweight, the rise will come in three color options, which are red, blue, and camouflage to ensure archers can get something that suits their specific preferences. Also, the riser has a carefully polished finish.

For the limbs, Southland Archery Supply also uses some high-quality materials. They are made from fiberglass, which is also tough and lightweight and with maple lamination, which also ensures you get maximum flexibility

Noise & Vibrations: Not that Loud

For 66-inch long recurve bow, the Southland Archery Supply Explorer is surprisingly quiet. And although it will still make some noise, which is typical of any bow, it does not produce as much noise as others in its class and price range.

That said, if you intend to use this bow for applications such as when you are bowfishing or hunting animals, you should always try to make it a little quieter.

A simple but highly effective trick should be to replace the included string with something quieter like the B-50 Dacron or 8125G .

Better yet, replacing the included string will be a great idea and will help improve the overall performance given that some archers complain that the material used in the provided string is also not very good quality.

Note: It will also be important to note that your shooting habits can also result into a noisy bow and more vibration, and so the bow is not always to be blamed. For example, shooting arrows that are way too light because they give you an easier time results into more noise and vibration. Heavier arrows will reduce the bow’s felt and the audible vibrations by carrying more of the energy your recurve bow transfers to them.

Price: Quite Affordable

You will not need to spend much to get this stylish recurve bow as, despite its superior build quality, size, and overall performance, it is quite affordable. It is even more affordable when you compare it to others with similar capabilities from other brands out there

And although it will come as a bow only with no accessories, even if you add the cost of buying different accessories like the arrows, quiver, stringer, and sight, you will still not spend a lot of cash. Hence, this is still a fairly priced model even with no accessories included.


A well-built, stylish, and fun recurve bow to shoot for the entire family that will also come in handy for a wide variety of archery applications.

You can always trust Southland Archery Supply to have a good recurve bow for you regardless of your preferences. If you want a powerful and easy-to-use model that will be fun for the entire family their Explorer model is perfect. Better yet, it is well-built with an aluminum riser and fiberglass limbs.


  • Product Name: Southland Archery Supply Explorer
  • Product Brand: Southland Archery Supply
  • Draw Weight: 22 to 34 pounds
  • Total Bow Weight: 2.35 pounds
  • Length: 66 inches
  • Dexterity: Right hand only
  • Color Options: 3 (blue, red and camouflage)
  • Recommended shooter heights: Up to 6 foot

Key Features

  • Strong fiberglass limbs with maple laminations
  • Durable casting aluminum riser
  • 6-foot maximum shooter height to accommodate most adults
  • 66-inch long for smooth and more accurate shots
  • 22 to 34-pound draw weight will accommodate most archers
  • 3 riser color options suit different tastes
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  • Recurve Bow
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